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Whoa look at the red tail absolutely. loaded with tilapia get it lou . that's the noise he makes lilla oh my . gosh look at her tail what is going on . sparrows welcome back to another video . here today we're gonna introduce you . what is inside that crate you may have . seen that crate in some other videos but . today is the day you will find out what . is in that crate i'm sure you already. know by the title and thumbnail of this . video yes i done did but but you gotta . listen to the story behind it and how i . did end up getting this so stay tuned to . the end of this video and figure out how . i got my little piglet and also exactly . how many tanks and fish that i do own so . to start this off before i show you her . boys you start . we've got george here so george the. flower horn i'm sure a lot of you guys . have seen them in my videos if not and . you were new here by the way i'm paul . y'all are the pharaohs i may own a lot . of fish and now a pig ready . oop oh you missed your head's too big . ready . one another one there we go another one . there we go . so george the beautiful colors. absolutely unreal this is a i still . haven't got a background for it but this . is a 65 gallon tank and then right to . the right of that is our planted 90 . gallon which we just got fish for in . last video so the fish are back there's . one of the angelfish and the other one . is which it looks pretty empty right now . but we did get two angelfish and there's . a bunch of clown loaches down there. they're all hiding for some odd reason. we're gonna get a bunch of fish for this . coming up soon but there's always things . to do around here always . we've got luna our betta fish as you can . tell i put a little bit of those what i . like to call cat tongue plants in there . just cuz they look exactly like cat . tongues they know what i mean luna she's . the og she's been around the longest . more than any other fish that i'd at . least i believe that i own right to the . right of that one we've got our giant . daniel this is a little tang gallon tank . you can see our crayfish back there . they're like piranhas put a little bit . of flakes in there watch this a little . bit of flakes ready boom piranhas time . hey greg only going one of our most . recent builds were actually this one. right here. this is one of scott rhoades aquarists . tick tanks right here this is one of my . favorites that i own you can see the . little neon tetras back there as well as . our two coreys in albino and a green . these fish are doing absolutely amazing . as i can tell the water is crystal clear. no issues with this tank and yeah it's . doing well it's got a bunch of settings . to the lighting as well which is pretty . cool now let me get the loop let me get . the lights on in this tank boom we don't . see that fish too much because she's . always hiding behind that pipe we've got . a two royal plecos right there our pacu . which is getting it big like fast you be . eventually that fish will be ready to go . in the big pond with the other pacu . which you will be seeing shortly look at . him absolutely loaded with tilapia that . is our jumper cat as you can tell she's . made like a little bed right there some . sort of little dip in the sand at least . and she's doing amazing she loves the . lights off that's why i tend to leave . them off all righty now let's head . outside show you these ponds and then . after that we're gonna come inside and . then show you the pig so first thing is . first you got your pathway right here . and by the way to anyone that hasn't . caught up throughout all these videos . that if all this has been done we . actually did every single bit of this on . camera on this channel so if you are . curious of how we did something or if me . and my friends actually do something . that is in this backyard just go swipe . through my channel somewhere and you'll . find the video of whatever you were . looking for pathway we got our shed the . bench right there our fireplace and then . right here which is our most recent . build is our berm with all our plants . and then our guppy bowl so right now . it's the same day i got these fish so . i'm not even bother feeding them just . yet but as you can tell look at the . colors on them absolutely insane this is . gonna come along really good this is . nowhere near done on the inside there's . gonna be more fish but not only more . fish actually a lot more plants this is . gonna be like covered in plants so with . that being said this is nowhere near . done i'm just gonna give you as a quick . look at this so we've got a succulents. along the outside here this i shouldn't . have planted that directly in the sun . bad idea anyway more succulents right . here you can see how well that one's . doing. in the shade compared to that one out . there on the sun we got our filter on . there and as well as a toucan that is . unfortunately off right now because i'm . trying to see if that's what's making . the water level drop anyway there's that . super dope that was probably my favorite . builds i've ever had and that was a self . project so anyone watching you could do. this yourself now over here come on over . to here we got a berm going through our . fence right here which then drops back . down our valves are under there to . control our urns we got a bunch of . little tadpoles growing as well as a . bunch of little fish growing from all . these having babies but here's our . pathway you could step through and over . this just like this and then that . continues on the back yard we'll get . there in a second now the mini pond this . is my favorite part of this channel i . love the mini pollen the mini pontiff is . where my channel actually started where . it grew from was these little tiny . colorful fish whether it was goldfish . mollies platies that's what everyone. kind of i mean i'm sure a lot of people . actually know me from the mini faun the . mini paul was like i had the words mini . pond before for about what i can recall . anyone and look at the fish right now it . is direct sunlight midday and my feet . are on fire . so the fish are not out to much like . roaming around because they had in the. shady spots until nighttime but as you . can see we got dingo right here bingo . right there and molly so that's my . favorite mall you can see the look how . cool the colors are on that look at they. know it's feeding time you see them all . there they go oh yeah now it's not too . blood rushing but it is in fact very . interesting and because of how many . colors are going on and it's also a . catfish i got in the last video in here . somewhere. hide it in the rocks of course as what . catfish tend to do until nighttime at . least and i also got a catfish that i'm . gonna i'm gonna bring this up right now . because no one knows about this and i . got it for free my buddy of mine brought . this over let me try to spook it out . there it is look at that oh i hope you . got a good look at it cuz it just took . off but there it is i'm gonna let you go . back in your hole buddy tiger shovelnose . those things are just absolutely insane . that fish is gonna get huge absolutely . massive anyway let's continue on this . mini pond actually has two pumps running . one pump goes through underground to . this which then runs those three valves . and then you can pressurize how much you. coming out but this is our main . filtration system right here as a . wetlands filter is technically a . wetlands filter although it's in a bowl . you got the water pressure to where it's . just at the rim of this and then it . pours out so it's actually our filter . all the water comes up through here . filtering it then pours out and which . thing creates oxygen now to the big pond . i don't know if any of you remember but . i got this plant right here in a tiny . little pot i'm gonna try to show you the . pot too so you see the ring of the pot . right there . i got it in just that right there and it . is taken over the whole entire top of . the bio fall look at that the whole . thing is absolutely taken over you could . see all the little holes that they've . made it kind of made their way through . the shadows are really bad right now . anyway we have two turtles here as well . there's a turtle chillin right there now . let's get to the fish we have our three . bigger koi that we ended up keeping . because that bass right there can't oh . well it can but i don't know if a will . eat those koi fish we took a smaller koi. fish out in order to get thump back . thump is our big largemouth i do have . some food right here ready to go they're . gonna throw that in real quick see we . can get to come up the pacu will . definitely come there it is pop you just . took a nice one . koi fish we'll take a few this is . actually just skinless and boneless. tilapia straight from walmart comes in . little fillets and then i cut it up and . as you can tell let's see what's coming . out we got our giant alligator gar down . there you can see that swimming right . there unfortunately i don't have my . gopro i've been looking for my gopro for. like a week now can't find it so . unfortunately i can't get the underwater . footage right now but you'll definitely . see someone or water footage coming on . this channel eventually so be sure to . hit that subscribe button and turn your . post on applications on so you don't . miss out on that but as you can tell we . have a so far three koi fish to redtail . catfish which are in that hole right. there there's the park you just came out . right there and then our giant . largemouth bass which i'm gonna get in . the pond right now . there she is now you can get a good . better look at her at least anyway that . is uh whoa we'll be the red-tail one of . the red tails actually was in that . little pocket in here right next to the . waterfall look who i just found come . her
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