We Got TURTLES for the POND!!

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I FINALLY bought TURTLES for the POND. Not your ordinary Turtle though...
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Now this is the first time i've ever . seen a african cichlid pond bam oh dad . is a low earth is that crazy or what man . how about a bat oh hello because we've . seen those before here are the two new . turtles from my backyard this is so sick . what is going on charles welcome back to . another video here all i'm gonna say for . today's video is you better strap . yourself in because we were here at . canons house also known as camp kenan . and you know every time i'm with this . guy he's got some informational things . to tell us i'm actually here wow the . exposures high one second i'm actually . here to get turtles for my big pond what . i'm really gonna do is kind of show the . people who don't know his camp or i . should say his house around and then i'm . gonna pick out the turtles that we're . gonna get camp kenan has got all the . knowledge about turtles reptiles . everything and we're about to spread it . to not only you the viewers but to me . myself because these things are about to . be my pet i believe we're getting two of . them let's head on into camp cannons . property and show you guys around all . right . a turtle right here and there's the pond . what up how's it going man sit feeding . your fish yeah look at him go ham okay . so guys this this has a brown tint . because of how much driftwood is in here . yeah it'll eventually go away because . you just put i just put some some of the . stuff in the in the bayeux fault yeah so . eventually to help it out but it's . always gonna have that tint most likely . maybe over time it might fade away but . the driftwood always does that to the . water but look at that turtle yeah that . aside and they eat a different food than . the cichlids so i'll toss some of that . out you'll see shoulder oh yeah so those . guys are from australia and new guinea . so that's where you can find them but . they're really cool they pull their . heads into the side instead of straight . back like other turtles hands . i've got six of them in here and i'm . really geeked on becoming friendly to . you because you love fish i'm starting . to really get into the fish i got some . african cichlids here man and i love it . i'm going to check this guy out that's a . chinese box turtle she's cruising right . there no it's it's kind of a fun thing . man the pond is not just the pond it's. the area around it so there's animals . that live kind of and what they call a. riparian near rivers or near ponds like . they live in that transitional habitat . and that's what these guys do and i'll . see if i could get him over here with . some some pellet bait the exact same. food but these guys are endangered . mansions box turtles are crazy now this . is the first time i've ever seen an . african cichlid pond in person i think . i've seen it before i may have filmed it . last video i was here doing the whole . entire tour of this of this whole entire . camp here you do wanna watch the video . i'll have it linked right above here and . yeah that was a crazy crazy video people . love that you have awesome 28 minutes of . straight information by the man himself . but yeah let me show you guys some of . the fish that are in here it's pretty . crazy like like how all these fish get . along usually you see african cichlids. and they're so vicious at each other and . this is turtles it's like a whole . ecosystem in this pond right now . [music]. [music]. so listen man i've never had cichlids i . did up a pond when i lived in vegas with . koi so i've never had cichlids and i . knew that lived someplace where it was . warm and they would do okay here but i . got to be honest i mean i know i know . very little i'm starting to learn more . and more about the cichlids and so . there's ways to set up the ecosystem a . little bit better and this is gonna be . the experiment pod but each pond that i . build from now on i'm gonna really do . more research and dial it in from the . specific fish and then add a specific. turtle you know i love creating the . habitats it's my passion about this . they're in this little thing here see if . you can peek in here guys what i have . are these timor snake neck turtles i'm . gonna pull one out and i put them in . here with little minnows and some blood . worms so i can make sure they're . definitely eating but what i normally do . is i i kind of pull them out because as . i mentioned earlier with that other baby . turtle natural sunlight is so good for . reptiles they fast but look at that now . i'm like is that crazy this is a snake . neck turtle okay it's a member of the . side net family but it's got an . extremely long neck there's many . different species of snake necks this is . the timor snake neck i got it from my . buddy tom crutchfield i've got two of . them and i'm gonna raise them up and . what i'm raising them up in is just you . you might have seen this a kind of ugly . looking little cage that i built it's . it's basically their nursery they can't . swim out of it but the minnows can swim . into it so they can catch the little . minnows and stuff like that and i know . they're getting fed i know that a . natural sun and i know they have clean . filtered water so i want to get animals . outside as quick as possible it's just . the way to do it here with reptiles . let's do it i'll bring you into the . little camp canning studio / nursery . right now and inside here inside these . little containers or enclosures rather . we have some baby tortoises that hatched . out a couple different species man pop a . little cherry head toward i have a whole . group of these outside all these animals . were born here hatched right here and . i'll show you just a second but how cool . is that. little baby tortoise these guys are . already starting to eat this is a cherry . head they keep this red head throughout. their entire lives they're just . incredible they're from brazil and they . don't grow very large they get about . that big so here's the hatchlings right . this guy literally just crapped out of . this egg right here so this is a baby . looks like it's going to be a cherry . head it's beautiful it just hatched out . you see this there's the yolk sac and so . that's what makes baby tortoises and . turtles so vulnerable when they're . little is this is literally the yolk . being absorbed and then you know the the . rest of the shell will foss about a . supply around it we'll go ahead and get . nice and strong . but right now bird can peck at that and. pluck out the innards and eat them all . up but let's see what else we have hatch . in here this paul bam dad is the loader . is that crazy or what man and baby . reptiles i just discussed this in . another video reptiles have many of them . we'll have a lot of babies and that's a . survival strategy have a lot of babies . it's