Airplane/Travel Hair Makeup Outfit What to Pack In Your Carry On!

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Here is my easy go to hair makeup and outfit for traveling! Also, i show you whats in my carry on bag and some travel tips! Hope you enjoy :D
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I hope you guys enjoyed this airplane and travel hair makeup outfit and my carry on essentials video! I can't wait of europe! I wish i did a packing video but what i bring isn't really that cool haha. Basically tons of warm clothes, scarves and shoes! Ive never been to europe before or a 20 hour airplane flight so this should be exciting :D if you guys are traveling anywhere by car or plane or train or anything let me know what you guys are packing in the comments! XOXO
What is up. what's crackalackin hey guys it's dana. and pretty soon i'm going to be on an. airplane going to europe. i know i talk to you guys about it way. too much but i feel like this video and. so a lot of you guys have been asking me. to do videos on traveling so i decided. to do an airplane or travel video for. you guys. so for today's video i'm going to show. you guys a quick and easy hair makeup. outfit and some tips and tricks on how. to travel. this video can basically work all the. way from going on an airplane to going. on a car ride to waking up in the. morning and just having a quick and easy. look for school so for this video for. love you guys that are like why would. you wear makeup on a lot of people. traveling means you guys get to see a. loved one like a family member or a. boyfriend or girlfriend or a dog all the. other side of the terminal or waiting. for you wherever you go. so i think if you guys want to look. presentable when you go and see them for. the first time in a while. it should make sense that you should be. able to yeah with that being said i hope. you guys enjoyed this video make sure. you give this video a thumbs up and yeah. without further ado let's go about it. so first i'm starting off with my makeup. look and this is just a super simple. makeup tutorial that will help you look. healthier and more week. so first i'm starting off by energizing. my skin by rubbing it with a clean and. clear facial wife. next i'm going to quickly cover my dark. circles in just a few of my most. prominent acne scars. i think foundation can get a little. clunky on the airplane but concealer. you don't really feel it too much and it. helps a lot. some guy. you set the concealer i'm using a powder. foundation this is going to give me some. coverage and also give me a little bit. more of a not shiny effect of your face. now if you need to do your eyebrows go. ahead and do those for a quick and easy. way to bring color into your face. products like these are perfect. exhausted. what this is is a cheek and elliptic so. you guys can use it on your cheeks and. then use the extra on your lips and it's. just going to give you this really. really pretty rosy effect it's gonna. look really natural. also you guys can use in the car and it. doesn't take much blending with a mirror. so this is a really good product to have. so i'm just going to rub it on my lips. and my cheeks and it's just going to. give me a really really nice healthy. affect my voice is so weird right now. so now on to the eyes if you guys have a. little bit of extra time on the airplane. or in the car ride you guys can take one. of these chubby shadow pencils from. makes my boys just kind of like little. we had these are from nicks and i'm just. going to put this on my i gonna make me. look very awake. if you guys want to look even more awake. and have a huge pretty eyes you guys can. use a liquid liner and give yourself a. little bit of a wing last not least i'm. just finishing off with some mascara. because you can't forget the mask here. if you're going to do the liner guys now. i'm saying mm-hmm. after you do that you are done with your. makeup look and now you look very. beautiful and radiant and just amazing. you guys were already be able to begin. with i don't even know what i'm saying. oh my now on to the hair a ponytail is a. go to style for me i always wear my hair. in a ponytail. so first i'm just going to start by. brushing through my hair. i actually curl my hair the night before. so my hair has its really pretty wave to. it if you guys want to curl your hair. the night before. great idea next gonna take some dry. shampoo and fluffhead through my. ponytail to give it a little bit more of. a volume and like a tease look anything. for you. this all the way after that i'm just. going to stick a beaded headband through. my hair and a beaded headband you guys. can get it clears. this one is from urban outfitters off. the clearance rack i think ahead man. completely pulls her ponytail together. and it makes you look like you spent so. much more time on it just makes you look. really cute and effortless. now on to my outfit so whenever i travel. i try to be as comfortable as possible. because the long ride is not very very. good if you are you know wearing. three-inch heels and you know looking. crazy. so for this outfit i chose this really. adorable btw top from forever . it looks so classy but then at the same. time it's really comfortable and it's. even easier to sleep in. i'm wearing a pair of leggings from. victoria secrets workout collection. these leggings keep me so warm and. they're so easy to move in then i'm just. throwing on some converse so i could. walk easy and i'm also going on a scarf. so i could bundle up in it if it gets. cold. so now on to my carry-on essentials the. first thing is my wallet i have to have. my money with me and my cards in my id. make sure not to lose those also have to. have hand sanitizer so i don't get sick. off of germs my sunglasses. pretty self-explanatory i like to always. have with me rubber bands i could put my. hair up. also deodorant if you guys sweat in like. cramped up places when you're between. people always good to have that. don't forget to bring your charger for. your phone laptop anything you guys have. i also love having cleansing wipes with. me so i could wipe to my face whenever i. feel icky. obviously i have to have my camera i. also like to bring a pen and paper just. in case my electronics died i can always. draw have to have my headphones so these. are my beats by dre reading magazines is. also a really great thing to do if you. have a tablet or an ipad that's always. great to bring also having water is. really important so you guys can always. have something on hand to drink. i like to carry my makeup bag with me so. that my makeup doesn't smash and crack. in my normal bag also got to bring my. laptop and once i'm all packed up with. my bag. i can take that to the living room and. get ready to go. you're so little tip of my mom actually. gave me while i was filming this video. is to make your bag noticeable. especially if your bag is black you. don't want somebody accidentally taking. yours off the conveyor belt so making. sure your bag is noticeable by tying. ribbon on it or put in some duct tape. around the handle is just going to make. your bag that much more cuter and. noticeable. once my bags are set i think i'm ready. to head off to the airport. let's go. so hope you guys enjoyed this video on. traveling and if you guys are traveling. anywhere for spring break or wherever. you guys are going leave that in the. comments down below if you guys go away. because i don't want to know. give this video a thumbs up because. giving the u. s. thumbs up is good for. your cholesterol. you have to give this video a thumbs up. it would be awesome if we could reach. this video to 20,000 likes so let's try. to go ahead and do that they'll be. instagramming a ton of photos wall in. europe so be sure to follow me on. instagram it at my life as a table with. an underscore and i feel like i've been. getting pretty good at instagram lately. a body say so myself a parking space for. moscow is not like a jay-z song or. something. be sure to follow me on instagram for. all of my europe photos i love you guys. and i will see you later. right if i do say so myself. .
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