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Erno lazlo eye mask
Dior no rinse cleanser
Sigma eyeshadow primer base in persuade
Rude cosmetics 35 eyeshadow palette- book 3
Smashbox primer water in so chill coconut
Smashbox photo finish reduce redness primer
Jouer essential high coverage foundation in honey beige
KKW concealer in #6
Palladio rice powder
Catrice sun lover glow bronzing powder in sun kissed bronze
Palladio baked bronzer in pacific tan
Benefit hoola bronzer
Benefit gold rush blush
Palladio matte blush in chic
KKW brightening powder in #2 & #3
NYX born to glow highlighter palette
Covergirl brow pencils in honey brown and soft blonde
Palladio brow styler tinted gel in light medium
Lashes are Ardell double up whispies
Col lab lip liner in
Tarte h20 gloss in sundress

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Caption: Hey guys welcome back so today we are . gonna be doing like a talk foo get ready . i have a lot of new products to share . with you guys today we have the k'kaw . concealers the brightening powders which. i purchased and finally came in so i'm . very excited about that i have this . really ginormous rude cosmetics . eyeshadow palette which i swatch the . other day and it looked really good so . want to check that out i want to try a . bunch of different things out and kind . of talk through this with you guys and . let you know about products i'm also . loving so if you're interested in . getting ready with me and just relaxing . then definitely keep watching don't . forget to hit that subscribe button . before you leave and also hit that post . notification bellow so you know when i . poke there you know when i upload a . video and yeah let's just go ahead and . get started . been 10 minutes i came on camera with . these because i wanted them to sit . before i got on camera it's just more . convenient that way but i'm gonna go . ahead and take these off so these are . the eye masks that i used you get six in . a pack so it's supposed to give . immediate results under the eyes i will . say like taking them off it feels really . cooling and like refreshed and my eyes . feel like just like they're ready to go. so this is really nice so far i'm liking . that i feel like you can't really go . wrong with the i mask and before we got . started i did go ahead and cleanse my . skin with this dior hydro life of my . stellar milk no rinse cleanser and i . just used these ulta cotton pads and i . just wiped it all over my face got any . excess makeup off and just cleanse the . skin which i love about this cuz i ran . out of my cleanser in the shower and i . was like crap i need to wash my face and . i was like oh well i have that do you . are out there that i could do before i . start filming so that's exactly what i . did i ran out of my drunk elephant day . serum so i need to get some more of that . but i did also apply my sea tango . multivitamin eye cream and then i also . tried out this origins ginseng energy . boosting gel moisturizer which does feel . really good it's not like heavy on the . skin and it has a very kandy citrus . scent like a gummy citrus is what smells. like so that's what i have prepped my . skin with first thing i'm going to do is. apply an eyeshadow primer and sigma . actually set this not too long ago it is . the eyeshadow primer base from them and . it. the persuade shade so very pretty . packaging just nice and sleep this looks . like it has kind of a pink tone to it so . that is what it looks like just looks . like a regular eyeshadow primer very . pigmented so i'm gonna ply this all over . and lend it out it feels exactly like . mac paint pot blends out really easily. and does even out the lid which i enjoy . i'm picking my eyebrows again you guys . that's why this one is like so sparse . i've got to stop doing it but like when . i'm stressed out i pick my eyebrows . let's go ahead and start with eyes this . is the rood cosmetics 35 eyeshadow . palette this is the book 3 and this was . sent to me in pr i was really excited to . test it out because there's a lot of . shades in here and these shades are like . my kind of colors is what it looks like . i figured we could do a nice warm bronzy . look of course but i can't help myself . because honestly i'm wearing this and i . just want to wear something kind of . bronzy because i also have to go out so . i don't want to get too crazy with it i . do one mentioned to one thing i've been . loving is a sonia kashuk quick clean dry . brush spray guys this is so good for . spot cleaning i'm gonna take my first . brush which is just like a flat brush . and take this shade and we're gonna put . this all over the lid i'm hoping these . perform really well because i really . like the colors in here i think this is . only like 20 21 dollars alright so now . what i'm gonna do is go in with a . blending brush and i'm going to take . this shade right here and put this into . my crease a little bit lighter than what . i was expecting . okay very light shade which is not a bad . thing but i did think it was gonna be a . little bit deeper but it's good for a . transition shade. i need this color so i'm gonna use this . one next there's no names on this . palette just fyi . reminds me of the bobby brown camel . eyeshadow like just looking at it and . i'm gonna put this in the outer v and . the crease below that first shade we. used. wow also i've had a few people