We Tried To Re-Create This Cheese-Covered Burger

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"This week Andrew and Niki cover a burger in cheese! Make sure to check out new episodes of Eating Your Feed every Saturday."
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Okay so here we are this is eating your . feed a show where our for an atom . challenges us to recreate some of the . most viral foods from the internet today . we also have our friend annie behind . camera we've actually done this before . we have and it's been a lot of fun so . today on eating your feed we're gonna be . making this cheeseburger but the cheese . is a sauce that gets dumped on top . liquid cheese as always we have rhea . who's tasty producer chef extraordinaire . andrea and i are not experts but we try . very hard so this is called the cheese . bomb at a restaurant in london called . maxwell's it's kind of getting close to . one of my other fantasies savory cereal . what a cheesy porridge that had little . hamburgers floating in it oh yeah what. is your plan for making this melty . cheese i don't know i was gonna look it . up i don't know melty cheese something . called a roux yeah like bechamel oh . really all right let's get ingredients . thanks ray . buttermilk flour to me comforting blah . blah blah mature cheddar cheese no . cheese that's the kind of cheese we'll . get adam just said isn't a bechamel plus . cheese a mornay do you have a preference . on what kind of burger you'd like to . make i prefer i never says he wants a . thick patty style thick patty style is . my specialty i also like putting avocado . on babies no fine get avocado i don't . care we're in california whatever yeah. we can do this let's go get this cheese . it's a little treat for later brioche . it's $12 a pound that's been tested so . here are gross is beef butter yellow . cheddar cheese white cheddar cheese and . backup cheese that adam made us get . packages oranges cuz they're delicious . and in season it's exceedingly regular . avogadro brioche buns buns onions . because we're gonna caramelize some. onions for our burger thick-cut bacon . without thick that is so thick some . fries and then tomatoes and some lettuce . to top our burger with i think we're . gonna make the cheese sauce first that . is this part wow . what are you doing i don't know i just . have to keep pressing it until something . happens this is a crumbly cheddar you're . a crumbly cheddar we're melting butter . stop eating it all sauce pan hmm i don't . recommend it we use warm milk but i . forgot and now adams up making the brew . so we're gonna go at this merrill oh . that looks good she sucks and we had . cheese - best bechamel that's amore cuz . it's a more a sauce you guys i don't. hear any laughs get some more name-o so . i'm just gonna keep stirring this until . it gets thick and then we'll add the . cheese stir it until it's thick that's . what i just said adding the cheese is so . much fun i'm having a hard time stopping. i think we definitely got the right . texture texture oh i shouldn't maybe you . cut these we cry let's add the onions . before the photo bird let's make her ger . patties so vibrant . you think doctors ever are like any. doctor thank you doctor no because that . would make them not sterile sometimes . when i cook onions at home like a lot of . them my cat walking in the kitchen will . be like i actually need to change this . go up cuz i touched the floor you touch . the floor patty patty your burgers are . gargantuan these are nikki's those are . mine. i like to make a lot of sounds like take . a minute no i'm doing great where's my . coffee we got bacon and we got fries . doing are you put everything in your . mouth i'm going to bake my bacon help . thick that is is the oven preheated . you're my fries and already your fries . the fries i'm gonna go put my bacon in . the oven. he's so salty today do you think these . onions are almost done neither you keep . going i like them attack juicy tomato . what beautiful produce the drownin . cheese this look very crisp the bacon . has become bacon got a crisp but it's . still jiggly good up oh smells good . we probably toasters button the same . thing actually yeah get some me on this . nice that's a nice-looking burger being . that away from the fire alarm please . aren't i just believe this yeah well . yeah. the lettuce is on the bottom and i'm . gonna put the avocado underneath that . okay . onions alright i'm coming in with a . bacon strip yeah let's top her off you . ready to jar up our cheese sauce yes . yeah i mean our burger looks really good . yeah i wouldn't be really excited to eat . that regardless yeah even if it didn't . have a giant jug of cheese on the side. so we brought rehave a create look at . what we did. let's already just look like the video . yeah good job she's getting not so warm . anymore we ready this port slowly not . gonna use all the cheese okay here we go . oh go go oh are we still eating it must . be good. why ma'am. i guess sloppy seconds here we go . nothing great brother nailed it . i wonder what else we can choose i think . we should make some more and then she's . mother's stuff all right no lumps no . lumps no lumps. oh we have a smorgasbord to cover with . cheese we have three more burgers we . have a slice of lasagna meatballs . chicken wings and brussels sprouts for . our vegetarian friends on our dessert . plate we have some burnt marshmallows . pizza chocolate bunny ice cream peanut . girl we invited some of our friends. ready yeah okay guys come on in alright . ready. [applause]. we're gonna do some more experiments you . want some lasagna. are you putting cheese on this ice cream . yeah we're about to okay so today we . made a delicious liquid cheese sauce . it's good on some things better on . others it's terrible on some i think we . nailed this cheese sauce i think we got . pretty close to the restaurants . rendition of the burger covered with. cheese i think we finally answered the . question today is there such thing as . too much cheese yeah oh yes . [music]. .
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