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Here's typically what I eat in a day! πŸ’–πŸ”₯🌈🍌🍌
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Sourdough Bread
Daiya Swiss cheese slices
Daiya Mozzerella shreds
Spinach tortillas
Whole Wheat buns
5 avocados
Spinach Spaghetti
Pesto sauce
Black Beans
Peanut Butter
Myokos Garlic Herb cheese
Extra Firm tofu
Any cut i'm rolling on my birthday wish . me hope i got some brothers that i live . me they gonna story she was friendly me . guys plan guys plan what is up guys it's . ava and i'm currently here in my kitchen . in my house that i just bought because . i'm an independent woman part three . you're really independent you know . independent woman part one and then . there's like okay i've literally never . heard that song in my life . so today we are doing a cooking show . today i was tweeting you guys and i . asked what videos you guys wanted to see . and a lot of you guys said what i eat in . a day video you guys want to know vegan . food to try out for yourself which i . think is so cool growing up i spend so . much money on school lunches and then i . kind of like added it all up and i was. like okay if i spent $5. 00 on just lunch . at school every single day i literally . could just go the grocery store pick up . a few things and make a healthier lunch . and also save money you guys have seen a . ton of videos that i've done about . cooking and school lunches that i've . done over the years on youtube but today . is all vegan it is all about being vegan . the lifestyle plant life . powered by it's not this plant that . one's name is jerry so today i'm gonna . show you guys a few things that i make . on a daily basis that are pretty much . like my go-to foods to make there are . some easy things in this video to make . and then there's some like things are . also easy but just a little bit more . gourmet for those special occasions . maybe you got a boy to impress a giraffe . a girl who knows just don't let the . police know if it's a giraffe because . that's illegal give this video a thumbs . up if you like cooking videos and . cooking shows and also leave me . calm down below letting me know what. your favorite food if you haven't . already be sure to subscribe to this . channel and if you are subscribed be . sure to hit the notification bell so you . get notified when i upload and yeah. let's do this . what happen or do looking at this video . as if guys it is chef ava here and i'm . currently here in my little apron that i . got from marshall home goods home goods . where all the old people shop and me . apparently about to get to cooking some . food for what i eat in a day and i'm . gonna make it all in one round because . you know that's how youtube works let's . make an avocado smoothie . [music]. what you will need for the avocado . smoothie is some coconut milk or soy . milk or just any vegan milk or a regular . milk you know if you're not vegan a . whole avocado you can use a half avocado . but i'm crazy so i just use a full . avocado you'll also need a single banana . kale and spinach and then to get extra . fancy what i do is i add cacao nibs i . add some maca powder and then i also add . some plant-based protein because it's. the morning and as vegans you need to . get all the protein that you can in all . the different ways and there's a lot of . really cool ways to get it so i just . like to start my morning off with a . smoothie that has a little bit of . protein inside it added some ice for . texture and you know just make it a . little bit cooler and now we're going to . blend it . [music]. so good this is the avocado smoothie and . i used a metal like kind of washable . straw so we don't ruin the environment . you know and i also added a coconut . spoon because you can also eat it kind . of like as it creamy like gelato ice . cream kind of tastes like ice cream it's . so good and it's so good for you . [music]. it's time for lunch . and we are making a hamburger when i . tell you this is the best cheeseburger . you will ever have i am not lying to you . i swear to you if you make this . correctly it will melt in your mouth and . be freaking heavenly god set hot away no . if you're not vegan this will turn you . vegan i like that confident in it it's . that good okay you are going to need . these sweet earth mediterranean patty . mediterranean don't get the teriyaki one . i've never tried it so i can't vouch for . it. daya swiss cheese slices and avocado and . if you made avocados smoothie in the. morning then this can be like the other . half of the avocado if you only used . half a tomato some spinach and the . hamburger bomb okay so first thing we're . gonna do is turn the oven on to 365 . degrees because we're gonna toast the . buttons because we're fancy like that . and then we're just gonna get to . building a hamburger this is better than . a krabby patty. oh the secret formula . [music]. can it be true can you make a vegan . hamburger that tastes like heaven . [music]. yeah pretty much every single day of my . life i drink at least two cups of tea a . day i've always been a tea drinker like . literally growing up in high school . freshman year like my grandma would . always make lipton tea and the lipton . tea was like so nasty. that i'd added lemon juice to it and . basically just drink hot lemon juice . lipton tea just made me feel so good . inside. so still to this day i drink pretty much . like two cups of tea a day and the tea . that i usually go to is this lemon . ginger tea i did loose leaf tea for a . really long time but i've just been . really lazy and really busy lately so . i've kind of gone back to like the . packet teeth packet tea is this lemon . ginger won by yogi so yes good tea sips . the tea but this is good tea this is . healthy team positivity . [music]. so for dinner i usually do a variety of . like a few different things pretty much . every night for dinner when i cook it . consists of vegetables some sort of . starch or some sort of carb lots of . carbs we love the carbs and then some . form of protein and the protein is . usually black beans i love black beans . black beans are so freakin good they . taste like heaven on earth and honestly . they don't make you poop or far means . the musical fruit but honestly people . say like beans make you fart and i feel . like every bean makes me fart except for . black beans black beans are the homie so . basically if you come to my house and . you check my pantry there will be like . 80 cans of black quinoa this is boil in . a bag quinoa i'm probably you know it's . probably not the healthiest you can get . it at your local grocery store at the . boil in a bags ten minutes i like it . don't judge me i don't care when a fire . starts to burn right and it starts to . spread she gonna bring it out to home no . with you like it water's boiling so i'm . gonna add it boil in a bag quinoa that's . what it looks like it's that simple . right now i'm just like and then finally . i'm just going to cut up this broccoli . and start to boil it i love broccoli . broccoli used to be like oh can't lose . the broccoli. [music]. so just finished my quinoa black beans. and broccoli bowl now i basically add a . ton of spices go into my spice section i . like to add literally everything to my . food human black pepper for sure ooh. basil leaves literally have spices for . days for this i'm gonna add cumin of . course a ton of black pepper and then . oregano so good dinner of champions that . is so good looking . yes. [music]. so yeah that is all of my recipes for . this video. of course there's tons of other things . that i eat on the daily basis these are . just a couple things that i like to go . to but there's so many things that i . like to go to every single week . everything's different it's not like i . eat the same food breakfast lunch and . dinner for like 30 days i was one she's . just like a little nugget right now if . you want me to do a video that is more . healthy recipes if this isn't healthy . enough for you and you want a video with . like even more healthy vegan recipes let . me know in the comments down below or if . you want a video with even more . unhealthy vegan recipes that are still . good and tasty let me know in the . comments and below too because i have . recipes for every occasion and yeah that . is what i eat in a day one day not every . day but one day so that is it for this . video be sure to give this video a big . thumbs up and leave me a comment down . below letting me know your favorite food . mine might be tacos i'm not sure if you . guys liked any of the food in this video . and if you create any of it please send . me a picture tag me on instagram and tag . me on twitter so i can see a recreation . also all my social media will be linked . down below so go make sure to follow me . on instagram twitter all that fun stuff . will be in the description box this is . my instagram it's lit this is my twitter . it's lit and that is it for this video i . love you guys so much and i'll see you . next week know drink your water stay . hydrated and stay woke . [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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