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Halloween is coming up! Who else is going as a Zombie this year?! All you need is liquid latex, tissue paper, and fake blood to look like a Zombie Barbie! Haha!
I was inspired by the sfx makeup artist on The Walking Dead.
Watch my Barbie Transformation Tutorial:
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Blog post about fake blood and gore
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How to Be a Heartbreaker
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How to Be a Heartbreaker
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Caption: Prelim thought a good. . . yeah. . . all the fun to watch the moon. . . hey what's going on. . . i don't know which once carriers. regardless i'm going to show you how to. . . create both looks. . . first thing first get your hair out of. your face because we're going to beat. . . your mug and let's go straight to the. eyes. . . i recommend starting out with a white. cream base and apply this on your lids. . . this will help create a perfectly blank. canvas for your eye shadows. . . when you're done add white powder to set. the cream so it doesn't smudge. . . what now take your hot pink eyeshadow. color and with your brush apply this. . . color on the hollows of your eyes take a. true blue color and apply this along the. . . outer third of your eyes then sweep the. color in a window wiper motion across. . . the lid and just blend away. . . really. . . oh and from here just keep layering the. colors until you feel like a drag queen. . . just kidding you want to make sure to. add the pink color on the centre village. . . this will help your eyes look more. animated when you're trying to go for a. . . barbie look you can never go wrong with. white hot pink and blue because it's a. . . foolproof color combination for the. perfect barbie look. . . don't forget to line your waterline with. white to help open up your eyes more for. . . dolly looking eyes. . . bust out your matte liquid liner and. line your eyes i like to start around. . . the outer edge of my eyes and then i. like to connect the line. . . try not to make your line to think or. else it might cover up the pink color on. . . your lives. . . afterwards use a black pencil eyeliner. to tightline your eyes so that your. . . lashes appear fuller looking. . . it's time to curl your lashes because we. have to barbie them out. . . apply generous coats of your favorite. volumizing mascara and both the top and. . . bottom lashes. . . nothing really that. . . do it. . . and then apply the most. ridiculous-looking flirty fake lashes. . . you can find the more ridiculous-looking. the better. . . really. . . oh. . . do though and if you really want the. full barbie effect. . . show your bottom lashes some love and. add your push-up bra for the lashes here. . . yeah. . . and now that you're done with the eyes. we can start creating perfect plastic. . . looking skin which means you have to. conceal dark circles blemishes broken. . . vessels redness wrinkles if it's not a. barbie space. . . erase it the prima donna live to rise. and fall to say. . . it's always moving onto contrary i'm. going to take a concealer color that's a. . . few shades lighter than my skin color. and highlight the high points on my face. . . which means the bridge of my nose and. cheekbones and now just blend away. . . yeah. . . next step use powder to set the makeup. so it doesn't smudge keep your face as. . . mad as possible. . . you. . . and now it's time for barbie's hair. . . tell you. . . and here i have my plastic fantastic. platinum blonde hair. . . if you want to look more like a doll try. and find a way with bangs and here using. . . coastal scents blush palette take the. pink blush color and add this on your. . . cheeks. . . we want your cheeks to look like it's. blushing. . . ok time to contour using a color that. three shades darker than your skin color. . . add dimension to your face. . . moving on to the lips using nyx lip. gloss and of course it has to be pink. . . apply this on your lips make sure that. your lips are perfectly sculpted in if. . . you have full lips like myself. . . try and size and down just a bit this. will help make your eyes appear larger. . . and more be like what. . . in real life i apply context on before. wearing makeup. . . but for this video i like to do it after. because you can really see the. . . transformation better. . . moving on to my favorite part pulling it. up with fake diamonds and jewels but we. . . can pretend that it's real in this video. . . and now it's time for the finishing. touch. . . at least i think i do wanna be a bottle. blonde. . . i don't know since i need my nose to. look a little more pointy. . . i'm going to use his old fashioned trick. i know this looks a little weird but. . . what i'm doing here is i'm actually. inserting nose and answers inside my. . . nostrils to push out my nose so that it. looks