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It's time for our BEST and FUNNIEST moments from 2017!
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Music: "Top of the World" by Zayde Wolf
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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Category: Sports
Caption: [music]. to person 2017 was a pretty solid year . let's run it back shall we . dreams. no we're okay . jim sturgess even get pity oh that . gnarly barrel can't stand that . celebration. [applause]. that was a good pineapple to . pilot ty coming at you from the top . level of gchq - at least this would be . considered a brutal forearm workout . anyway oh excuse me oh was that like . gong is a very underrated target . [music]. that's all you gon players out there . 20:17 shatter king . this is the world's longest throw into a . basketball. sir mahmut ago . there's a lot of excitement in the air . right now i'm team kobe not happened . since day one an official statement . i'm leaving team toby oh joining my . brother is three-point header . thank you too cory much . the tower laser shot. [music]. be the time i make a bold prediction me . winning. i want to appreciate you guys for . sticking with me despite things like . this i feel good right now brewing . [music]. today's very exciting day because i won . my very first battle . [music]. [music]. no john my son has done more work . building a moat around his same castle. then you've done all week . [music]. you don't understand how hot it. [music]. [music]. this is what you do for a living . [music]. [music]. my shoulder still feeling it from last . weekend you know the fuck be afraid . they're not an irish surfer what's up . guys thanks for watching if you're not . already a dude perfect subscriber what. are you guys doing it's not that i'm . hard here's the button i'll make it real . big okay does it look like i'm all next . those ice you really don't even have to . be that accurate with your click really . just like anywhere in here like it'd be . awesome . also if you want to see a playlist from . our videos of 2017 click right here so . if i am all no no no alright . these are having so hurry up and click . thanks for watching signing up for now . pound it noggin cielo . .

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