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Caption: Now we saw this bloke fly but giant ice. block verse trampoline equals who knows . [music]. heron it got a few views the bowling . ball oh boy oh boy does ever 20 million . like it's a food video ever it's blowing . us away what the heck we got a serious . amount of comments for this guy that . want to say watermelon best trampoline . you guys want to see ice box versus . trampoline and you guys want to see us . jump on the chairman for the top and . that's not gonna happen for the other . two we're doing today so voice last time . i was a believer and if you're faithful . with little things you're faithful with . big things yeah so i believe 45 meters . both these things will not break the . tramp your crazy's down so any level i . just that's not what i strongly disagree . that weighs 10 kilos yeah that weighs 28 . kilos the bowling ball was only five so . there's nearly six bowling balls in . there sounds like a recipe for faith so . heron you're dropping today watch we go . we're going 15 about 22 and a half for . just half way and then straight at the . top 45 yeah and we're doing the melon . first yes now we've got a bean bag it's . a rescue device for the watermelons as . you can imagine if they're gonna hit the . tram and bound and bounce this site . fraught but no when they hit the ground. it's a bit of a hail mary but it'd be . pretty cool if it works question from a . from this level is know where the traps . gonna survive this big fellas gonna . survive watermelon are you gonna bounce. gone soon is the melon gonna survive . this drop no no no well i think the . watermelon will survive so here we go we. hungry yes always very hot is that why . you let it hit the ground it's a shame i . didn't execute with the. beanbag all right you might even survive . the next one after saying that that's . impressive from the watermelon so . luckily we bought more than one melon so . this week's contest is what was the. total cost of all four melons that we . bought now two decimal places to the . exact sent the nearest star correct will . pena so have a go so stanford yes people . understand we're doing watermelons first . and then we're doing the high spot well . if they didn't they don't know well. enough waffling although thumbs up . waffle well-known number two i think . it's gonna survive i'm telling you like . no it's definitely not working from . there all right grated on the frame of. the springs . how thick is the watermelon bouncing . good faith . [music]. don't have a seat stan i'm so glad we . had a rescue device it's flipping over - . i'm gonna say halfway it survived i'm . gonna give it the whole hog it's gonna . survive the 45 from the top right now is . it surviving where do i start saying yes . this is doubling now we're going in big . increments now we're going 25 to what 45 . poor heron sorry mate . we didn't take that up to the top for . you haha that make a sweat ah the 44 . club merch is looking really nice oh . yeah it's looking ripper even almost to . the dock doing a giveaway we're doing a . giveaway giving away a free shirt on our. merch stores everyone loves afraid head . to our instagram on out the post of the . thumbnail this fear didn't get involved . and you could win a free shirt goods . that haha . scotty do you mind if i have a go at the . bean bag you get on that thing . rescue mission is on here we go hey you . guys ready yeah . [music]. how has that happened. oh man that's gone sorry hi watermelon . you have survived well done that's . flippin amazing the watermelon flippin . did it are you guys seeing that like it . survived i'm impressed i really didn't . think the water was gonna survive early . on and it's proved me wrong we've got a . special trampoline this thing is blessed . look before we get into the ice blocks . something pretty crazy of you guys cuz . you've been delivering for me don't ask . for half a million likes that's five . hundred thousand likes and we will . seriously we'll carry a fridge all the . way at the top and we'll throw it off . the edge the time has arrived stanford . it's here i think i see he's gonna rule . the world . thumbs up a big i see i don't want to . destroy this tramp bother you might be . gone i'm just gonna keep the faith i'm . topher - oh you've got it . the moment you start doubting we're. outta stick 30 kilos bounced out like it . was nothing . that went very high scott i was very . much focusing on my camera angle but i . did see the heart i'm not gonna lie i . was wrong again i think it's gone so far . from the top now now i ask the question . all you smart folk out there last week . this week what the heck is that all . about why do i have the first half of . the ice block freezing where it's like. transparent and then it starts to get . really cloudy give us answers i don't . have any explanation for that we need to . learn help us out we're about halfway or . 22 and half meters up here we go are you . believing scott couldn't survive halfway . up. man i'm gonna remain speechless i think. you're gonna sit on the fence dude look . up to look at that fence it's sharp you . don't want to give me on that fence get . off this not surviving i'm gonna stick. to it yeah i'm keepin the faith and it's . coming through you beauty i'm impressed . with the ice box just staying in one . piece . that is hit the middle you reckon this . guy's very lucky the whole tram could . have gone this time to head to the top . the final challenge that trampoline is . looking good gone singh 45 ice block not . not surviving are surviving not survive. freakin survive not survive not . surviving i believe i believe it can . bounce oh man trampoline you absolute . machine we've just spent a bit of time . digging out the bottom of the trampoline . because we reviewed the footage and . they'll also actually hit the ground . scott yeah and this time we've probably . got another half a meter to them maybe . even a meter to be honest let's see how . we got it . so for this one we're getting out of the . area it could bounce quite far and high . from 45 so we're just gonna clear right . out keep it safe which is important all . right aaron i think i'm ready yeah i'm . ready here we go three how good was that . study. i kept the faith and it did it big rc . for the wind do it i mean it survived . yes but not unscathed . [music]. look at these. they've been stretched from a friend but . largely i mean look if you're gonna bend . three out of about a hundred springs . well you're not the worst sofia you said . it would go through the tramp oh like a . cookie cut and it did not cut any cooks . definitely some spring carnage but it . definitely has survived there's no doubt. trap has survived so good that winter so . high that bound yeah yeah well when it's . highs you and you are up 15 meters so do . we just wrap it thanks oh boy oh boy no . the video no the track was right time oh . good look if you got ideas for things . you want us to drop on this comment them . below because really we do them and . we're doing a much more free shirt on . our instagram go ahead over there look . for the thumbnail pic get involved you . could win a shirt yep and remember i . want some scientific explanation oh yeah . make it clearer for scottie yep . contest answers get them in cost of the . four melons yep and also believe there . could be a fridge coming down if you hit . that like button half a million likes . and we'll drop a free drop this thing . we'll see see you next week i . .

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