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*After looking over this footage, I definitely need to change my lighting a little bit! Just bare with me, ill get it right! XO
Kylie cosmetics x Kris Jenner collection - swatches and demo!
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Caption: Welcome back hey guys i just filmed the . entire intro my video looking like this . totally forgot i've actually had . nightmares before that i leave the house . with my bakes so on i know this is like . literally first world makeup problems . but true story i am so excited for . today's video for many reasons number . one i have a brand new filming setup . that i have worked so hard on it and . been building for the past couple of . weeks i have a new camera i have me . lighting i have new backdrops a new . microphone that's hanging above my head . like oh my gosh how's my audio now i'm . gonna be honest this first video we . might have some trials and errors. because this is an entirely new setup so . bear with me but i am so excited and . hopefully you can see the difference in . the quality and i'm really i'm really . excited about this so it's like my dream . setup so hopefully you guys love it . there's anything that you think needs . changes or improvements please let me . know that comments down below so i can . make the quality of the absolute busts . and i feel like this button down here . you can't see it cuz it's not on camera . but there's a button right but crack and . i think any second says good go boom and . burst open i'm gonna make there a little . engorged right now long gorge it's that . time a month and the second reason i am . so excited for today's video is . obviously as you can see by the title i . am reviewing the new kylie cosmetics and . kris jenner collection today i don't . know what it is you guys i had not been . this excited for a collection in such a . long time . actually i'm like i dunno what it is . it's kris jenner i freaking love kris . jenner i know there's so many opinions . out there on the internet about kris . jenner and how people don't like her for . whatever reasons it may be but you know . what that's someone's mama that you're . talking about so zip it and please don't . say anything nasty about her or the . kardashians here my channel in the day . it doesn't really matter what we think . about them they still pop and they still . doing their thing and i'm really excited . for this collection i just thought the . way that kylie like announced it like on. her instagram live and snapchat was so . cute like i just love kris i think she's . so funny and i really do think she's . down to earth even though like she's so . over the top and like bad and bougie . like she just seems like a cool like a . cool mom like if i saw her pick curse . it's whenever i watched her show like . religiously and whenever the girls would . be like nasty to her like they would . always kind of like make fun of her like . kinda like poke at her and play games . with her . i mean to her i always believed her like . i would get so defensive for chris. because i just think this she's i think . she's awesome . anyways thank you so much to kylie and . her pr team for sending me this of . course it's always a blessing and always . exciting and i actually woke up and saw . kylie's instagram and i was like oh my. gosh she's collaborated with chris like . i was so excited i was talking with her . on the phone i was like kylie cosmetics . clapping with christian heiress is so . cool like how dope is that like to . collaborate with your mom like that's . just freakin awesome you know and then i . walk downstairs dingdong and the package . showed up and i was like it was just one . of those surreal moments rolls like who . am i i'm gonna stop rambling and get . into what the video is actually about so . we have the pr package right here i . think the marketing behind this is so . cute like chris . excel kylie's name she did like the . whole sorry my phone is on she's like . the whole kylie cosmetics hack on . instagram and then her signature right . here and you guys when i open this up i . got a little horny a little bit because . i am obsessed beyond obsessed with . black-and-white anything so this . collection the collection i would . purchase just solely for the packaging . because i think it is so cute and so on . brand and i just i give this packaging a . 