Lily Marston’s Cozy, Gray-Toned Living & Dining Room Makeover | OMG We’re Coming Over | Mr. Kate

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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Producer: Brandon Walowitz
Shot by: Chris Phelps and Marco Bottiglieri
Assistant Camera: Nick Miller
Art Department: Emily Banks, Tony Brown
Sound: Chris Cole
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
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Caption: Oh okay with me every time you know just . video i'm gonna go . [music]. can't wait there's so much we could make . how will it turn out omg we're coming . over . open up we're here okay you're yelling . like so loud oh em gee wakko would you . we are coming over to lily oh my god . finally want you to do it for like two . years a year ever since we did jaws you . guys know jocelyn davis is lily's . partner friend co-star on clever style . lily's are going to have a decorating . experience with us. so we are finally here i'll explain it's . gonna be perfect. pottery barn has their new pb apartment. line and they're sponsoring the video so . they're giving us everything that we're . gonna put into her space don't have a . funnest and soft and cozy and totally . lily's aesthetic subscribe comment . become a creative weirdo we're always. doing fun videos here . thumbs up to you let us know what you . think after you watch the video i think . you're gonna like it . let's get there it is so about time that . we are at lily marcin's place this has . been needing to happen for way too long . been talking with her for like a couple . years now ever since we did jocelyn's . bae's came jo we are here they have some . stuff i'm so excited i really don't know . what to expect i gave some inspiration . photos but like i'm ready for them to . just like work their magic . you have a very beige room i mean this . is like true. it's like pretty brown basically if you . just took like your science teachers . pants and like slap them on the wall so . we got to really brighten it up style . though so you and i within our long text . chain have in still images that you sent . me. so i told tape before any of this that . my number one thing that i need is . comfort. i want blankets i want a comfy couch i. want twinkle lights anything to just . make it feel very cozy but still like . presentable like an adult that's there . lilly style is very cozy it's very . monochromatic think grays and creams and . textures like what time i show up and. stuff works we just go around the city . kate picks up friends so the beautiful . thing about vertical blinds is they're . very easy to take off which is why all . rental apartments use that i'm not the . biggest fan of vertical blinds it's kind . of like a default thing that a lot of . landlords put into their places because . they're easy to install get rid of your . vertical blinds if you live in a rental . store them under your bed store them in . a closet and live the curtain life all . of that bulk that was filling up your . window is just gonna be now one little . two worth of storage tricky please . finish shadow box yeah yeah she said she . puts her baby teeth in first haircut in . them and stuff oh gross its disgusting . all right so you ready to pee yeah i . have to say i've never painted before so . this was the first time what . i'm surprised for some reason i thought . she would have painted before let's just . say i'm not an experienced painter and. by that i mean i've never painted . anything in my life. oh . [music]. it's like a little key yeah my back pain . is like opening up take out i love this . pink color it's called faded gray this . is gonna really brighten up the speed . lily no perhaps in general not my strong . suit. [music]. i always think this looks so fun for . like a minute and then i would imagine . it gets very old that's all okay to let . you pay for i love this pink color i can . already see how much it's covering up . the khaki in such a beautiful way all . right we have some major surface area . we've covered i feel like we've done our . fair share i have a time sensitive . projects that i want to do with you . involve circuit artery skills so will . you get your camera yes and i have some . other props i need to gather and i'll . meet you outside okay okay don't even . try to include me . well no but this is joey this is how it . works what make you feel better if we . text you later yes yeah lily i have . brought you to this dark alley in the . middle of los angeles so kate leads me . to this alleyway we're in and she has . some crops that she says we're gonna. work on a project i brought two jackets . which they're gonna provide us shade if . we need it okay i also brought some . twinkle a lab swing right it's not only . did i bring twinkle light three to you . oh one of those like i brought you the . moon so my plan is let's get under these . jackets we use them as kind of the shade . are sort of cavernous universe and then. we can have these like just in the . background or whatever or maybe just the . moon because i want to do two side by . side pictures it's looking so cool you . guys and also lily's editing skills are . amazing so really