8 Water Bottle Gadgets from GearBest

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What's up everybody welcome back to my . laboratory safety is number one priority. and today i'm going to put to the test . eight water bottles from gearbest also . gearbest. com has pretty good deals i put . all the links in the description to . every gadget that i'm going to put to . the test today alright let's get to it . for the first gadget i got here polar . mix the original vertex mixer so if you . go to the gym and you like to mix up . your bought in or if you take those . fiber packs all sets need to be mixed up . really well so i'm going to do it with . the fiber box open that up put my fiber . in in there then i'm gonna fill it up . with water . boom i like that it tells me the millet . liters over here okay let's see if it's . going to spill any water nothing so how . do we mix all that firepower now all we . have to do is just press this button . right here look at that this is like . science experiment in itself this is so . cool let me wipe it off the water is . cold actually all you have to do just . press it and it's going to spin it until . you turn it off and now this water is . definitely mixed up with fiber or . whatever that you're going to put the . powder in that you need to mix it up . perfect mixing bottle and now you can . just open it and drink out of it so you . don't have to spend five minutes shaking . it up wait till all the powder dissolves . a very cool idea i've never seen . anything like that for the next water . bottle it's also very unique one i never . seen anything like that so it's going to . be included into the list let's see what . it's all about it called pill and. vitamin organizer i always take the fish . oil vitamins and sometimes i forget so . with this thing i'll forget did i take . it or i didn't take it that way it will . also will remind me to take one . so all it is is little component months. boom. you put your item in cilia one at the . time and look the fish oil is huge and . it can fit fish oil no problem . nice now i can just close them all up . fill this thing up with water and look . there is little legs over here so you . can put it like that and it's not going . to all the way that's a great idea koi . and also you will need water to swallow . this white term especially this big fish . oil ones so i take one out close it and . then i spin it out take my vitamin . perfect i love that this vitamin . organizer included with water so that . way i don't need to go and make myself a . cup of water it's already all together . so that way after i go eat i have this . with me i just take it away pretty cool . idea i like it for the next water bottle . this is a water bottle but on the bottom . over here it's a lemon juicer or won't . use pretty much any citrus juicer that . you can put in let's open it up and see . what this thing is all about . boom whoa a lot of the yellow nice i . like this holder also i can hang it on. my backpack or something and let's twist . this open and this is won't talk about . this is like a juicer right here and . it's takes apart into three pieces so i . got here lemon let's put it to the test . so first of all we'll have to cut the . lemon in half then i filled it up the . water bottle to this line we're going to . open this part and then squeeze the . lemon inside there wow very nice look at . that all that juice goes inside maybe a . little bit more nice all that lemon is . juiced up then i can close it and you . see sits stays inside here you can wash . it off later . boom and then you can mix it up and you . got yourself lemon water that's a great . idea i love that a lot for the next . water bottle gadget this is that . probably my favorite cuz i definitely . never seen anything like this let's open . it up boom . look at that it's like a mini blender . but you can drink out of it you cannot . drink out of the blender but this is a . blend of water bottle . let's take piece off right here let me . take it apart and you got yourself right . here they are blender this pot goes on . like that . and you see on the inside there is a . blade and also it's a chargeable i . adhered usb port and it comes with a . little wire you actually want to chop . this up in a smaller pieces so that way . it can blend it well that's what you . pretty much have to do to a blender. anyways as well then you're gonna cut an . apple a piece of apple why not i love . apple juice stick all that stuff in . there should a little bit of apple put a . kiwi in there as well they go let's put. everything back on and we got ourselves . a juice cup okay let's turn it on see . what happens. [music]. you have to give it a minute maybe . sometimes even shake it up and then it's . going to start spinning and mulch . everything up. [music]. this is actually turned out to be a . smoothie. [applause]. okay let's do a taste test and see what . desert tastes very healthy you can add . milk or water now when i make smoothie i. usually add a bunch of berries and a . little bit of milk so that we can spin . easy but this is a definitely a good . smoothie i probably want to drink it . with the store definitely never seen a . blender then kick up at the same time . that's a mind blowing also if i take off . this top cop you see the blade is . exposed if i press it you see it's not . going to spin the cup have to be back on . for it to work for the next water bottle . gadget it comes inside of it with a . infuser water . infuser i actually been wanting to get . one of this a long time ago oh this . pulls out like that boom next what i'm . gonna do is cut up myself a little bit . of lemons and put them in there all set . says i can infuse strawberries in there. just two will be enough boom looks good . now i'm just gonna fill it up with water . and then we're going to stick our . infuser now boom check this out you can . shake it up you got yourself water . infused with lemons stoppers and tv . looks beautiful it's so appetizing to . drink water like that then we can open . this part delicious let's go about this . infuser you don't have to worry about . food species clogging this entrance or . getting pieces of foods into your mouth . love that idea and actually i never had . infused water bottle water tastes so . much better like this all of it for the . next gadget we got here another water . bottle infuser. but a lot different design let's see. what this one is all about looks like a . water bottle . on the bottom right here there is a . buttom let's see what it do . now i'm going to open this side and this . is what i do right here every time we . press it this compartment opens all . right here there is actually description . so this button is made to adjust . concentration of whatever you add so . let's say i want few pieces of lemon. into my water we're going to put these . lemons into here then we're going to put . it into the water bottle and close it up . now let me show you what happens when i . press this button you see there is . bubble come out so i'm gauging . the water flow in and out from there so . that's why it gets more or less lemony . right here you can open it so the water . flows in and out look at that but if i . close it you see water doesn't flow in . and out or if i don't want to . concentrate with lemon anymore can just . close it that's a super unique water . bottle as well and for the next water . bottle i have to include it because this . one will keep your doing cut during the . winter and cold during this summer i . will like the locket here then you . person open boom. and it's really closeted tight so that . way there is no heat or cold will escape . and the last incan cup i love this one a . lot a lot canon and this is a canon . dayton cup but not regular thinking cup . it includes the mixer then you got . yourself hot chocolate right now during . the winter i love hot chocolate when . it's cold look how much days we need to . dissolve it all at once i got here . boiled water put it in there and now you . see there is still a lot of powder does . not get mixed now what you do it here. one enough that's so cool it's a korea . lenses. and now check this out oh one thing you . don't want to do is don't overfill the . cup. i think i put a little bit too much . water but now i know. i can watch this all day it's so funny . and if you want to get it to go on a big . deal. you can just cover it up and take it to . go . alright guys that's pretty much it let . me know in comments below which kochak . was your favorite thank you for watching . don't forget to subscribe and i'll see . you next time by the way don't forget to . check out all those products links in . the description . .
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