Don’t Boil Your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola!

I decided to drop a brand new iPhone 6 in some boiling Coca-Cola. The results made my house smell like smoke for 2 hours. I would NOT recommend trying this at home! Enjoy the test!
What is up guys tack racks here soon. this video i have a brand new iphone . . here fully working. . . here's the back let me unlock it and. we're going to be doing something really. . . cool to this phone. . . we're going to be boiling this but not. in just some regular water in some. . . coca-cola's and great refreshing look at. santa coca-cola if you guys have never. . . seen what happens when you boil this. . . you guys are going to be in for a treat. so basically while this is going to be. . . added boiling peek i'm gonna throw this. in we're going to start around see what. . . happens. . . so without any further ado guys let's go. ahead and do this. . . ok guys so we have the coke finally look. at this state it's it's like syrup super. . . thick. . . although most of the water it has. evaporated and this is just all the. . . sugar and the starch and we're going to. go ahead and put the iphone 6 right in. . . here just taking a look again very very. thick almost slimy good type of thing. . . so let's go ahead here's the iphone guys. one more time. . . i guess i could put record i don't know. if it would really matter but let's just. . . do it anyways. . . so here it is guys. . . oh yeah look at that. . . it's it's absorbing it there's the check. temperature warning sign. . . and it's almost eating it up. . . look at that it's all covered now we're. just going to go ahead and take this. . . spoon. . . oh man because i heard it solidifies to. afterwards so just flipped it over and. . . look at this stuff. . . oh yeah so tasty. . . let's flip it again one more time. . . look at the the sides they. . . it looks looks purple are almost like. cherry red or orange. . . it almost changes like changes colors. that is really weird and it's like. . . molten lava. . . oh yeah. . . ok guys check this out i stopped the. heat and look at this look at all of. . . that. . . oh man it's like charcoal. . . i so black and iphone i can't even touch. the iphone because it's solidifying. . . there it goes. . . coke covered iphone. . . oh man this is this is dope. . . oh ok ok. . . why is the smoke yellow this is really. weird. . . yeah beautiful beautiful iphone i love. it. . . show you guys every possible angle here. and what is going on here and all that. . . smoke coming from the inside of the. iphone as well. . . ok guys so here's the final iphone . . you can see the coke is completely. absorbed into the phone and i've managed. . . to peel some of it out and i'm going to. try and do that with the rest so as you. . . guys can see right here we go like that. it does peel off so i'm gonna go ahead. . . and try and pull all this off and then. we'll see how to put phone looks like. . . from there. . . ok guys so final results of this iphone. 6 you can see i actually tried to scrape. . . most of this coke off but i can confirm. to you guys this phone no longer works. . . surprisingly the home button i can still. press that but all the side buttons that. . . are just glued in together can see the. screen is popping right off and actually. . . try to plug that in but it wouldn't fit. but here's just another closer look guys. . . thank you guys for watching and as. always. . . peace out. .
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