more . here's my real nose and. . . here's the fake nose back to the. realness a walk. . . yeah that's not creepy at all. . . pretty methodical if you want to look. like the perfect zombie barbie liquid. . . latex tissue paper and fake blood will. be your best friend with regular tissue. . . paper start peeling one sheet apart. until you have three thin sheet or two. . . sheets. . . this is a very important step rip the. tissue paper into long sheets but make. . . sure the edges are rough and jagged. because this is going to help simulate. . . ripped flesh. . . now that your tissue paper is ripped up. get a sponge that you're not going to. . . miss and dip it in your liquid latex and. from here you want to find your. . . make-believe wound area and apply the. liquid latex there and very quickly. . . apply the first layer of tissue paper. here. . . me using the same sponge dipped in. liquid latex. . . damn it down until it's wet again i. really recommend looking at photos of. . . zombie bites and watching zombie movies. to really get yourself in the mood for. . . this because if you don't like zombies. and maybe you shouldn't do this and then. . . apply another sheet orvis three to four. layers of tissue paper should do the. . . trick and it's not a bad idea to have a. make-believe story on how and where the. . . zombie bit you. . . so i'm gonna put another one on my neck. . . yeah. . . just wait for the liquid latex to dry a. bit and just paint foundation over it so. . . it blends with your skin. . . don't apply too much or else oh look a. little too fake just add a little bit of. . . foundation color so it's not too white. looking because we're going to cover it. . . up with blood anyways as you're waiting. for your make-believe learn to drive. . . even more you want to start decomposing. yourself with makeup darkening and. . . blacking out your eyes will instantly. give you a creepy factor. . . . . win. . . is it. . . you want. . . nothing now that my liquid latex is dry. . . it's time to cut it open serious note. here be very very careful when you're. . . doing this because you can actually cut. yourself if you're not too careful with. . . a pair of scissors just start cutting. open your wound. . . if you really want to play it safe use. tweezers instead of scissors for this. . . perfect. . . now i have ripped flesh. . . and now you can start adding gourd to. this by using a mixture of brown red. . . black and purple make up wherever the. wound is deepest should have the darkest. . . colors to wash the channel it all the. prima donna live. . . rise and fall to say that. . . alright guys i think this is probably. one of the few makeup tutorials where. . . i'm telling yourself it's okay to make. yourself look ugly. . . since barbies perfect-looking it's. actually hilarious to make her look like. . . she's rotting away. . . and if you're bad at makeup no worries. zombie makeup is very forgiving. . . this is the only time advocating that. it's okay to have raccoon eyes and from. . . here you can start painting on your. blood can add a little bit of brown and. . . black to the blood to make it look like. its oxidized and disgusting an old you. . . want to make more rooms and tear your. fake latex flesh. . . here i'm just tearing my fake latex. flesh. . . and it's even more fun when you're. adding the good step to this wound area. . . remember guys use a combination of black. brown red and purple and if you want to. . . look even more disgusting add green. . . all right if you really want to look. like you're dead add white dead contacts. . . wow i look like a hot mess if you want. to take it up a notch start painting. . . veins on your face and neck of a near. the better. . . this is the best part adding gore and. blood. . . this right here is thick black and i'm. adding it to my wound. . . notice how it sticks on better and it. looks like i have bits of muscle and. . . adipose tissue sticking out. . . you honestly it looks like barbecues us. the juicier you make your wounds. . . the better. . . been from the start. . . and if you happen to have leftover juicy. blood. . . add this to your hair for the finishing. touch drumroll drumroll. . . mmm blood a glass a day keeps the doctor. away. . . you want to take your fake blood and add. this on top of your wounds. . . don't be shy with this stuff guys. because you get to do this once a year. . . and don't feel bad if you think this. looks ugly people will remember you over. . . all the girls dressed in skimpy. halloween costumes. . . why because you're going to scare the. crap out of them. . . yeah. . . good luck happy on me and if you need. your can check out the others video. . . no but seriously good luck showering. because your bathtub. . . it's gonna look like a crime scene music. by marina and the diamonds. . . prima donna girl how to be a. heartbreaker teen idol and valley of the. . . dolls. .

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