I Read A Letter From My Younger Self

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I read an email I wrote to myself 10 years ago in 2008!
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Hey guys so about ten years ago in 2008 . i can't believe 2008 was 10 years ago . we're all dying i'm gonna be 70 tomorrow . anyway i was you know asking jeeves chat . on msn making some crime youtube content . like this when i found a website where . you can send emails into the future . so i went i wrote myself a little . message typed away - beautiful . click the 10 years boggs and bing bang . bashed like something from the twilight . zone i got my message the other day it's . the i printed it and everything the . effort i go to these videos so i thought . it'd be fun to read with you guys i had . a quick glance but then i was like no. spoilers have to show you the internet . first let's see what past phillies got . to say for himself . hey for you to feel happy emoticon a . past phil i can't believe he's coming . from a time when no emojis existed how. did we even live although their motive . movie wouldn't be a thing so maybe that . was good. i hope life is good and you are healthy . and not dead let's check can actually . kill a pole swing there is phil alive . michael if i drop dead filming this . video well that would be a band if . you're still eating problems for three . meals a day today's the day you need to . stop oh my god frazzles . this is how the opposite of fang do you . remember frazzles do they still make. brussels . roswell's is no longer a word not even a . word anyway but i'm just gonna go to the . shop and slam a six-pack of fraggles . straight up this video thanks passed . bill do you still have a full head of . hair sorry you went bald . this is a big fear for me because i kind . of won the genetic lottery somehow my. granddad was bald but the grinder was . bored all my uncles were bald . everyone's bald but thankfully mother . and dad or lester have insane amounts of . hair and then they got it for the rest . of the family so i inherited that got . that sperm won please stay with me i . still want the emo hair i haven't lost . that yet maybe in 2019 that will be my . time to change it up though if i could . send a psychic beam back to 2008 bill i . would say please get a haircut . seriously seriously please get a haircut . some things i hope you have in the . future a flying car i mean we don't have . flying cars but we do have drones so i . feel like we're getting there . though i can't be trusted behind the . wheel of a normal car let alone a flying . car so i'm kind of. we don't have no wires why is the worst. phil i wish i wish we didn't have any . wires a rippling six-pack does it count . i printed off some ads and stuck them to . my body where do you live hopefully in a . manchester apartment or maybe new york. seven question marks how random it was . always my dream to live in manchester . which was only about half an hour from . my hometown but it's a big city it was a . world of possibilities and that was just . like the most exciting thing i could see . myself doing except i was weirdly . obsessed with america i loved going to . america or into the live in america i . wanted an american accent when i was a . kid just an americans man i love jeff i . love jeff but only enough i hated london . for so long i had two visits to london . when i was a kid and it really put me . off i had like the terrible london . experience that my family wanted to go . to all the touristy places or was super . busy and my face pressed against the . window of the tube after someone's. condensated butt crack had been there i . think i walked in the path of one of the . queen's gods there was like halt child . and that really scared me as well so . generally had some london anxiety but. then i came to visit some friends here . and i grew to love it and now i couldn't . imagine living anywhere else so it's . funny how that changes they can you tell. 2008 bill are you gonna live in london . i'd be like that what's wrong with you . did you make any new year's resolutions . mine this year ought to be a bit more . confident to put myself out there more i . don't think that was the best resolution . to make because you can't suddenly be . like i'm gonna be more confident and . send it to a completely different person . but putting myself out there more was . good advice because that was the year of . me going no i am gonna go to that party . all right i'm gonna take this weird . presenting job that i'd be scared of and . do it even if i think i'm gonna hate it . is never gonna be as bad as i thought it . was going to be and that was a good . thing to do for myself because even . though i'm not like an extroverted . breakdancer now i'm definitely way more . confident than i was when i was like 15 . or 16 a timid little beast that wouldn't . talk to anyone and resolutions for me i . haven't made one like i'm gonna go to . the gym or i'm gonna get a face . transplant it's been more that i just . want to put on the best show ever . two interactive introverts so i'm just . gonna put all my energy into that and . hope everyone . comes is gonna have an amazing time and . if you want to come down and filter calm . there's still tickets available and you . can come see me on a stage pushing . myself out of my comfort zone again i . wonder if you still do that youtube . thing i guess will youtube still exist . in 2018 yes it's turning into a monster . and did you ever get 50,000 subscribers . couple more than that but yeah i would . have never had any idea so many people . would watch my videos so i don't want to. get all cheesy and emotional but thanks . if you stuck by me since 2008 and thank . you if you just subscribe today did you . get a job in the film industry maybe . i'll edit titanic 2 and then i would . totally be down the titanic 2 with . zombie jack interestingly after . university i did have a bit of a . crossroads in my life like am i gonna . pursue youtube and keep doing this cuz i . knew i loved this but it didn't really . feel like a secure job at the time and i. got the offer entire year-long . internship at a video editing place and . that would be such a good opportunity . but there would be no way i could keep . doing youtube at the same time so i just . had to follow my heart and what i was . enjoying i knew i loved and i decided to . stick with you guys i'm very glad i did . but who knows what that other phil would . have been in the alternate universe did . world war 3 happen yet all those . hopefully you're not reading this in a . nuclear wasteland i mean i wouldn't be . surprised if i am irradiated dust in 6 . months but i'm just gonna enjoy being . alive for now as should you . if you still at home then say hi to the . parents thankful you got where in place . now also hi to the grandparents you . should call grandma more oh grandma i . mean i can't communicate with the . afterlife phil i can i could treat you . bored right now but she's probably say . stop staring at the screen and go . outside and play hopscotch thanks i . might go for a walk later just to honor . my grandma hopefully you graduated from. uni do you ever use your degree in . english language here's my sexy . graduation photo so i made it although i . can't spell so i don't think i'm using . my english language degree to the . fullest although i am using my editing . master's look this fireworks totally . worth the money are you so in touch with . your friends from home and uni and did . you lose luoyin yeah people don't even . make your friends for life that . university i made so many good friends . but then ever . just went back to their hometowns which . was so far away from where i lived one . even went to tasmania and then i just . kind of talked on facebook for a bit and . just slowly lost contact . this might inspired me to get in touch . with a few of them again i'm not . completely lonely though phil i did make . some new friends i mean when i wrote . this i didn't even know who that danny's . not on fire guy was and lion is still . going strong i think he's lost a few . whiskers but apart from that probably an . elderly lion now in feline terms sorry. anyway i hope 2018 is treating you well . and the world isn't too messed up well . people are eating tide pods now so i . think it might be time to move to mars . well that was interesting and thanks . pass phil for giving me a video idea ten . years into the future maybe i can write . down a new message now and send it to . myself in 10 years maybe i'd be a new . video idea i don't know anyway thank you . for watching if you enjoyed this please . give me a thumbs up the gaming channel . is back in action so if you want some of . this then make sure you go and subscribe . also if you want to do some shopping now . is the best time as we're having a . january sale on dan and phil shop where . you can get plushies and backpacks and . bunny slippers so use the code happy . 2018 at checkout for 20% off and if you . want to subscribe you can click . subscribe my last video is down there . which was some bloopers from last year. hope you're good and i will see you very . soon . goodbye . .
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