How To Make A SANTA HAT CAKE! Red & Green Vanilla Cake With White Chocolate Candy Cane BUTTERCREAM!

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Caption: Welcome back to how to get get i'm . yolanda and although i'm wearing a . turkey hat this week i'm making a santa . hat if you want to make a new cake every . week and we're a new ridiculous hat . every week. subscribe to this channel and click the . notification well why can't i wear this . instead. that's first and i go and what if i . think you have to call the ambulance and . like sure she overheated from a turkey . at that i forced her to wear and jeremy . you will be an accomplice to make this . santa hat cake i baked 12 pounds of my . ultimate vanilla batter and i have it . read and half of it . green this turkey hat is shaking once . all six cakes are removed from their. pans eye-level them and remove the . carmelization from the bottom then i got . all my cakes in half horizontally to. give me 12 layers in total like the . twelve days of christmas it's time to . simple syrup all 12 layers of my cake. and then squeeeeeeze a lot while santa . claus is here to help me . what's that i miss representing you by . wearing this hat i agree for your also . squeeze a lot and to learn more about . why use simple syrup click the link in . the description below that will be all . while my simple syrup is absorbing into . my cakes i'm going to take the time to . make some white chocolate candy cane. buttercream . whoa can we should do this like one of. those commercials like the recipe for my. white chocolate candy cane buttercream. is actually in my holiday baking hacks . ebook it's a secret video that only . people with the e-book can watch so pick . up the e-book there's a link in the . description below i'm going to start . filling my santa hat cake alternating . colors of cake layers and filling with. white chocolate candy canes buttercream. the weirdest holiday voice i've ever . heard in my life . ok this is the weirdest holiday hat i've . ever seen in my life now we're only . going to use eight of our cake layers to. build up our hat i'm going to save the . four smallest cake layers to make a . special treat for santa that's why he . always comes to my house and leaves me. great gifts and now it's time to carve a . santa hat is like a tall triangle but . because it's so soft it kind of like . pillows down and flops over so what i . have to do with sort of carve motion and . creases into the hot basically what i'm . looking for is that when my hat is . covered with fondant in the end it still. looks like it's made of fabric doesn't . just look like a bell or comb around the . base of the cake about three inches up i . didn't do any carving there because. that's where the band of white fur is . going to go later and i wanted that to . be a definite circle now it's time to. crumple and chill you could use a small . offset or straight spatula to apply your. crumb coat but make sure you use plain . italian meringue buttercream . not the candy cane buttercream because . you don't want all the lovely little. bumps of candy cane they taste good . but there bumpy of course chill my cake . after the crumb coat and then i ice my . cake one more time and chill it again . it's time to cover this entire cake in . red fondant i roll my red fondant big . enough so that it will be able to drape. over my entire cake and as i drape it . over i allow any natural folds and . creases to fall where they may i don't . want to smooth this fondant right up . against the cake i want it to look like . fabric the others i do smooth it is the . bottom three inches of the cake where . the ferb and we'll go on later because i . left the creases fall as they made there . are a lot of folds in my fondant down on . that bottom band but don't worry i use . my smoother just move it as best i can . and then trim away any excess with a. sharp paring knife doesn't look at me . now but it will be covered up with fur. or coconut one of those two before . moving on i just want to mark the bottom . of my cake wear my white band is going . to go later i use a piece of matte board . that i cut to the right height and they . basically kind of used it as a fondant. smoother pressing it around the whole. cake because the pond is still a bit . soft i'm able to press it in and it . leaves a mark all around the cake but . now it's time to address the floppy part. of santa's hat he never likes to talk . about he doesn't he's embarrassed what . he told me. creating this floppy part of santa's hat . is a lot harder than it looks. it actually took me three tries i . started by rolling out some red fondant. cutting it into a big triangle and then . i fold that triangle over onto itself . gluing the seams together with a bit of . water to create a red comb and then it. quickly need to place this whole thing. onto my cake and have it flop over so it . kind of looks like santa's hat has like. collapsed in the middle and flocked over . the tricky part is that when you lift up. your cone because it's heavier on the . bottom it often rips this is why you . need to be as. fast as you can once it's in position on . top of the hat and you like how its . falling use a little bit of water and . brush that water underneath to secure it. to the cake that's very important . because it's heavy and you don't want it . to eventually pull to make the white . band at the base of the santa hat i roll . out some fondant that is long enough to . go around the circumference of the cake. and thicker than the area that i marked . out on the hat i then use a ruler and a . sharp knife to cut the band to the exact . height that i need you like how about a . sexy voice for right have you notice up . i like using a ruler . i wet the base of my cake with a . paintbrush and a little bit of water and . then i carefully pick up the band and . wrap it around the base of the cake to . soften the top edge of the white band i . just use my fingertip and smooth out . that fondant a little bit then i brush . the entire white band with clear piping . gel and press shredded sweetened coconut . into the white fondant to represent for. that for was tasty . you know i make a mini version of santa . hats in my holiday baking hacks ebook . they're delicious and you can eat them . in one bite. this hat is not complete santa needs a . pompom to make my palm i make a little . bit of my sculpting rice krispies recipe . and then i take that mixture and roll it . into a ball really compressing it and. rolling about once it sets its really . quickly i then brush the entire ball . with clear piping gel roll out a little . circle of white fondant and cover the. ball and white fondant to smooth out any . seams in the ball i just roll the entire . ball between my pops then i brush the . ball once again with clear piping gel. and coated in the same suite and . shredded coconut that's on the bottom of . my half. to hear this pong to santa's hat i do . use a lollipop stick just because it has. a little bit of weight and we wouldn't. want santa to lose his pop i also used a . dab of royal icing to further secure the. palm if it falls off the slave a . reindeer might eat it. you think of everything you know i know . i know see santa . i'm looking out for you now don't forget . about those four extra layers of cake we . have to make a special treat for santa . and he gets here we take those layers i . fill them with my white chocolate and. decayed buttercream forget this is the . pinnacle of this episode i just make . them a lovely open-faced cake so he can . see the red and green layers and the. white chocolate candy cane buttercream . and i place it on a special plate for . setup . thank you for watching he can't get . don't forget to subscribe to this . channel and please click the. notification bell that is really all i . want for christmas. [music]. next week we're going to be doing how to . take it year in review please leave a . comment below of what cakes you want to . see me make in 2017 there will be no . singing next year. just a lot of hats . .

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