Don’t Drop Your iPhone 6S in Hot Lava!

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What happens if you drop your rose gold iPhone 6S in molten hot lava? Time to find out!
Sorry about the wind noise in the background, it felt like 200 degrees on those rocks, my body was burning, and it was a cloudy day.
What is up guys secretaries from this. video i've got a gold or rose gold. . . iphone 6s here fully working as you can. see 16 gigabytes unlocked and we're in. . . the middle of some sort of i don't think. this plan and warm but not too sure but. . . guys what we're going to be doing today. is we are going to be putting this. . . iphone success in some molten lava. . . straight up lava and we're going to see. if it survives guys so this is going to. . . be a pretty interesting video again. fully working 6s and let's see how this. . . thing done now guys before i do that. actually a lot of commercials i don't. . . know about you about fan to like i've. seen a lot of those commercials and i. . . felt like you know maybe to get some. symbolic joy out of a lot of this video. . . alone. . . i'm gonna go ahead and destroy this app. along with of course the phone and. . . everything on it. . . so this is a definitely going to eat. some of my misery for this video and so. . . let's go ahead and do this. . . ok guys so here's the iphone success is. going to flip it over just make sure. . . this is the rose gold legit working a. lot again. . . and here's some lava way over there so. let's go ahead and this is so hot guys i. . . i yeah there's the item. . . go ahead and not here we go we're good. . . you can see it on let's go ahead and see. what happens guys. . . oh sh so it's about to eat it up. . . as you can see the glow guys i'm saying. i'm shaking so much right now it's. . . pretty much have we eaten that it gives. us the game which maybe you can poke it. . . out. . . i don't think so so as you can see guys. is almost completely over a you want to. . . get the stick maybe if you eat it up. . . almost yeah probably. . . a little bit all it's starting to catch. on fire oh shit that's hard and that's. . . hard and all. . . oh it's on fire some fire all dude you. gotta let me go to check that out no no. . . yeah your community it's completely. burning. . . it's completely burning. . . i can't even breathe yeah sorry guys my. hands are super shaky the hot and the. . . fumes are just straight in my face. straighten my arms and learning oh sure. . . he's taking it out and all. . . it's going to take a closer look guys. it's not a survivor. . . it's like it turns on not get i'm. kidding guys but look at that you have. . . some yellow and just listen let's go. ahead and you can let me go ahead and. . . try to meet you guys are close to assume. up and there you go guys here is pretty. . . much the entire iphone success right. there. . . they try to open it up maybe there's a. hell of a super hot super i ya know. . . oh ok look at that battery though yeah. . . ok so let's go ahead and actually just. drop it back in there forget about this. . . thing is we're not going to carry the. back and look a little piece right here. . . do these things so hard all yeah that. thing is pretty much done with guys now. . . very in there. . . at least seventy-five percent of the way. or just gonna push it in there is this. . . year. . . check that out it's in there yet it's an. area so that is pretty much it guys. . . ok guys so that was the destruction now. i know i was cracking on fanduel but i. . . got to be honest i play the game a lot. it's pretty awesome. . . it's actually fanduel is the original. one-day fantasy football site for real. . . money with immediate cash payments and. no season long commitment so you don't. . . have to spend a ton of money you get. that excitement of drafting a new team. . . any day. . . you're not locked into your pics for a. whole season so here is actually my. . . iphone 6 here that i did not burn and. you can use my promo code tech racks. . . which i will use in the description you. can get a 2 up to a two hundred dollar. . . deposit match the guys take advantage of. all the links in the description guys. . . here's the iphone 6 guys the iphone 6s. is having a little sleep some more. . . wait over there guys so that is pretty. much it thank you guys for watching its. . . always stay tuned for more videos. .
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