ask me . lately about like what i've been doing . about my back if you haven't been . following me for long i was kind of like . struggling with back acne and i finally . just caved and went to the dermatologist . who's also tired of dealing with it and . like i got to the point where it hurt a . lot i went to the dermatologist and got . some medication and that is what i'm . using now so the medication i don't know . what it's called you should definitely . check out your dermatologist to get . prescribe something that'll fit your . needs whatever i'm using has been . working for me you know it's just been . life changing and i know that sounds . dramatic but if you haven't dealt with . it before you don't understand how . annoying it is to want to wear like a . backless top or something and just have . like this annoying breakout that won't . go away painful and it just sucked so . i'm really happy my back is like almost . completely clear and the stuff worked . like immediately and i was like why do i . have my not come to the dermatologist . and i know why it's because i'm stubborn . but yeah go to your doctor it's super . helpful and next shade that i used was . this one right here that's what i went . in with you guys can kind of see the . fallout on the shades and now what i'm . gonna do is i'm gonna go in with this. color right here . i'm just really fluffing all these into. the crease i feel like that's took the . easiest quickest look so i'm going to . take this right out here it's not as . pigmented as i thought it would be let . me try a different brush actually not . really okay that's not as intense as i . would like it to be next i'm gonna take . the very first shade or i'm into the . second shade we used which was the . transition shade and just go over the . edges of these . okay i'm gonna take a really deep kind . of purple brown in the palette and just . work this right here . i'm obsessed oh no i thought i was gonna . really like this palette i was watching . it the other day and it looked so good . but right now it's just not working for . me i'm gonna take this mac 242 brush oh . no no no no no this is just not looking . good. oh oooh oh like what happened here . it's like there's like nothing here this . could be my fault but i do not like the. way this looks so far i'm gonna take one . of shimmer shades and try to this in the . inner part. okay it's pretty . okay we're gonna remove this and start . over we're just gonna add some stuff . into the creases go ahead and take this . off those i mean that could i need to . try it out a little bit more that could . have just been me and how i was applying . everything and the colors that i used . but i am not feeling that at oh i'm not . my eyelids dry and we want to face and . then not just throw bronzer in the . crease the darker colors really weren't . as pigmented as i thought they would be . coz likes watching them they look so . pigmented but they just weren't working . for me so i'll try it out a little bit . more and let you guys know my hits and . misses because i haven't really seen too . many people talk about that anyway so i . don't know if it's just my blending . abilities but you never know it could be . me i'm gonna apply my primer first . because i love applying primer water and . then like problematic primers to my face . like i call them problematic because . they fix all my issues so i am gonna . apply these so chill coconut first i do . love the original i've gone through it . bottles of these they came out with this . scent and can't be away from it so if . you guys don't know smashbox did revamp . their packaging which is so fun they did . the same for the primer water like it . has a different font i've had it for . forever so i i noticed when they changed . it up and working with them to show you . guys this primer i'm featuring it in . this video cuz even though my redness . has gone down which is crazy if you guys . have watched me for a while my rosacea . show you speak really really bad but . it's gone down but it's good to use . something like this to kind of . counteract the rest of that redness so . that you don't have to use as much. foundation to cover up your problem . areas and even though this is a redness . reducing primer it does fill in your . pores and smooth out your texture so . it's still kind of doing the same thing . as this but has an added benefit of . reducing the redness as well so i'm . going to put this green primer on so . that's how green it is it's kind of . intimidating i feel like if you're . someone who doesn't know much about . makeup and you squirt this out you're . like what the but it's supposed to be . that green because you want it to. counteract all of this redness oh my . gosh look at that just look at it it is . so smooth on the skin it really does . tone down some of that redness i have . really intense redness here. but this just helps kind of take that . down a bit i am gonna put some right . here in the middle of my forehead about . a bang bada-boom . i don't know if you guys noticed when i . was applying it but it really did tone . down a lot of my redness which is great. and it is very very smooth what you . could do if you didn't want to put . foundation on but you have some redness . and you want to counteract it you could . just put this on and no foundation

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