Tourism Australia Dundee Super Bowl Ad 2018 w/ Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride (Extended)

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The greatest name in the outback is back in the outback! Only this time, Dundee isn’t a Hollywood movie. It’s a giant tourism ad for Australia.
Thirty years after Crocodile Dundee first introduced the world to the land down under, Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride bring the iconic Aussie franchise back as they embark on the trip of a lifetime. And while the film’s plot may not be real, Danny’s adventure through Australia’s outback, white sand beaches, gorgeous wineries and bustling cities are what truly await every visitor.
Come soon, mates. There’s nothing like Australia.
[music]. that's not a knife that's a knife that's . me rollin dundee really yeah really . how do you keep saying really draw their . might nothing to see here man just get . the green shade with my my - see . you next week barry yeah when you dad . did it he was he was not and when my dad . told me about this he was just like yeah . i just came up and they're this okay i . just don't think you can see you from . back here not a lot of crocs out here . huh - 37,000 miles of pristine beautiful . beach mate did you know that australia . makes some of the finest wines and the . entire. now i died i didn't know that . very much they hold up this isn't a . movie. no it's tourism ad for australia yes but . listen to you the best crocodile dundee . since crocodile dundee really yes really . and we had the best trip ever didn't we . it was pretty sweet . [music]. hey yo there are some bright flawed . deals with charlie right now dude i get . it it's not a movie it's a commercial . .
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