Build A Smartphone Projector With A Shoebox

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Did you know you can turn an old shoebox and some office supplies into a Smartphone Projector? Yes you can! It is a very fun, simple and easy project that you could do at home.
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Hey whats up guys i'm angelo and welcome. to another episode here at a killer. . . this week we're going to make a project. that everyone can build and everyone can. . . enjoy. . . so we are going to turn these office. supplies and the shoe box into a cool. . . and awesome smartphone projector. . . all right. . . to fill the project you'll need to find. the following stop at home. . . a magnifying glass a foam board a roll. of masking tape a cutter your smartphone. . . a hot glue gun. . . a ruler and don't forget the shoe box. itself just clean the table up and just. . . grab your magnifying glass. . . use your hacksaw to carefully cut up the. handle. . . once you're done we'll be using the. glass for the projectors let's just set. . . that aside from now and go grab your. shoe box. . . this will be used as the housing for our. project. . . elmer school your trusted brand of tv. just kidding i'm not really endorsing. . . open the flaps of the box then reinforce. it with lots and lots of food. . . this will prevent it from wobbling later. on after we caught a huge holes for the. . . projectors lens just do the same thing. for the other side just to make sure you. . . use your fingers easily spread out the. glue then close back the flaps the box. . . you don't want to mess this up so that. the glue set for a couple of minutes. . . just to make sure. . . after the glue dries position your. magnifying glass at the center and use a. . . pencil to trace around it. . . to cut up an exact whole you can use. your x-acto knife and a compass to do. . . the job. . . it's just like drawing a circle but this. time you're cutting a perfectly round. . . one. . . if you do get to cover up the cardboard. correctly your magnifying lens should. . . fit perfectly. . . once you're satisfied use hot glue to. mount the glass on your cardboard. . . once you're done you should have. something that looks like this. . . oh no theres a protrusion well we can. remove that by using our previous cut. . . out existential then use an x-acto knife. to remove the excess cardboard. . . let's put the lid back on okay that's. perfect ok now we will make the stand. . . that will hold the pole for the. projector. . . i guess we can make that out of foam. board we'll just have to cut fractions. . . of it and just make sure that it fits. perfectly inside the box. . . now for the legs of the stand will have. to cut another fraction of foam board. . . and just hot glue them together. . . just make sure they stay perpendicular. to each other to prevent image. . . distortions and the projections there on. cut some strips of your sticky. . . double-sided patty tape. . . mount your phone at the center of the. stand so that later on the photo align. . . to the lens of the projector. . . well almost done all that's left is to. sell your phone to the highest bias then. . . lock your screen. . . so when you play a video the screen. stays upside down the science behind it. . . is that the lens will invert the image. that will be projected on. . . wall later on ok this is the final step. . . like open directors this one needs to be. calibrated you can do so by adjusting. . . the distance in the phones from the. protectors length in fact will be able. . . to gain focus as you move the phone back. and forth only tip it's just have fun. . . and play with it. . . so let's pretty much how you make your. own heart pumping check er out of. . . russian box and some office supplies. . . it was aight guys i would like to thank. you for watching the fourth episode of. . . dipolar if you like the video please. rate it a thumbs up and if you do like. . . to see more of my future tutorials fries. . . press the subscribe button. .
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