iPhone 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3GS vs 3G vs 2G Drop Test!

Out of every generation iPhone product Apple has ever produced, which one proves to be the strongest? Watch as I drop test every single device!
Hey guys zac rexer so in this video i. have a drop test for you guys. . . unlike anything i've ever done before. we're going to be dropped testing every. . . generation iphone now we're talking. about the 2g 3g 3gs 4 4 s 5 5 c 5 as . . and 6 plus now all of these devices are. in near mint condition there's no cracks. . . no kind of scuffs or nicks on any of the. corners all the devices are going to be. . . dropped twice once on their sides. . . this is primarily because nine out of. ten times you know a device is going to. . . land on its corner. . . it's it's it's just bound to happen. sorry that's my clock but the second. . . drop is going to be the front-facing. drop now this is really just to test out. . . the screens durability which is kind of. important i don't really see the need. . . for any other drops besides us a good. nice you know side drop any front-facing. . . drop. . . so we're going to go straight from the. 2g down to the 6 plus very interesting. . . to see which one will be the strongest. but let's just go straight into these. . . guys and we'll find out. . . so first things first we have apples. very first iphone 2g. . . so let's go straight into dropping this. and see what happens. . . drop test in 3 2 . . iphone 2g side drop test one minor nick. on the bottom left hand corner. . . nothing too big i see some minor. markings already just on the sides in. . . general but phone still seems to be. working perfectly fine no cracks from. . . facing drop test in 3 2 . . iphone 2g did not survive the. front-facing drop test as you can see. . . shatters all around the screen looks. like something is glitched with the. . . volume rockers because it's a it's it's. giving me a full ringtone our full blast. . . but i'm trying to scroll down here. . . it's it's going back up so we can see. that something is up with this phone. . . iphone 3g side drop test and three two. one. . . just one minor nick on the lower right. hand corner of the phone. . . nothing else to affect the functionality. of the device everything working. . . perfectly fine back looks flawless from. looks flawless. . . that's going to the front facing draw. iphone 3g front-facing drop test in . . 21 from facing drop test iphone 3g was. pretty much totaled huge shards. . . everywhere. . . let's move on iphone 3gs i drop test in. 3 2 . . nothing too major with the iphone 3gs i. drop test just a minor neck just like. . . the previous actually the 2g and 3g. . . so let's go straight to the front facing. drug iphone 3gs front-facing drop test. . . in 3 2 . . so that from facing drop test one minor. hairline crack its of hardly noticeable. . . on the very top kind of matches with the. black part of the phone so its it's. . . pretty much unnoticeable but everything. still works perfectly fine note major. . . cracks of course you had a few markings. on the corners just the general scuffs. . . that happened from the drop. . . but other than that fully functional. device iphone four side drop test in 3 . . . . you can see from the side drop test for. the iphone 4i got like a three major. . . hairline crack thing going on on the. back of the device. . . it's it's fairly noticeable this is just. from a regular side drop and then of. . . course you have the usual kind of nick's. on a at least this corner. . . so let's go into the front facing drug. iphone 4 front-facing drop test in three. . . two one major cracks along the entire. front side of the screen that pretty. . . much really did it kind of increase the. crack line on the back as well. . . iphone 4s side drop test in 3 2 . . see this iphone 4s i drop test suffered. pretty much nothing. . . i mean no cracks as far as the glass is. made on the back no cracks or hair lines. . . or anything. . . i don't even see any markings or scuffs. on any of the corners which is kind of. . . surprising like okay i could see a few. little minor just a very minor marking. . . the pretty much completely flawless. . . just as if it were before iphone for us. from facing drop test in 3 2 . . so the iphone 4s is actually rebooting. itself or something after the. . . front-facing drop test. . . i haven't seen this in any of the. devices before. . . as you can see drop was a drop occurred. and then apple logo was initiated so i'm. . . not exactly sure what's what's going on. inside of it but you can even see a few. . . things chipping off the oh ok there we. go. . . so looks like it still works as far as i. know but in very very terrible condition. . . but the back back survived. . . so let's go straight into the next. device. . . so now we have the side drop test for. the original iphone . . let's go and do this in three two one. . . so as