How to Solve the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube (Tutorial – Learn in 15 minutes)

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Learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube within fifteen minutes!
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~~Having trouble with the first 2 layers?
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Here are the actual typed formulas for the third layer:
1. Making the cross: F R U R' U' F'
(Dot [in any orientation], then L shape [with tips pointing down and to the right], and then the [horizontal] line)
2. Aligning the cross: R U2 R' U' R U' R'
(One correct piece facing you and one facing away, then one incorrect facing you and one to the right)
3. Placing corners: L' U R U' L U R' U'
(Any orientation if all corners false. Otherwise, correct corner on bottom right)
4. Final Step: R U2 R' U' R U' R' L' U2 L U L' U L
(Keep false corners on bottom right and, if possible, top right)
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So you finally got yourself for you and. i'm staring at it for a few hours to. . . decide. . . and what's the worst that can happen. after trying to solve it for another. . . hour. . . you decided you were screw you trying to. finding it turning it throwing it. . . punching and kicking it jumping on it. you even tried blowing it up. . . luckily you need to look further the. video you're watching is a quick. . . tutorial on the web on solving you where. you can watch the rewind crash course on. . . the bastard within 15 minutes where. you're waiting for brad you're cute and. . . that's solid. . . rowley interest. . . ok so before you actually start to learn. how to solve the cube you should know. . . the basics how the cube is structured. and what it's made up of now the first. . . thing you should know is that the queue. has six sides and thus eyes are green. . . white blue yellow orange and red. . . now the cube consists of three layers. first layer second layer and the third. . . layer the cube has three different types. of pieces there's the centerpiece which. . . is one color and it never changes it. never moves. . . the second type of piece is an edge. piece which has two colors for example. . . this green white edge and then the third. type of piece is a corner which has. . . three colors which is green white and. orange the center's and the edges and. . . the corners are referred to by their. appropriate colors. . . alright so now that you know the basics. of the cube we can go on to solve it. . . now that we've got this cube all mixed. up we're ready to go first thing we're. . . going to do is solve this green cross by. putting in the four green edges into the. . . appropriate places. . . so when solving the cross we have to. follow several steps the first step is. . . to find the green edge. . . the second step is to connect the other. color of the edge - it's appropriate. . . center. . . the third step is to connect the green. part of the edge to the green center and. . . final step is to correct any mistakes. that we may have made so here we go. . . first step we find a green edge here we. go green yellow second step we connect. . . this yellow with the yellow center. . . there it is we've connected it third. step is we connect this green with this. . . green center by turning it like this. . . there we go and the fourth step is to. fix any mistakes we may have made what. . . we haven't made any so there we go. there's a first edge piece placed in now. . . we start the cycle all over again first. we find an edge piece here we go green. . . and white. . . the second step is we have to connect. this white to a white center so if we. . . turn this like this then these two. whites will be connected. . . the third step is to connect this green. with the green center so we turn it like. . . this and the final step is to fix any. mistakes we have made what we haven't. . . are yellow yellow is still there and now. we've created the white white and now we. . . start all over again. . . so we find this edge piece red green. second step is we connected with the red. . . walls already connected third step is we. connect the green with a green center so. . . we do that. . . four steps to fix any mistakes once. again we haven't made any we've got. . . white white red red and yellow yellow. all set last stitch peace. . . we're looking for green orange which we. found right here we connect the orange. . . with the orange center it's already. connected for us. . . now we connect the green with a green. center there we go and now we fix any. . . mistakes or we haven't made any there we. go. . . we finished the first cross now to move. on to the corners at the corners have a. . . different set of steps the first step is. to find a corner. . . the second step is to make sure the. corner is in the optimal position third. . . step is to place the corner in betweens. to appropriate centers and the final. . . step is to place the corner and well. let's do the first step find the corner. . . here we go. . . green red yellow now the second step is. to make sure that the optimal position. . . the optimal position is when you're. you're holding the cube so that the. . . green center is pointing upwards the. green part of the corner is looking. . . straight at you straight at you. . . so in this case this is in the optimal. position. . . the second step is to take this corner. and bring it in between its two. . . appropriate center colors the