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I PRESENT TO YOU KIM KARDASHIAN WEST ON MY CHANNEL! This is so surreal to have Kim with me in a video! We met at her home and chatted about doing a makeup tutorial...and here we are GLAMMING and giving you all a full coverage natural glam beat face slayed to the gawds hunty. So happy to have used the KKW BEAUTY highlight and contour sticks on KIM herself! She officially stated that she would be coming out with a LARGER kabuki brush official for blending out the contour!
To Kim Kardashian West... thank you so much for inspiring millions of us to snatch our face like yours alongside you many talented makeup artists throughout the years. When I pretended to do play on your wax figure...I never thought Id have the chance to do the REAL YOU!
To all my subscribers... thank you so much for watching and supporting me... I would have never got this opportunity if it were not for all of you! I love you all so much!
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Caption: Next hmm oh goodness oh good i'm so . proud of you this is your first youtube . official tutorial let's do the intro i'm . so proud i'm so proud . subscribe too soon so good oh my good oh . my dad do y'all see this kim . kardashian-west is looking into my eyes . and we just soak in this moment really . quick she is on my youtube channel i . love you guys so so much and i hope you . guys enjoy this tutorial . [music]. [music]. i raise my hand your lovely children . hey guys inspector welcome back to my . channel all muffle rickon goodness i . have miss kim kardashian was is this . real life all of my class the hello she . is so nervous to be on youtube but girl . yes here on my channel i'm so excited to . be on your channel oh my gosh thank you . so we be her face you are snatched. giving you natural kim kardashian-west . glam using her new kim kardashian-west . contour and highlighting sticks yeah . k'kaw beauty i love it girl yes matched . yes but i still feel like this is . daytime beautiful light still feel fresh . mm-hmm . if you guys want to see how we did this . look subscribe to my channel i must go . right into the video . alright guys i'm so excited to snatch . your face welcome to my channel thank . you i'm so excited for you to do my . makeup i'm excited like i'm going and . right now so we're going to snatch i did . some research i saw your live in the app . so i'm gonna take this giorgio armani . luminous foundation i'm gonna take it on . a booty blender and i'm gonna take this . booty and bounce on your face your skin . is beautiful it's prepped already it's . going to apply this on that outside . what's your favorite foundation oh my . gosh i use like four different . foundations on my face. so it's series but right now i am using . mac cuz don't feel like you have to use . anything because you've heard i like it . like i am loving okay whatever you want . okay perfect . i'm not i use makeup forever sometimes . i've been loving this one this one i . love mrs. line home art an adult . haunted doll i don't know how to . pronounce these things anymore 10th idol . elsa . 24-hour because you know we don't mean . who wears makeup line for the reason why . i'm sorry it's not first time ever touch . in her face . i'm trying to test it on the jaw so if . you are new with someone definitely test . it right here i should have had my hair . like snatched off my face i just wanted . to do like my brain mm-hmm the cute . little braids i love it so that you can . like have my open-faced quote no it's . perfect because i like to make sense . that happen a little bit more low-key . mm-hmm we're doing like a snatched babes . i think it's cool to have like low-key . hair style oh something where the rest . of my head i love changing it up i'm . excited to use your news day so i got to . play with it did you like i loved it it . was like so clean your creamy pigmented . and it's really interesting to see that . you incorporated a warm color and a cool . color for the room you out there that. want to try something a little bit more . for bronzing or for true contouring i . believe in like a cool shade for that. reason because if you want to consider . your nose or slash your nose you . definitely don't want to use something . warmth but then you end up looking . orange and it looks weird . i think i just wanted people to get that . like contouring is not that hard i think . people think you have to be a . professional in order to really contour . but with the sticks it's so easy i like . to do it yourself at home yeah i want . for sure in it so i was going to my big . question was in the morning you look . doing them so what's the routine is it. key check your phone or glam or check . your phone while you pee glam like. what's the enemy have kids so what . what's what's the order i want to wake . up with him yes so i get up so early . like sick okay okay sit with my six . today yeah today i woke up at yeah like . maybe 5:45 oh wow yeah okay i usually . get up at 6:00 mm-hmm watch me okay pee . a mastic right away hmm now i think i . check my phone first as i'm waking up . just income-tax me mm-hmm . overnight yeah overnight are you with . social media check out email checker are . you like everything chat everything but. first i just checked my text okay just . the text first and then i get up and pee . and then i come back and i wait for one . of my kids to wake up whoever wakes up . first so in that time when i'm waking . waiting