iPhone 5S in Liquid Nitrogen Freeze Test!

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Hey guys tech racks here so right here. with me i have an apple iphone 5s this. is the gold one. i also have with me some liquid nitrogen. yes this is the real deal and i do want. to let you guys know i also have flappy. bird this was the latest updated version. i had it on my phone for a while before. god removed and i can't believe i'm. doing this delicious have a moment of. silence because it will forever be gone. on this phone. okay that's that's enough alright guys. so i'm going to i'm actually going to go. ahead and just play three hours of. campfire. i guess and let's do this guy's. it is. still playing. ok. well you just splashed on me. wow i think it's been about 30 sec ah. there it goes man that's the black. screen of death right there guys. let's just keep it in here for a little. bit longer and then we're going to go. ahead and see how it looks like from. there. alright guys so it's been going on like. this for about 10 minutes i'm actually. going to edge the little bit more by the. container here. let's just do this. probably a little too much. alright guys so now i'm going to go. ahead and take the iphone out and i have. one of these. that didn't help at all. it's going to take there it is guys. threw it over to get oh whoa. all right let's take this out and you. guys can see. that it's pretty much just. it's frozen and i gotta say you can see. the crease right here. the lining against the two parts the. front in the back like it's coming apart. like that's my clock by the way ignored. oh. i guess that's what happens when it's. too cold as well you guys can see this. is all just glass and this doesn't. normally happen when it's cracked when. the screen is just a cracks you know you. see you see the just the kind of crack. lines but pieces of glass like this. i got to say that's pretty cool. so here it is guys probably shouldn't do. that out. just try one more time. and there it is guys. also guys real quick i want to mention a. cool app out there called hot or not and. what hot or not enables you to do is. basically rates at and interact with. other people. i'm here you have the option either sign. in with facebook or you can create an. account. so once you go ahead and sign in to hot. or not lll show you a random picture of. on the opposite gender and then you have. the option you know. skip or you know hard or whatever and. then you can chat on from there anything. that's the entire purpose of this app. link will be in the description guys if. you're interested again very simple just. rating people and then going on from. there so thanks for watching guys that's. pretty much it. and peace out. .
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