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After 8 years on YouTube I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and recreate and react to my FIRST video ever! Whew baby, how times have changed!! I show you how to create these bold, but beautiful green smokey eyes too, which are perfect for the holiday season and Christmas! Hope you guys enjoy & thanks for watching!
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* Intro created by Michael Rusakov
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Caption: Hello people hi guys today i am here to . recreate my first video ever. what is happening we got to have been . getting requests to do a video like this . for the longest time now and i'm to be. honest with you i was kind of scared his. mama wasn't always this button seven or . eight years ago my channel but in all . seriousness today i am here to look back . to my first video and posted on youtube . here ever that has been seven to eight . years ago lot a lot of things have . changed in seven to eight years and a. month ago when i planned winter wonder. week i had this video planned for today . and i will get this morning 26 million . and i woke up this morning to 6 million . followers here on youtube and my mind is . blown. i like i can't even handle or process . what is happening here like how full . circle is that that i have this video . plan a month ago and now today when i . have this video planned looking back to . the past and i had six million colors . this is so surreal to me thank you so. much i love you so much yeah looking . back to my first video ever i love her . started with a black screen it's like . it's a surprise . oh that accent those first of all girl . that angle girl that everything so this . was recorded seven to eight years ago. and when i looked back to my first video . i see a very insecure young girl who has . been through a lot and has no idea what. is supposed to happen to her later on in. her life but i got bullied so much for . my height and 62 and when you're a kid. and you're anything but normal. you are weird and you get bullied on so. i got bullied a lot for my height my . weight for my face it made me so . insecure and it made me so ashamed of. myself almost that i when i started . rolling in to youtube and the makeup . community it was sort of like my it was . like my alter ego i could put all this . makeup on and become this invincible. untouchable fears and strong woman that . i never could be in real life and when i . look back at this very insecure little. face right here i wish i was there to . tell her that you know everything's . gonna be alright . oh gross you know yo ass growth get . wrinkles. what am i doing. oh i love how i almost have an english . accent midn awards circular motion . effect o'berry and i love that brand . back in the day i also think it's so . funny that i went for a green look i . have never been a huge huge like green . fan so for me to do my first video with . green eyeshadow is like girl were you . thinking . makeup had the ability to show me that . you know i didn't have to be that . bullied girl who was so insecure and. like not feeling herself at all and i . could be the strong woman as soon as i . justed that powder on and . created this crease i just i felt . invincible and that is what makes makeup . so beautiful to meet its not just to . make apart it's the part of transforming . yourself and feeling yourself and. feeling strong and invincible and like. nothing can touch you because you have. your armor on and it's not like oh my. god you have to wear layer upon layer. upon layer know but it's like this armor . of confidence and that is what makes. makeup so beautiful and amazing to me. and that makes it so much more than just. makeup . thank you for always allowing me to be. myself and for always allowing me to go. little hand with makeup every now and. then but you always were there having my . back supporting me show me warm . show me love and i literally grew up on . youtube i was 14 years old i'm 22 now i . can't imagine what kind of person i . would have been today without youtube . because it made me stronger . it made me more confident and it made me. feel good about myself. you made me feel good about myself all . right so enough blabber i'm gonna go . right onto recreating this look right . here i took inspiration from it and . apply the techniques that i know of . today and try to make it modern and of. this time of this nikki right now that. feel so much better about herself but. we've come a lot especially those brows . girl we've come a long way i definitely . encourage you tweeting your favorite . gurus who have been around for awhile to . do this as well without any further ado . if you would like to know how 28 nikki . looks like 2016 nikki in today's makeup . look then keep watching . [music]. alright so here we both are . what a freaky difference oh my god . alright baby show me what you got all . right so i already did my base and . eyebrows because i always so marlena . makeup geek do her brows and base before . filming so to me that was what i have to . do so i don't quite remember what i did . for foundation or all that stuff i do . know that my brethren hot mess . what are these eyebrows girl were