Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus Coca-Cola Freeze Test 9 Hours! Will It Survive ?

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Hey guys what's going on so today we're. going to do a galaxy s7 and iphone 6s. . . plus reese test and i really think this. can be interesting because i really it. . . doesn't feel like the iphone 6s going to. survive this. . . i think the water resistant s7 has. potential to survive but the iphone 6s. . . plus it's been going through a lot of. things and i've been seeing videos on an. . . autumn are other ppl been doing where it. has been breaking down. . . so can i take on the s7 that's a good. good good question i mean look at this. . . cool touch id. . . very nice yeah so this one over here and. then we do have the s7 where nice it and. . . it's the edge display order assistant. variant and we're going to do this. . . integration . e 4 minus the grease and. we're going to use coca-cola because. . . people like it for some reason people. like paper and read my has five meaning. . . color freeze till i need to keep doing. it. . . and what's gonna close these two down. . . this doesn't feel good to have this one. started speed test. . . well that is so funny i never seen that. before it starts speed test. . . i bought these two boxes today used to. do this video because i know you guys. . . like it. . . so i'm going to close it with my little. thing here. . . and as i said i don't know how many. hours we're going to do this but ok so. . . let's take these two with us we are. going to go to the freeze off. . . oh look at that. . . i now seen that that is so crazy what is. it doing what is the testing that is. . . pretty cool i have sent that is pretty. cool dude. . . it is pretty cool little baby is warming. it like it. . . ok let's open this one up. . . huh we don't need you anymore. . . what is this. . . yeah this is food. . . okay i'm gonna take that one out. . . ok so let's put these guys in. . . so s7 first ok. . . and the 6s plus minus 24 suite close. step one and we are going to start. . . taking time here with my with my phone. . . clock start take time. . . i am so i will get back to you when it's. been going a few hours so stay tuned for. . . that have an awesome buddy friends. . . hey guys so the phones have been in now. for almost 10 hours. . . wow that's a long time i was cooked up. some warm water because i might need it. . . had 10 hours in. . . - 24 degrees oh my god oh my god look at. this this is the s7 since this is dear. . . this is des 6s plus. . . oh my god oh my gosh oh my gosh i'm just. going to open them up here. . . oh my god it's hard. . . i mean this is extreme a hole for all. . . oh my god where are the phones. . . the thing i'm going to do is that. they're proly you probably won't be able. . . to you probably won't be but they're. probably not turn on. . . so i mean i'm going to do the test all. charging them. . . okay i'm going to charge them to see if. they see you can start them so i'm going. . . to go back go and get my war. . . kiss i need some more mortar. . . ok. . . this video might be a bit long because. this is going to take some time. . . let's see. . . i think that's the success. . . oh all oh my god oh my god i didn't know. that would be the fact. . . wow oh my god and made a hole inside. there in the middle. . . that's crazy that is so crazy. . . i'm gonna see if i can go and find i'm. just going to keep doing this little. . . oh my god it's like it's melting the. thing hole. . . wow that is so cool. . . it's pretty hard but oh i feel at home. . . nice all i got. . . they were seven. . . okay see. . . all. . . oh my god oh oh boy. . . it's not that warm oh yeah it is low. . . this can be a little weird video. . . i guess yes. . . 40 i got out of 10 fold it again. . . oh oh oh ok. . . it's working it is lurking friends. . . yeah yeah i war now but we haven't seen. what about the what about our friend. . . here. . . k. . . we can probably. . . ok. . . oh there we have the iphone off with. digging out the treasure the goals. . . oh my god it's cold this is so called or. oh my god is so cold man. . . i wonder if you can charge this device. or is this one complete the right bride. . . that's the question willie charge. . . i don't know nope. . . i really have no idea. . . so i'm just gonna clean this one off a. little bit more and then i will get back. . . to you. . . ok so i am back it's still kind of wet. here but this is the moment when you're. . . waiting for. . . we are going to try to charge it i. cleaned it off a little bit deport is. . . going to be the first charge test will. it will it work it or will it will it. . . make this seven. . . will it make sm winner okay i'm going to. try. . . ok all right let's scroll doesn't charge. . . oh we're good we're good. . . it does it is on what is this. . . oh my god in charges it charges but do i. have some issues with the display. . . no it's all friends. . . oh i gather he's saying that's insane. . . how can that one also survived. . . wow i didn't expect that i'd i didn't. man ideas. . . this is crazy. . . oh is that doesn't work. . . i know what the fuck's is doing. . . oh i can see i can see on the side here. . . he it looks kind of messed up what we. will do. . . it's working out again. . . oh my god i'm gonna make some of this. place not wait. . . i getting ship it to apple i mean they. still want to fight. . . they want to finding out sammy like yeah. i didn't expect it but it's all it's on. . . okay that was done. . . wow my friends. . . i mean i gotta give it to apple day they. want to seriously compete with something. . . they want to and they they are in for. mass you know 10 hours. . . please that's nice. . . that's so cool i gotta save man that's. so cool so yeah we have to the voices. . . that leaves are they did have a did. hamlet and 10 our souls. . . 24 coca-cola. . . that's cool man i got to see that's cool. so yeah could be your chicken that up to. . . enjoy in the yeah i mean. . . even though it looks like we have some. issues minor issues here on a dm up. . . there on the. . . on the 6s is still no actually it's. pretty okay so yeah you should quickly. . . you know overall i think the sm 1 by. little because i didn't see the effect. . . of dirty talk. . . but yeah but former pres devices. . . almost. .
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