for them to wake up is when i. check social media and my emails mm-hmm . who is the first up well it depends . mm-hmm . my son did this morning okay so then i . get time with him alone or it depends . like the night before our daughter came . in our room . the she you know i sneak outta bed when . i hear my son because our daughters are . ting in our bed mm-hmm it just depends . on the night she usually wakes up at . like between 7:00 and 7:30 and then i . had my morning with them get them . breakfast and then i do a workout so. i'll go on without a neighborhood really . intense like these steep hills or i'll . go you know who have a little equipment . inside sometimes i work out with my . sisters but they snapchat the whole time. so it's kind of annoying hmm . now what's your favorite part about . doing that face obviously but if you . were to pick something else lips eyes . nose does um shimmer count . yes highlighting highlighting i'd say . highlighting is my next okay i really . love a good like under eye smooth clean . under eye i'm not that good at eyes no . no i wish i was better and i do wanna . know i mean i could it gets like an . emergency i could okay but i'm just not . that good i really need more practice i . sit in the chair for so long and i just . don't really pay attention i mean . obviously over 10 years if you move in . the makeup chair every day you'll . definitely learn something and there's. those times where if mario and i are. traveling together we'll stay up after. an event i'll be like okay i'm going to . wash up half my face oh really i'm like . i'm going to recreate half and tell me . do you think it looks the same no . questions do you have you had a time . where mario like our situation happened . or that . and you had no time to wait or something . you had to do your makeup for that last . last minute yeah no time one yeah . there's a time where i'm a makeup artist . it wasn't mario someone doing hair and . makeup and they didn't show up and i had . an event in new york city where i was . hosting something i think for pepsi . mm-hmm it was this event this carbon i . remember i was wearing his white . jumpsuit oh yeah and the makeup artist . never showed up . and the hairstylist they were dated both . so i remember waking up chloe at like . 6:00 in the morning . crying being like you have to help me it . was like i did my ponytail okay and then. i needed her to wrap ponytail around and . help me do this ponytail because we . added on the fake hair and then i had to . do flashes like my whole face by myself. yeah and so that was one time gΓΆdel . tina i know they're gonna smash your . face i know but how do you make it like . smashed you got a it's do one i don't . have time for that . okay shake out your camera so that's . what you have patches on my child it's . not her face okay yeah blending blending . is such a thing so i mixed a bunch of . foundations i will have all the products . listed below but she's very yellow and a . little bit olive and she has a pan so i . had a little concoction so if you guys. want to check it out it's down below i'm . gonna move on to your brows you have a . brow preference now just an all you okay . whatever you want to do and i learned at . intuit you got to go up into the . hairline because it's so weird when you . don't i go open to my turban . so the weirdest thing is you don't want . to have like an awkward scalp color and . then say so another kim k check wanna . tell us. so mostly your scalp is really pale huh . and i spray tan in my hairline like in . the scalp so i usually wear my hair . parted in the middle life so i'll like . spray tan there too so it doesn't look . happier your . first i'm doing like i'll like spray tan . like this and just do my hair up if my . hair was like that all these tanning . salons are going to be asked thank you . that imagine if it's like so bad for you . in your hair well no i don't think so . okay i'm thinking soft on the uh nastasi . i'm running this through kim brown oh . let's tell the viewers how we met . so me i attended her k'kaw the beauty . was you at my house at your home . beautiful she had an installment of . mirrors she had like a museum display i . thought it was at the louvre in paris. for a second. but kim style so you turned around and . all like oh my god she's really here and . we met and then we did you did the . first-ever swatches on you and my socks . everyone loved it and then you had . mentioned to me oh my god she was . changing it so cool i want to come on . someone's channel and yeah do a makeup. look and right here yeah i just i really . thought you know this gives a new world . for me just to have products that you . know are sold only online and the whole . social media world is really fascinating . to me of how people get their start and . how you can live across the world and . then just people fall in love with your . personality and you just show your . talent and you can really create a whole . business for yourself like that is . really inspiring to me and that's . fascinating to me so i just you know . wanted to get to know this world and . wanted to get to know so many people . that i'd never met before that's what i . wanted to host the event at my house . mm-hmm . now you have been recreated so many . times on youtube do you remember the . first time you ever saw a makeup look . inspired by kim kardashian i just . remember mario like always c

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