two other. colors of this corner are red and yellow. . . so we turn this until it's in between. the red and yellow centers as it is now. . . the final step is placing this corner. into here which is what we want to do. . . to do this we first have to move it away. right now it's on the right side so we. . . moved away to the left we bring down the. right. . . we place it in and we lift it up as you. can see we've placed this corner into. . . his appropriate position and now let's. start all over again. . . first we have to find a corner so we. find this corner right here in green. . . white and orange. . . next we have to make sure that the. optimal position it is since the green. . . is facing up and this green part is. pointing towards us. . . this is in the optimum position now we. turn it until it's in between the orange. . . and the white witch it already is. . . and now we place it in this time since. it's on the left side we turn the bottom. . . to the right to bring the left down we. place it in and we lift it up now as you. . . can see we placed the orange and white. corner in now we start all over again. . . we're looking for another corner here it. is. . . it is the green white and red corner is. it in the optimum position yes it is. . . when the green is facing up this is. pointing towards us. . . now we have to take this and bring it in. between the red and the white centers as. . . red and white there we go. . . ok so now we place this corner in. between the white and the red. . . so now since this is on the right side. we have to move it away to the left to. . . bring down the right place this in and. lift it up now as you can see we've. . . placed in the red and white corner so we. have the last one remaining. . . let's look for it and we found it right. here it is not in the optimal position. . . as you can see because it's not down. here in this third layer so we have to. . . get it down there. . . what we do is we bring this down we move. it to the side and we lift this up now. . . as you can see we've got this corner. down here in the optimal position. . . because it's facing us well this is all. facing upwards. . . now the colors of this corner is orange. and yellow so we turn this here and. . . since this is on the left we move it to. the right we bring down the left the. . . place and we lift it up now as you can. see we've placed in all four corners and. . . we dip and we've done all four edges so. now we can move on to the second layer. . . all right now that we have solved the. entire first layer we're ready to move. . . on to the second layer and the second. layer consists of four edges one two. . . three and four to solve the second layer. we need to remember a couple of steps. . . also first we have to find the edge then. we have to align the edge with its. . . appropriate center and then we have to. place the edge in. . . so here we go what we're doing is we're. looking in this third layer for an edge. . . that doesn't have blue because none of. these colors that we're going to be. . . trying to solve for the second layer. have the color blue. . . so we're looking for an edge such as. this orange and white one that does not. . . have blue. . . now that we've located it will move on. to step two aligning it with the. . . appropriate center what we have to do is. we have to turn third layer until this. . . color is the same as the center color. there we go we've lined to oranges. . . now what we have to do is place it in. and this is very simple and you learn it. . . really quickly. . . first you have to look at this color. it's white. . . now you have to find the white center. it'll either be on the left as it is. . . here or will be on the right. . . in this case it's on the left now what. we have to do is we have to perform this. . . set of steps first we move it away from. the white since this color is white in. . . this color is what we will get away from. the white since we moved into the right. . . we bring down the left. . . we rely on the two oranges we lift this. up and now we've noticed that we've. . . misplaced the corner now from the first. leg you probably remember that we have. . . to move this away bring it down place it. in and lift it up now i not only have we. . . replace this corner but we have also. placed in this orange white edge. . . let's try this again let's look down in. the third layer and we find this edge. . . yellow and orange. . . first we have to turn the third layer. until the two yellows are aligned there. . . we go then we have to look at this color. in this case it is orange. . . now this is orange also so we move it. away from the center since we moved it. . . to the right again we bring down the. left. . . we rely on the two yellows and bring up. the green now we have misplaced the. . . corner once more so we move it away. . . bring it down place it in and lift it up. there we go now we placed the second. . . edge in now for the third edge we look. down in the third layer and here it is. . . red and yellow. . . first we turn it on until the two reds. are lined then we see this is yellow and. . . the yellow center is here so once again. we moved away to the right. . . we bring down the left we rely on the. reds we lift it up now we've misplaced. . . the corner so we move it away bring it. down place it in and lift it up now. . . we've placed in the yellow and red edge. so all we have left to do is to place in. . . the last
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