you guys can see nothing too major. at all. . . again i can't really see any thing. significant at all. . . maybe a few little tiny scratches on. this corner right here on the left but. . . with the white at the it really does. blend in so it's nearly impossible to. . . see the back looks fine the front looks. fine. . . that's going to the front facing drop. iphone 5 from facing drop test in 3 2 . . so from facing drop test iphone 5 did. crack shatters everywhere device still. . . works not too surprised the mean it was. a complete dead on pretty much from. . . facing you know concrete hit but you. know that it is what it is. . . let's go straight to the next device. iphone 5c side drop test we're going to. . . do this in three two one. . . so it looks like the iphone 5c did. survive the side drop test looks like. . . mostly do these devices are actually not. cracking when being dropped on their. . . sides at all. . . mostly it's just being the front but. let's go straight into the front-facing. . . drop test as you can see this just a. minor nick there. . . nothing too major at all but let's see. what happens in this next draw. . . iphone 5c from facing drop test we can. do this in three two one. . . so we can see from facing and drop test. ruined this phone as well. . . shadows everywhere phone still works. perfectly fine i just a brief look at. . . the back and the sides. . . not too much different again it's just. the impact was on the front screen. . . so the front screen got shattered iphone. 5s side drop test we're going to do this. . . in three two one. . . so the iphone 5s suffered a significant. side drop you could see the entire right. . . hand corner. . . paint is like just chipping off or. whatever it is there's a lot of kind of. . . a lot of markings just for for a corner. it's pretty bad but again everything. . . still works. . . no worries all the other corners look. flawless iphone 5s front-facing drop. . . test we're gonna do this in three two. one. . . iphone 5s unfortunately cracked. everywhere on the front again just like. . . all the previous devices so far. . . works perfectly fine it's just you've. got the spider webs everywhere. . . i we got that same kind of the nick on. that corner but besides the cracks. . . that's pretty much it so finally we have. the iphone 6 this is the side drop test. . . we're going to do this in three two one. . . kidding me. . . are you kidding. . . iphone 6 meant to land on its side. actually landed on the front which of. . . course resulted in a total shatter. iphone 6 plus side drop test in 3 2 . . so the iphone 6 plus did survive the. side drop test it does kind of look like. . . in pretty much general used condition. now though you have some markings on the. . . on the bottom on the corners kind of. just some scuffs here and there nothing. . . on the front. . . everything works perfectly fine like its. brand new again just looks like it's in. . . used condition now. . . iphone 6 plus front-facing drop test. we're gonna do this in three two one. . . so we can still see that entire front. screen is shattered. . . everything works smoothly but i guess. apple hasn't really improved their glass. . . on this next generation flagship device. or devices. . . alright guys so here's a quick overall. picture of every generation iphone. . . dropped and i think i can come to come. to the conclusion that apple hasn't. . . really significantly changed their. technology in screens you can tell right. . . straight from the 2g or even the 3g you. can see how the cracks are so vibrant. . . looking but as you move on. . . they almost get a little lighter so i. guess that's some a little sign of hope. . . maybe that's just me or maybe it depends. on the drop but it seems like that. . . this older phones had darker kind of. cracks and then over time they got. . . lighter. . . i know the 3gs i don't know that front. facing drop test was a little. . . questionable i think i could have had a. better drop on it so maybe that's why. . . didn't crack both tries and then you. have the six which i meant to drop. . . sideways but it dropped front on its. front so i was a little bit of a. . . screw-up but considering. . . what happened i feel like apple really. does need to improve or at least soon. . . maybe next year with the glass with. their screens as you can see in the six. . . in the six plus i mean it's a little. light but it's very similar to actually. . . what happened it's very similar you just. have those you have those uh the damage. . . is done then when you kind of look back. into something like this you can see. . . it's definitely much darker. . . maybe not so but at least the 3g really. looks like the cracks were really bad on. . . that one. . . that's where you guys thanks for. watching as always stay tuned for more. . . videos. . . you already know it peace out. .
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