iPhone 6 Dropped Inside a Lava Lamp!

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What happens when a 24K Gold iPhone 6 is submerged in a huge lava lamp? Don't try this at home!
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Song: Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]
What is up guys tech racks here so right. here we have a massive 27 inch lava lamp. . . this is one of the biggest ones you can. get in stores you can see just compared. . . to my hand. . . how big it really is and we're going to. try. . . sure you guys already know drop this. iphone 6 128 gigabytes this is actually. . . the 24 karat one it's a little bit rough. looking you know scratched up from that. . . scratched as but fully working and we're. gonna see how this works you know just. . . dropping it directly underneath like. that as it floats around in this alcohol. . . wax whatever this stuff is so without. any further ado guys let's go ahead and. . . do this. . . ok guys so here's the iphone 6 we can. finally do this. . . it took me a while to finally get. everything ready and that's because the. . . iphone was too big it would not fit so. we can you can actually see i took a. . . hammer and we broke all the glass on top. so i can actually fit in just perfectly. . . right there because before you know it. was just too big. . . so again we're just going to let it drop. i'm going to play a song just to test. . . the you know the sound quality while. it's being submerged and let's go ahead. . . and do this again fully working and. here's the lava lamp. . . let's do this so here's the song. . . just some no copyright music. . . it's all the way up. . . come up. . . let's just let's just wait let's just. wait for the base of job just went away. . . for the drop. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . forget it just gonna do it. . . oh wow that. . . our opens heating up iran but i know. that this stuff is really really really. . . hot and you can see is dripping still. playing the song though. . . and let's try and check out the back. . . i can't really see but that's the way it. landed. . . cool there's bubbles coming out. . . whoa whoa. . . music stopped. . . ok guys. . . yeah. . . you just hurt see pop we try to pour. this over to get the iphone . . so this is not an environment you want. to be in and still actively flowing. . . ok guys i don't know what's happening to. the phone but you can see it's like. . . blinking orange and that is the phone so. that is a very word here i hope this. . . thing does not explode. . . we're just waiting and trying to see how. we can pour all of this out on the. . . ground and get that phone to see you. know what happened to it and you can see. . . it's been here for about six or so. minutes and it's just blinking and. . . flashing so what is this what is it. doing i have no idea. . . as far as i'm concerned i don't know of. any sensors on the top maybe it's just. . . that goo itself but you can see it's. kind of the jello or the wax itself is. . . kind of slow down. . . oh that thing is going to explode so. . . i don't know it's still plugged in it. still turned on and i'm gonna keep. . . filming. . . oh i got it. . . step away and i'm going to try and. hopefully get this out within the next. . . few minutes. . . ok so here is the iphone 6 alien birth. still gold so gold hasn't you know. . . disappeared or anything. . . and does it turn on it doesn't but i. will run this through cold water just to. . . see you know if any miracle can happen. . . so that's the iphone 6 guys in the lava. lamp and for now thanks for watching. . . guys and stay tuned for more videos. . . as always guys you know it peace out. .
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