Don’t Ever Burnout on an iPhone 6S!

So I wanted to test the heat build-up of a burnout on a brand new iPhone 6S. The result surprised me.
What is going on guys tack racks here so. this video i've got an iphone 6s. . . this is the rose gold again of course. and this is a flawless device here i'm. . . going to show you guys the imei just the. show you guys it's a completely legit. . . device. . . everything is fully working here's all. the information and we're going to be. . . putting this thing in this insert right. there and having this italian pocket. . . bike do some burning out so with these. racing slicks is going to be very. . . interesting to see how well this gorilla. glass 4 is going to stand up to this. . . tire so very interesting let's go. straight into this. . . ok guys success right here and i just. want to show you guys one quick thing. . . here before we get into this here's the. 3d touch feature a lot of you guys have. . . asked for me to do this on the success. just for further evidence that this is a. . . completely legit success so as you see. everything is working show you guys the. . . information so let's go ahead and put it. in here and make sure it's completely. . . secure. . . so it's nice and fit again. . . let's go ahead and do this let me press. make sure completely showing the. . . different apps. . . i. . . check this out. . . so as you can see i'm gonna try it still. works let's go ahead and pop this thing. . . out of here. . . so just want to show you guys check this. out. . . this is all rubber right here and let me. go and look at this still works. . . i can move the abs really fluently let's. go ahead and go with the safari there's. . . google. . . alright guys so just the final results. of this success this is pretty intense i. . . want to show you guys a close up of. everything. . . so you can see there everything is. completely functional to the point where. . . it's a completely working phone i was. able to charge it but you can see the. . . issue is right here with the lcd and. then the entire rubber on along the. . . right side is completely pretty much i. can probably clean it off and take it. . . out but as you can see right there. . . but that left a pretty crazy imprint. . . so just another close-up who seems like. it's not. . . well world. . . okay there we go so it is working and. just another close-up in full detail and. . . that is pretty much it guys so thank you. guys for watching as always stay tuned. . . for more videos and you know it. . . peace out. .
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