iPhone X Face ID Unlock Fail

Some in the comments claiming the iPhone X was restarted but restart message on iPhone clearly states "restart" as the reason for extra authentication. Failed Touch ID attempts on the other hand will eventually result in the message Craig got on stage. Try it yourself, repeatedly touch you iPhone sensor with the wrong finger and you'll eventually get "Your passcode is required to enable Touch ID".
The telling moment for me is when he rubs his face. The way he rubbed his face instantly implies he's had an issue previously. Granted, it could have been a nervous rub... Time will tell. Either way, I remain skeptical of face unlock in general. There's something about the motion and visual obstruction that hasn't grown on me. Maybe Apple will do it better or maybe we'll just deal with pass codes (many still do anyway).
iPhone X iPhone 8 Event Livestream 2017 (Part 1) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCdOtkhneB0
iPhone X iPhone 8 Event Livestream 2017 (Part 2) - https://youtu.be/iizlKLEHLAg
The iPhone X is the first to feature the new Apple Face ID feature. This feature allows you to unlock your iPhone X with your face. Using various sensors Apple claims Face ID on the iPhone X will reliably scan your face ensuring your devices security.
During today's Apple event there was a slight mishap during the Face ID demo. This video includes my thoughts regarding the event and feature.
How do you feel about Face ID? Are you ready to convert? Will you be buying the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus?
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Caption: Let's try that again oh-ho so you just . watched the apple keynote the iphone 10 . the iphone 8 and so on very exciting . everyone was pumped it was your usual . apple lovefest . now there were a couple of developments . during this keynote . regarding the release date of the iphone. 10 which looks to be delayed from the . iphone 8 but i think some of that has to . do with software and more specifically . this face unlock feature. i missed this moment the face unlock . demo went wrong course afterwards on my . twitter everyone was hitting me up blue . did you see the demo the stock price of . apple it dropped because the demo failed . it was it was a failure i've been . skeptical of the face unlock in general . for a while apple claims to be going a. different route so let's go ahead let's . see how they're describing their face . unlock and then well then we'll see the . failure your iphone is locked until you . look at it and it recognizes you nothing . has ever been simpler more natural and . effortless okay here's my first issue . right here it's like simple and natural . and effortless. here's i've been talking to the guys . here in the studio after watching this . keynote it's actually not all that . natural because it often doesn't get the . face unlock from this range or this . angle instead you're kind of like this . you're blocking your view it to me it's. not that natural so they've got way more . sensors up here in the section the only . cut out along the bezel of the iphone 10 . including an infrared camera a flood . illuminator a front camera and a dot . projector now they're saying this flood . illuminator allows for this function to . work even in the dark projecting light . onto your face illuminating it enough so . so the recognition can take place it . projects the dots onto the face and then . the infrared camera picks those dots up . a software analysis using neural . networks to detect if that's the face. that was originally registered it's . being measured in a three-dimensional . sense and cannot be fooled by a picture . or something like this this information . will not be transmitted to the cloud. instead apparently everything will . happen locally in your device and our . phones is an 11 bionic chip with a . built-in neural engine to process face . recognition okay so this is where that . bionic term comes from with the a 11 . chip this neural processing is neural . network they're talking about is. embedded into your device they playing . touch id is one in 50,000 the face id is . one in a million because of these . various dots that are being projected . onto an individual's face he does say . that if you have an evil identical twin . that they might be able to get in or . probably could get in i don't know how . identical identical twins are after . saying all that invites the next guy . onto the stage craig federighi and he . proceeds to attempt this unlock that has . just been talking about now this is . probably not a finished product there's . all kinds of fails that happen during. presentations for various reasons but in . this particular case i was already . skeptical apple they're not famous for . fails on stage but of course the . internet reacted the stock market . reacted so let's check out this moment . so let's take a look now unlocking it is . as easy as looking at it and swiping up . and you know let's try that again . oh-ho-ho let's uh go to back up here and . get right in okay so there's this . two-stage system where you look at the . device and then you also swipe up in . order to unlock it it's not like on the . galaxy s 8 where you hold it up and . that's it it unlocks one stage it has . two elements and what happens on the . first device that he holds up here . he doesn't function he does the swipe . portion and it asks him for a passcode . this is going to be a fear of many . people adopting this new technology it . might not have been apparent to you . immediately but after the initial face . unlock fail craig he reaches up and he . kind of wipes his face like this now . first i thought it was just some kind of . nervous reaction but i gave it a little . more thought and i realized he obviously . knows more than we do he's been involved. in the development of this feature in . this device so is it possible that . this feature is being broken in some. cases by substance on the skin if it's a . little bit oily or maybe there's some . sweat on there maybe if somebody uses a . lotion who knows a reflective aspect to . having some shine on the skin which . might mess up the face id feature and it . seemed like he was aware of it you might . build in the habit of just using the . pass code all over again like you have . on previous devices this thing needs to . be bang on if it's going to have . widespread adoption oh ho ho i don't . think it requires a major overreaction . and i definitely don't think that the . product is a failure because of it but . you know that is not ideal for apple . they would have loved for that first . demonstration to go the way that they . expected which was to unlock the device. immediately oh ho but judging from the . feedback i've gotten a number of tweets . comments people talking in the live . stream about it it's obviously important . to people so i felt the need to just do . a quick breakdown to show you that face . id fail and you can make of it what you . will let me know down in the comments . will this stop you from investing in the . iphone 10 are you a little bit nervous . about this face system are you okay with . going back to a traditional passcode or . its touch id just too important to you . or a fingerprint unlock in general. thanks for watching guys and if you're . interested in more iphone 8 or iphone 10 . content i will have those devices here . on the channel as soon as possible so . make sure to subscribe so you don't miss . any of that . 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