a game of numbers at least one of . them is gonna make it but they're so . cute. they're basically a little tiny and when . they you know they really do have . personalities they walk around they . follow you around we'll meet some of the . adults here in a little bit but i just . want to get these guys out because it's . always good when you can kill two birds . if you fill in the video and i can get . very very important here's one female . she's just kind of hanging on there . she's still pretty small so you can kind . of see that's a small adult female oh my . gosh it's possibly it's possible that . this is her baby and so she'll lay the . nest . lay her eggs and then leave and never . see her children again huh yep that's . the way it is yeah they'll just grow up . on their own they'll grow up on their . own. so this species is cool it's a female. all right now what's cool about these . guys is you know they have the dark . carapace right but i'm thinking well . when you see their faces their face is a . real pretty how about a bat oh hello . we've seen those before this is a cool . asian species but not what we're looking . for. go on buddy male male how about it we . got a boy no yes. sorry it's sometimes a little difficult . this is definitely a male so you see how . it's got this concavity on the plastron . and then it's got a longer tail so if we . look at the two females look at how. little her tail is see that guy's see . the size of this one here is the male . this one's a female and now if you look . there is definitely concavity to the . bottom of their shells i think the one . the males like dented in yeah it's . dented in and i'll show you what for . those non turtle people you're about to . get a lesson in turtle breeding see how . it fits my new turtles they're cool man . and what are these called again these . are lesion box true ladies on the box . turtle cuz another cool thing about them . you see this hinge on the plastron yeah . they can close up they close up nice oh . yeah what there all right so we have box . turtles in north america their north . american box turtles they're only . superficially related to these though. these are a totally different genus but . they do both have hinges that they can . close so this is really cool the . difference is these guys are more . aquatic than most of our north american . species so they're gonna swim they're . really cool they're goofy they'll chase . you around land when they know you got . food for them so i think these will make. a great addition to you . and let's get him over to your house man . and see what we can do i want to see . them in that shelf . let's do it let's go all right so we got . ken film in his video by the way i got . the fire pit all set look at that sanded . everything ready to go there's the . backyard yall already know i was like . this thing is like a look at that here . are the two new turtles from my backyard . hello they peed in poop good secure . around the edges wise besides over there . right there for me that's that's the . weak spot right there then i would i . would do something with but you know . what you have you have all those bricks . yeah you can set up something super easy . and in fact look at this like you can't . even get creative with some of this flat . stone yeah stick it up vertically i've . done that before if you know if you get . lysine in your yard yes it gives it this . fred flintstone prehistoric modern stone . age family look all right it'll be cool . for my 50 cent zone so what i like to do . paul yeah is you put turtle on on a rock . yeah let him take a breath and then let . him walk in on his own. into the water so there's the man that. nails going in all right here we go put . him right here . all i know is stupid frog eggs again i . hope they eat every one of them look at . all those frog eggs yeah i removed seven . toads last night you did seven of them. here we go i'm crawling on your own . buddy hold on buddy look at all that new . place to hang out breakfast he's got all . this to work with you have to be man and . then you can get over here and get into . the mini pond really excited about that . don't fall into this too i mean don't be . all we went in oh is in dang it all . right we still got another one we're . talking about the mini pond here right . there okay he's over here huh yep sweet . now he's looking around looking falling . on the bottom so this is so sick man . awesome they're gonna love it i can't . wait to leave look up clear the water . it's so beautiful . gotta love the old office food guys . hanging out up he's hanging ahead of the . phone it's a little ledge under those. yeah i like alright so that's number one . in let's see about the second turtle . this right yonder is the female that it . is she made a little poopies yeah they . did that's okay . this is but you got this is nowhere near . that we're gonna put her right here yeah . we're gonna get we're gonna sit here and . wait for her to crawl yeah that that . makes sense . [applause]. go to your new home. let me just check this she's like what . where am i. huh. look at that air bubble ii cheated see . that is so cool oh here comes the other . one. here's the mail we got the male in the . female look at him run through the rock. so sick what up dudes . ruzek he's just yeah he's moving legs mm . the coy haven't even met him yet . figuring out should be no worries . look at that sure he wants to deal with . the pool coy or meeting the turtles to . the first time guys look first of all . this is the first time you the viewers . cough arrows have seen the mini pond . clear oh the fish are going in the fish . are going and very very soon alrighty . guys do me a favor i got two turtles a . male and a female comment names down . below comment two names two different . turtles and whatever gets the most likes . or whatever is the best name will be . their name so everyone watching comment . down below and we'll see what the names . might be now to the positive comments . shout out today's positive comments . shadow goes to nunez i believe is how. you pronounce it your videos are amazing. keep making those sick videos thank you . and thank you to all the people who . support me down in the comments section . below if you do want to be a positive . comment shout out winner and one of . these upcoming videos or at least the . ones i remember all you got to do is . comment something positive down below in . the comments section and maybe you'll be . chosen thank you all for watching as . always if you guys haven't done so . already all you got to do is hit that . subscribe button and join the family . it's that easy and i encourage every . single one of you to do so because . there's a lot of great content coming . y'all's way so i thank you for watching . and until next time i'll see you in the . next video. [applause]. [music]. [music]. hi darwin oh she might pull in there oh . god . .
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