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Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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Weโ€™re pumped itโ€™s officially BBQ season! Try these trick shots while youโ€™re hanging out & grilling this weekend. Thanks Kingsford!
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Caption: Lady no matter what if you got me down . imma get on up what's up guys where do . you perfect welcome to real life. trickshot thanks on ya he's perfect you . know if you knock down i'm gonna get off . the ground you don't know when you do . not be dundee let's fire up the grill . [music]. you no matter what if you knock me down. the madonna not be with you kato oh this . is the lazy dishwasher loader and if you . knock me down i'm gonna be with your . into the ground just you don't know my . company's customer . putting the ball into the bench up gonna . sound you no matter what and if you . knocked me down i'm gonna first time . round just get oh no . to-do-list pin shop knows melissa so . stir that man hello there welcome to . closet clean up with kody . these are definitely dirty into the. hamper they go nice next up we have the . belt and this belongs over there last . but not least respect your hat hem up . [music]. yeah it's clean with crown you don't . know. you know man if you knocked me down . appetito enough because anything my . right standing up there did i . despite standing insane delirious thanks . [music]. [laughter]. this is the swinging girl for tosser. [music]. before run us out hey by the way hey . pretty good awareness care yes i did . it's always a good talent coach comes . over to spend the night the problem is . he usually leaves for bathroom in quite . the disarray gotta start by turning off . the water form got refill the toilet . paper. [music]. lastly white handle this will take it . and you know madam we're headed to knock . me down . but they hit the ground you don't know . crazy you know man what if you knocked . me down i'm gonna shut her down the ones . up top can be a little tricky good night . what's up guys thanks for watching if . you're not already a dp subscriber make. sure you click down here so you don't . miss out on any new videos special . thanks to our friends at kingford for . making this whole thing possible . next time you're celebrating with. friends and family make sure you're . drilling with kingsford you want to see . the last video click right here you want . some awesome new dp merch click right . here sign it off for now proud it noggin . see ya. [music]. .

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