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Disney Collector present Play Doh Mega Fun Factory toy playset similar to a Conveyor Pizza Oven. The Fun Factory stamps cool 3D toys and candy shapes onto Play Dough as it moves along the working conveyor belt. Kids have fun working at their own candy factory creating Playdough candies & toys on the line using 2 stamper wheels in this playset: one for toys, one for candies. The "Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory" helps your child learn the concept of an assembly line with conveyor belts used in stores and Pizza places. You can mold Mr. Potato Head from Disney Pixar Toy Story, Pinkie Pie from MLP My Little Pony, rubber duck & racecar Chuck from Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon cartoon The Adventures of Chuck and Friends.
Music from Kevin MacLeod.
Play-Doh L'usine aux Merveilles. Fourni avec 2 vitesses et 15 moules, un tapis de jeu et 4 boites de dough. Tout d’abord, un serpentin pour extruder de la pâte à modeler qui ensuite ira sur le tapis roulant. Quand la pâte à modeler arrive au niveau de la machine à empreinte l’enfant doit abaisser son moule. Magique !
Contient 6 pots de pâte à modeler, 1 tapis de jeu, 2 jeux d’empreintes sur 2 thèmes différents : les jouets et les sucreries. Pratique 6 rangements pour les pots de pâte à modeler.

Fun-Factory is also called: Super Formallegre, Pâte à Modeler Le Serpentin, Mega Fábrica Loca, Knetwerk, Formallegre, Fábrica de diversão, Pretfabriek, fábrica de diversion, factoría de alegría, fabbrica di divertimento, завод, εργοστάσιο, Mega Fábrica Louca.

Revision de juguete para niños y niñas Play-Doh Mega Fábrica Loca de Hasbro sellos postales juguetes y formas de dulces en Play-Doh medida que se mueve a largo de la cinta transportadora. Los niños se divertirán trabajando en su propia fábrica creando caramelos. Este juguete ayuda a su hijo a aprender el concepto de una cadena de montaje con cintas transportadoras utilizadas en las tiendas de pizzeria.

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Caption: Hey guys disney collector here with this. play-doh mega fun factory. here we have the workshop became already. assembled the only thing we need our. batteries. we got six colors of plato yellow orange. blue red purple and green. we also got to stammer wheels with this. one you can make mr. potato head. pinkie pie a train plato can and many. other nodes and with the other stem /. wheels we can make lots of sweets. we also got a huge planet and whenever. we make a different mode we can match it. to the playmat now time to start molding. before you get started you'll need. batteries and the batteries compartment. is underneath the playset. now we put your temper william blake's. ready to mind first below the play doh. yeah. turn on the factory. and get ready to mold. yeah. then we kept. yeah. yeah. here's a little train. we also mold it a pig. now we're going to make some molds with. blue play-doh. ok. yeah. stamp. yeah. yeah. and cut again. look we made mr. potato head. we also made the ladder 8 and pinkie pie. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. let's check our creations. we made chuck warm can of play-doh in. the rubber duck. let's make this other mode. now let's use orange play-doh. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. we need the letter a and the train. how about we make some sweets. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. ok. yeah. these sweets looks pretty good now let's. make some yellow sweets. yeah. yeah. ok. yeah. yeah. ok. ok. yeah. yeah. it's from factory is just so much fern. now we're going to take all her from. creations invented to the plant. let's match. pinkie pie and chuck. the little train and the pig. there he is well guys thanks for. watching my videos in state-owned for a. lot more from plato right here on disney. collector. .

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