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[applause]. robbie would welcome back to another . episode of man vs. den lasagna edition i . love lasagna you love lasagna i haven't . met anyone that doesn't like lasagna and . if i did i don't know if i trust that . person . i mean it's deliciousness stacked in . layers on top of one another . whatever the case what have you . suggested last week lasagna roses one of . tastiest brand new inventions and you . can see that it looks pretty ridiculous . this just inspired me to go down a deep . dark internet whole of lasagnas and . there are up ten of them so without . hesitation . let's get lasagna inga shall we all . right before we get into the first . course the alcoholic appetizer one of my . favorites let me just tell you i looked . up the sonya shots and there's there's . nothing bad a fuckin thing which means . that what you are witnessing right now . is history right here in my kitchen you . wouldn't be on this show fill in the . culinary school youtube a little vodka a . little more a little bloody mary mix . over here minced garlic maybe like a . little dash of italian spice boom fresh . basil crush em up and throw them in . there and i'm not necessarily sure . whether or not putting a little bit of . ricotta in here is a good idea or a bad . idea throw few ice cubes in there shake . it . oh wait wait hold up i'm gonna do a . little something special to this . cocktail glass parmesan rim all right . here we go . lasagna shots a little garnish. let's see how it tastes mmm it's strong . but it's good that parmesan rama . mmm like drinking lasagna you want to . taste it hold on here get a little . rimjob action in there huh real good . all right moving on to the star of the . show. we have the edible internet entree . lasagna roses so for this you're gonna . need to grab all of the shit that you . see here i'm not gonna listen for you . it's too fucking boring . step one you cook your pasta shaped . lasagna you throw it in some boiling . water 1012 minutes later you let it cool . and while you do that . take out your cupcake tray which i hope. you have at this point in your life and . you take some tomato sauce and you line . the bottom of the cupcake pan with it . [music]. simple enough . next step there's chocolate some basil . putting in this ricotta stirring that up . you throw one of those down with a . little ricotta some shredded cheese and . i'm just gonna dabble a little tomato . sauce in there and then you just roll it . up check that out right that's rosie and . then you just plop that down into there . and then you just repeat this process . another another six eight times dozen . times as many times as you can want yes . david when you are all done this is what . you're looking at pretty spectacular . actually. and now we'll throw them into the oven . 375 for 30 minutes time to get started . on the desserts scrolling through the . lasagna i came across in this one a . cinnamon bun in lasagna everything is . good enemy is more delicious i don't . know but i'm gonna add a little . something to this recipe and take it to . the next level nutella cinnamon bun . nutella lasagna unbelievable you get. yourself a lasagna pan you get yourself . a ton of cinnamon roll tubes and you . start putting those down chris spoon . i've seen until can pops open they're . better way to do this oh but it okay son . of a bitch. so then woman oh i got the wrong kind i . was kind of looking for like the strip's . like they have a where they're like you. pop them open and they're just little . wrapped up in a layer i gotta go back. and store now it's 12 . - place is packed real weird coming to . the store this late alright a whole . bunch of them let's do this i got a . bunch of different cinnamon options i . think we'll figure it out and you know . what i knew i smelled it when i walked . at the door these things are ray lasagna . roses coming up yeah look at that oh . shit. look at those these turned the outs. alright i'm making up a plate over here . for him i'm gonna throw some basil along . with a little marinara on the bottom in . a decorative art see and then i'm just . gonna put a little bit in it make it . like a little bouquet oh shit look at . these huh come on now all right here we . go mmm oh my god delicious mmm . oh my god i just powered that one damn . buon appetito or whatever and the crunch . on here listen this i'm gonna make this . sermon robles the grams maybe yes . yes what i'm talking about put a layer . down on the bottom of your lasagna pan . like so you're gonna want to warm up . this icing here and then just spread a . nice little layer of that down . yeah back layer one completes now is . where the good part comes in and you add . an entire jar of nutella it's a little . bit thick so we're gonna put it in the . microwave . i'll just want to warm up for me like i . don't know 20 seconds 15 seconds . smoking the alarms are gonna go up . apparently you can't put that in the . microwave got it out just in time and . look at that . are you seeing this right now this is a . whole in jar of nutella drizzle with a . little more icing for the ridiculously . delicious. then just add one more layer on here and . you are ready boom just pop that in see . you in a minute. a little longer than a few minutes later . [music]. got it out just in time and look at that . now you just take a little bit more . nutella oh that's the way you do it that . is a goddamn winner that's that's what . we're looking at right here nutella . cinnamon bun in lasagna do me a favor . this holiday season dump the rim and . bring some green bean casserole bullsh . to your dinner or to your office party . people want the cool drinks of nutella . cinnamon bun lasagna let's just get into . this right now. zippity doo-dah all right good workout . no it's all in not gonna lie to get a . little bit damn it's the top looks done . let's see how that is okay i'm the only . one eating that anyway the top layer . here this is all i need . maybe don't bring this to the holiday. party but definitely bring the lasagna . brothers dip it on a towel in there . thank you thank you so much really just . an honor to bring you such an amazing . meal oh all right . set it down set it down okay oh it's two . o'clock in the morning with the lord bed . with a guy named sugar rush well i mean . i mean well i mean they can all right . i'm fuckin done i don't want to be . making this video anymore i'm tired so . recap when you put all this together i . would say the good amount of success . maybe two out of three . now that cocktail that wasn't good one . out of three that lasagna roses as . predicted that was the savior dig . yourself a favor and subscribe to thread . banger if you haven't done that already . we are super close to four million . subscribers to make sure that you can . get in while you can if you have already . done that be sure that you head on over . to threads anger calm because over there . we're going crazy with sales for the . holiday season you want convenient . t-shirts and stickers we got you covered. leg up this video if you haven't done . that already alright that's it enough . i'm out i'm leaving i'm going i'm gonna . take these with me alright goodnight . see ya go to sleep snip snip snip . [music]. [music]. .
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