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Hey it's say do you notice anything . different hey did you cut your hair i . just took out my extensions like last . week i'm actually gonna go back to. extensions later on no one cares . alright but so i'm a bit late on this . trend but you know me i however yes did . ask for it just so they're for you they . call it the swipe is you excited cuz i'm . not buying it i'm really like jessica 16 . grand 16 a magazine everyday you . basically just slide this eyeshadow . cross drive and you won't get a perfect . if you don't live in korea then . obviously you have to do international . shipping um where did i buy this from i . don't remember week or two to get here i . will make sure to link this down below . the place i bought it yeah feels like . they didn't put a lot of fall into the . packaging but whatever is so cute or . what now it's travel friendly so i like . that you don't notice that's on my thumb . huh there's a smell oh sure oh ah so . what you do is you're just gonna swipe . this across oh my gosh i just try to . keep as far as possible do you see that . the two different colors . awesomesauce so in asia they tend to . wear the darker eyeshadow neri the . waterline and then the it has a gradient . upward where it's lighter on top and . like a western makeup where they like to. have a lighter in the inner and then . darker on the outer kind of thing know . if you brush her hair they look very . like young and cute . wow okay already oh yeah i do have a . little bit of eye shadow already oh it's . probably gonna burn ready i'm gonna . start with this side first . unknowable you okay so you're just gonna . keep this close to your eye . whoa oh what i was just gonna go ahead . and go in like this to blend it a bit . because if you don't do that there's . like a literally like a rectangle yeah i . mean like a new trend i mean make sure . you don't mix up your brush some clear . comfort close your eye. [music]. like how the darker shade if it's my. eyelid like perfectly see that and then . like in the video they do like the under . parts which i'm a little scared . go ahead and oh my doing oh there is a . little bit of fallout i'm gonna go this . way because i'm with the darker color to . be on the outside prefer not to do the . bottom like it's more clean that way but . um yeah maybe if you blend it out more i . prefer like the side without the bottom . let's say you wanna darken it it does . rub on very smoothly and soft so it . makes it kind of easier to blend it out . you can even use your finger do that . yeah don't mix it up yeah that was a . very quick first impression review i . highly recommend it i give it a 10 out . of 10 . ok maybe a 9 out of 10 because they're . like when you first do it you do see the . rectangle shape it does blend out very . easily the only downside that i have my . skin tone is not peel like the . commercial girl you're not the muck the . mood the color payout came off really . vibrant for her and like very like . sparkly and you know i'm more of a . medium skin tone i'm a yellow tone the . cozy out is okay i'm not too sure if . it's going to be ends you know out there . for more copper skin tones i mean . everyday simple like it works not as . buildable and the only thing is the . price the idea of this is very . convenient if you're not into makeup and . you don't know how to put makeup on. highly recommend for beginners if you're . a makeup lover and you're like all about . makeup then you don't neither . anyway those are my final thoughts anna . i hope you enjoyed this very fast and . frozen bread i don't know if your new . jersey this thursday okay like make sure . to stop by the asian festival act the . william paterson university i will be. there for a quick meet and greet a . little q&a and a little skinny cured. double around one two three i believe . stop by give me hug likes chitchat and i . will see all of you soon don't forget to . like this video and subscribe and for . notification bell if you want to know . more snow force you better do it just . until next time. [music]. [music]. .

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