to do . it i will not be recreating this . beautiful brown shade breaking and . judging by this photo i had no freaking . clue what foundation was see all that . redness i see all of people coming . through. alright yeah let's do a little dora the . explorer here as always the first thing . i'm using is exactly . to help blending later on i'm going to . grab this mac powder to set my crease . and brow bone area this is in the color . emphasize i'm going to hop into my . morphe 35o all matte palette and taking. this color as a transition color in my . crease and if there's one thing i wish i . knew sooner it is a transition color. this has really lifted my makeup game to . the next level because everything just. looks so much more blended and perfected. now going in this color right here to . build definition on the outer corners. and i'm doing this mainly to shape my i . more i have hooded eyes and seven years . ago my eyes used to be even more hooded. because i have such a huge forehead it . kind of lifted my eyes up with it a. little bit so i am thankful for that but . i've definitely learned that placing. definition on the outer corners is. really going to lift it all. i remember using this green pigment my . gosh from the drugstore for the green on . the inner third of my lid looking back . now that should had no pigment. whatsoever so today i'm going in with . this awesome amazing beautiful insane . shadow by makeup geek this is called . limelight and this is going on the inner. third of my lid this is everything i . always bring my lid colors way up to . mimic a bigger i for the center of the . living into this cosette green shadow . right here this is this is really pretty . [music]. and now going in with max them noir to . deepen that outer corner even more for . the outer corner of my lower lashline . and going back in with a darker brown we . applied in the creek and i love how . nowadays i'm not afraid to go down with . my eyeshadow on the lower lash line . before i we used to keep it really small . or nothing at all but now i smoke it out . baby . from there i'm going on with the color . that i also use as my transition color . in the crease and to really open up my. hooded eyes but i love doing is blinding . my inner corners today going in with the . jew a highlighter in the color ice for . an extra touch of yumminess and going. into this makeup geek eyeshadow on the. collar epic and use this as a smudged . outliner. and lastly for lashes i'll be using lily . lashes miami i was so scared of a pine . lashes like three years into my entire. youtube journey a little by little i . started wearing them more and more and . now i can't live without him . past mickey thank you so much for just . doing your eyes and nothing else on . camera but reminiscing of the past i . know that contouring was like what . highlighter i didn't even start wearing . highlighter to like 45 years into my . youtube journey was i was i thinking but . how times have changed so i recently . found out about this technique in one of. my videos this winter wonder weeks i'm . going to go into my redial contour . powder and this morphe brush and i'm. just going to get some of that contract . pad all and i'm going to cut my cheeks . and half for blush today i'm going to go . into jai's blossom . and for a highlighter i can't believe i . wasn't a global getter before but i . definitely am right now i can't get . enough of this this is julius ice it's . so good i'm going to go in with my sigma . f 06 brush ever lips i definitely . remember always sticking to new lips if . you've been with me since the beginning. you know that with every i look i did a . new lip and i was afraid of dark colors . brown colors bright colors it . it used to beat nude and nude only so . i'm going to panama wash to that and . keep it nude today but of course is . looking new anything you want with that . you can do read to make it super . christmas look what you can do anything . you want with it i'm gonna go in with my . tongue forward nude vanilla lipstick is . so pretty and then of course the lock it . all into play some setting spray . and that guy's concludes my video . recreating my first ever video done on. my channel and wow what a journey this . has been where i'm at right now is . something i've never even dared to even . think of even fantasize off even dream . of. i couldn't be more grateful every single . day i never take it for granted and it's . just it's crazy to me how much warmth i . feel from you on a daily basis and. especially during winter 12 week i mean . your support is coming through and i . love it so much and i love you so much . so from the bottom of my heart i want to . thank you so much for watching again. that completes day for of winter wonder . week for a full list of every single. product mentioned use go to my . description box below or naked tutorials. dot-com as always to get follow me on . twitter instagram facebook and snapchat . that all is making tutorials if you . enjoyed watching this video then please. don't forget to give it a thumbs up and. subscribe to my channel. especially now during winter wonder week. i love you and hopefully i will see you . guys tomorrow . [music]. .

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