10 out of 10 and a blue spruce so this . collection includes . a lip liner a matching lipstick a lip . collection which is eight different . shades and they are mini bottles and i. believe it includes mattes velvets and . glosses then we have a highlighting. palette right here and then an eyeshadow . palette up here i want to start off by . swatching the highlighter palette. because this is the thing that i'm most . excited for the packaging is so cute . so the actual palette itself says you're. doing amazing sweetie i was so excited . when i saw this because if you guys . don't watch the show kris jenner had a . moment where kim kardashian was posing . basically nude and she was standing . behind the camera with her cell phone . taking pictures like squatted down and . she's like you're doing amazing sweetie . and it just went viral it turns this . meme and it's it's something that me and . my friends say to each other all the . time now so i absolutely love that it . says this and it's also in black glitter . that says that on the palette as well . and then when you open it up oh okay so . i thought it was an all highlighter . palette i was wrong so we have two . highlights up here a shimmery blush or . this could be a highlight on some skin . tones but more like a shimmery blush and . then a map. oh i'm very very excited about this . blush right here it's a really beautiful . color so let me go ahead and so watch . these for you guys i'm gonna do it on my . arm on my very very pale arm okay i . would talk about it so there you can see . all four swatches we have three shimmers . and one that i will say the highlighters . they feel like the same consistency as . her typical highlight formula not her . wet set formula which is very very . different formulations i'm gonna use to . make it like to wipe that off to my arm . by the way you guys these neutrogena or . do these called the night call me makeup . remover cleansing towelettes best makeup . wipes i've ever used in my entire life . like that's all it takes . gone so as far as the actual eyeshadow . colors in this palette obviously this is . just my opinion because there's no such . thing is like an ugly eyeshadow palette. everyone has their own range of shades. that they want for their skin tone and . their everyday and their nighttime look . but for me personally this is not my . type of palette ease or not my colors so . this is not something that i would . purchase for myself i don't know i'm not . trying to say i don't like it there's . something about that i'm not obsessed . with alright first shade is i love . myself which is a matte vanilla it's . like a bisque second shade is gorgeous . it's not super frosty it's more like a . satin third shade is it's an emergency . fourth is very nice swatch is a little . patchy fifth shade is haters whoo that . one is not coming off nice that . definitely is gonna need like some fix+ . or glycerin to make that stick to the . lid next shade is vodka tonic this one. ooh that feels really smooth that's like . butter. next is payback's a bitch whoa it's got . some nice pigment for a matte impressed . okay the next one is called impressed . i'm gonna go on top cause i'm running . out of room the next shade is 10% . that's pigmented as hell i'm watching. you. next is talent yes kris jenner and then . last but not least does it come in black . that's a pretty decent blackie . my main concern is that there's 12 . shadows and there's only four mats and . one of them is a black so we have three . neutral mats and honestly we have like a . bisque and then we have a black and then . we have two mats in between and that's . it so i have 12 colors when i saw this i . was like this is a lot of shimmer and a . lot of frost and i definitely prefer a . palette that has like ten mattes and . like four shimmers you know i'm saying . like the opposite that's kind of like my . hesitation but we're still gonna try it . out and see if i can come up with a look . that i enjoy and again this makeup i'm . telling you that's just one wipe and . look how much i took off okay so now . let's swatch the lip liner and there we . go the lipstick and then the actual . lipstick packaging has middle metallic. fingers all over it kris jenner . definitely doesn't give a shit that's . for sure about what people think or say . about her okay so here we have the . lipstick oh my god you guys see that or . do that again and i'm like barely . touching it let me do it again and like . really try to barely give any pressure . wow you guys i am michael literally just . like barely dragging it like a look at . that that's very impressive i'm probably . gonna love that and then for the actual . lip pencil whoops mine came like smush . eed on the top let's see yes . vetti creamy and it's the exact same . color which is awesome how it's so true. to shake sometimes people will say it's . matching and it's really not that's . awesome okay and then last but not least . the adorable lip collection . momager so cute okay so first shade is a . velvet and it's called that's wild . which kylie's velvets are one of the . most beautiful lip formulas they're so . comfortable they feel very cushiony on . the lip next we have the shade boss. which is a repeat that kylie actually . already has in her collection maybe it . was a limited edition i'm actually not . quite sure i didn't keep up with that . but the shade boss is beautiful i've . worn it several times and that is a . matte liquid lipstick the next one is . the shade middle finger which is this . beautiful hot orange and this is a . velvet shade so again just like the . first one same formula next we have the . shade over whelmed which is again a . velvet and ooh that color is really . different it's like a mavi burgundy and . it's nice and deep

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