this is like half of . the project just getting the photo as . half of it and then her editing in . photoshop is gonna finish moving on it . all right . i feel like we have some okay so you get . some edited we'll get them printed in . like a couple hours i don't think i've . gotten pictures printed since i was in . like eighth frame oh really this is . dress cyber i know i don't really leave . my . your order posters i'm gonna post mate . i'll pick them up it'll be great . i know alright look perry oh my gosh . more project i guess is more projects . i've done so i love constellations you . know i think there's something dreamy . about the night sky and we're creating . this cozy vibe okay so guys twinkle . lights we laughs so we've taken photos . of twinkle lights i want to integrate . them a little bit more into the space so . i thought about those old constellation . maps it's like you've seen these vintage . maps where it's actually a circle . representing the universe and within the . circle there's the constellations . so i figured we could paint the base of . this canvas like a beautiful white with. maybe some taupe mixed in to make it. look kind of like an aged background . that made a big like dark gray circle . and within the circle drill holes for . the constellations and then have the . twinkle lights taped on the back poking . your not poking through but like seeing . them through right you happy i can and. it looks amazing in my breath how do you . even come up with things so crafts are . definitely not my forte and kate sits us . down and there's just like a blank . wooden canvas not something i'm used to . dealing with but she decided that we . needed to do a constellation art piece . that we're gonna put twinkle lights in i . think it's gonna look so good i can't. wait to see it that's great lilly oh my . god you found your calling a circle . circle so i'm not really totally. familiar with constellations but that's . why we have our phones in our pocket oh . this is an april we whenever they march . we should do the sky in march . okay oh mj i'm super complicated than we . could always see how they make it just . you know girl well you're building your . universe. i'm just gonna start painting up kind of . to our line . [music]. so my plan with the background because . this is gonna be going against like your . white ish faded gray walls . i want a slate aged effect on this so my . thought was taking this more like taupey . color just sort of working it in to the . white a little bit whoa so it's gonna . make me look like sophisticated like . identities like you know like a vintage . map on your wall don't mind me well i . just paint everything well you guys get . to just play with your arts and crafts . leave joey to paint the walls let me get . it hang some curtains after that huh . okay. now let's drill lily's first time . drilling that's so awesome . [music]. pressure . there you go hey what's fun right i'm . scary satisfied now the holes are . drilled is time to fill in the charcoal . of the universe so yeah you take the big . brush and fill in in the middle okay cuz . like you're just gonna go yes so once . our charcoal is dry i think i'm gonna . highlight a little bit in it with the . white faith sure there's a beautiful . dark gray we're not going fully black . cuz that's gonna be too harsh or playing . with a lot of tones of gray in this room . keeping it monochromatic i love it oh my . gosh i think that we're done okay so we . need to let this dry . okay let's joey are you done because i . feel like let's just check on joey joey . you see the constellation it looks so . good right you don't see me now on this . oh yeah i know that's successfully doing . this water's cold . oh yeah hovering oh very poopy brown . hair okay so you're gonna edit the . photos email them to me then all get . imprinted and a pez yeah you guys i've . so much faith in you bye all right we're . kicking lily out i can't wait for her to . see this awesome pb apartment stuff that . we're bringing in but first we have an. epic project so a lot of lily's . inspiration images have the element of . would specifically shiplap wood which is . that horizontally placed wood paneling . which just looks so kind of rustic and. beautiful and does not exist in lily's . rental here's the plan so i spaced it . out you know it's kind of like a brick . we're laying brick yeah the real way you . would do it is you would use a nail gun . and nail them in which for an entire . shiplap wall is a lot of nails and i was . thinking why don't i just take some . super thin quarter-inch plywood strip it . down into planks and then use command . strips this is a really genius project . that joey is doing because it is shiplap . that is renter friendly we're using wall. safe mounting strips and he's gonna . mount the pieces of wood using those . strips it's so genius it looks so cool . it's gonna make such a big textural . difference in this otherwise very plain . apart. are you saying ugh what is this natural . wonder okay so this is actually a blend . of two natural fibers it's wool and jute . combined it's a wood ultimate coziness . boot this i

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