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After doing the Full Face Using Only Highlighters and Liquid Lipsticks, today after many requests I’m doing the FULL FACE USING ONLY KIDS MAKEUP Challenge! Oh sweet childhood memories… Today I’m busting out the Minnie Mouse Makeup Palettes and transforming myself into a colorful princess! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!
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Caption: Hey guys so today i thought it was time for a fun new full face using only challenge and after i did my face using only highlighters and liquid lipsticks challenge videos a lot of people wanted to see a full phase using only kids makeup challenge and when i'm talking kids make up i'm like literally talking kids make up like the shebang i'm so i went on an excessive shopping spree i bought a lot a lot of children makeup and chose makeup is like freaking expensive is it like shocked me i was shook it costs like thirty dollars and this baby right here was about forty dollars so kids makeup is expensive and without any further ado today i'll be doing my full face using only kids makeup and i still do it so the first product are going to go in with is by claire's and claire's actually had a bb cream in the color light oh it's actually it's actually like oh like so i also bought a bunch of brushes and claire so those are the only brushes double using today alright so i'm just going to use one of these little blush brushes for my foundation elements see how this bb cream goes i don't think i've ever seen something go on so streaky oh shit that looks horrible it's like literally one second you're like oh my god coverage and the second later you're like a hand street unit by i feel like that's doing exactly nothing for my face but if you're ever probably your skin texture don't apply this because you will not be proud of north connector anymore for concealer i found at claire's also a concealer stick so it's a same brush i'm just going to pop it in it's actually the color of my skin tone so i'm going to use this as a third layer of foundation this brush is like creating a new skin texture for me it looks like i look like a golf tournament i'm like hole-in-one multiple holes in one so i also bought this kids eyeshadow palette but when i opened it we have all these amazing shadows but when you switch it to the side we have a face palette and i was so shocked i saw this highlighter color right here it's actually so pigmented so i'm going to use that to further highlight my under eyes and with the rest of the colors are going to set my face oh my god kids makeup have shades that are light enough for my face would have been doing all this time i'm also going to pick up a little bit of the white powder on my pinky and highlight my nose because if you like my nose got a little bit lost and then brush away and now i feel like i have a place i can actually work with i know my under eyes look super crazy right now but they always do until the very end ok let's do bro all right for brows are going to hop on to this next part right here i bought this also at a kid's store and i open it up and it's actually really really cute and these glitters our life the only downside to these collectors right here is that once you touch him it's like overspray it's like a spray on top of something greasy so you have like one tiny thin layer of glitter and then you have the fast lane or something i'm going to do my brows using this color right here and this color right here something and also eclairs i bought one of these nail art brushes right here so i'm going to try to to lay around with that i also bought one of these bullies and a brush my hair down yeah and then with another claire's brush i'm going to fill everything in using the same colors and then i'm going to clean up using that concealer stick again alright so we did the skin we did the brows now it's time to focus on some fun eyes i want to create like the colorful princess like fierce eyes because it's a challenge so because i don't have an eyeshadow base anywhere i am going to go in with that same white powder and apply it all over in hopes of it like doing stuff i spread about that white powder has already saving you like a lot to there so you don't know we don't know i'm gonna go into this mini eyeshadow palette who the hell's really intense that smells very chemical i'm like are these companies turn to kill our children look how cute it is though it's so cute they try to kill us but it's cute i'm going to go in with this hot pink right here and i'm going there and i am going to apply that into my crease ok oh there she is come on give us some payment come on don't be afraid show yourself she's coming she needs her time now going back to this cutie i should repeal right here i'm gonna go into the color right there and going to use this to darken the edges uh-huh you know these eyeshadows just need a little bit of love and a lot of time all right for the lid i found this super cute palette at claire's as well this is called the brights i shadows by technique and like a kiss makeup have really stepped up their game lately we did not have this when i was a child and i'm going to go in with this pink shadow right here and that is going on my lid all right i think that's enough for now for the top let's focus on the bottom i'm going back in with that bright spell and really liking this one for the lower lash i'm going to go in with this beautiful blue i really want that like prince st like colorful fierce look so blue it is and then from this palette break here i'm going to grab a bunch of the blues and just work with it now with a white and trying to highlight my inner corners and i also found at claire's a liquid liner looks like this and you know what i'm going to use it yeah all right i think that's the best i can do for now normally i would say when it looks like a mess a throw glitter on top but the only glitter i have are these like weird vaseline based like glitters that only have a tiny bit of glitter on the layer of vaseline though i'll pass all right for lashes any is the new bounce them russian black is anyone noticing that i'm going to go for big lashes to hide my mistakes it's now time to focus on the face i'm going back to this pail right here because this has been a lifesaver so far today and i'm going to do a little bit of bronzing and contouring using this one right here ok ok go for it ok yeah that looks like mud mud but we're going to work with it for blush i'm going to go into this beauty right here and this has been really nice sparkly ones so i'm just going to dunk my brush in all three and really smells like baby powder and then any would not nothing okay bye alright many save the data all right and then for my glow today on the mini palette has a really beautiful shimmering gold right here and i have this meal our brush that i got at claire's as well what that i'm gonna try to blow up my life oh look it works let's just save the day and we're mini mouth you are the real glowing god right here and then i'm also going to highlight the bridge of my nose and the tip of it oh my god it almost has like a tinkerbell greenish goldish reflection this is the little cube love it's like greenish your hard-on the size of eagles moonchild alright and for lipstick i'm going to go in with one of these classics right here going to go for the lightest pink the coverage of this is unreal and therefore lip gloss i found this lipgloss called this is it it's michael jackson up in here and oh oh my god that's really pigmented oh my god yes i swear to god why wouldn't i brought my class and that my good friends is this and that guy's concludes this full face using only kids makeup challenge video tutorial i really wouldn't want to call this i actually had so much fun doing this it was a really really tough challenge but i going to pull through the end hopefully again grateful is the previously product vision and i'm kidding no no i'm not too with that i want to thank you so much for watching this video you can follow me on twitter instagram facebook and snapchat that always making tutorials as always if you enjoyed watching this video then please don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and of course i'm challenging you to do your full face using only kids makeup and tag me on instagram tech me on twitter tag me wherever you want so i can share with my followers and i think this is really cool and really fun and i i really enjoy doing this don't think you still work for watching and hopefully i will see you guys on the next one hey guy is the city today i'm here to do a zendaya inspired makeup tutorials india always slays the makeup game but when i saw this look on instagram and everyone started bombarding me with requests i was like okay i'm doing this i'm doing this i'm doing this but before i start i want to thank each and every one of you because my channel hit for me million subscribers and i'm going to keep it short and sassy because if i if i go into it too much i will cry but i love you so much you mean the world to me and for the four million is a you travel to a gun stuff now i love you so much i love you i don't want to cry

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