SUPER THROWBACK for today's video. This little home movie means so much to me for so many reasons and I'm stoked to be able to share it with you guys :) Mega shoutout to my dad for doing cool stuff like this with me and inspiring me to become the person I am today! http://LZMFG.com
Notes that I wanted to dub over, but decided not to...
-LOL my dad got sideways
-"rev it up to make sure it's warm"
-BAHAHAH I knew it wasn't in neutral
-my dad is rad
-LOL the radio thing - good idea, super fail
-HOLY MOLY that engine bay is so clean!
-Cream soda is from a different video, thought it would be a funny addition
-Lol @ me for saying I own an RX8, but not realizing how much cooler RX7s are
What is up guys i don't know if you can . tell the difference in scenery but we . are currently in cold and rainy . connecticut we actually took a trip up . here we're gonna be up here for a few . days just visiting family and hanging . out with some friends we spent christmas . with nicole's family and it was just so . chaotic with everything going on that we . decided we would come and visit everyone . on a little bit more of a chill period i . don't have a vlog for you guys today i . have something that i think is a little . bit more special than that it's an old . home video that my dad and i made back . when i was probably like 10 years old . and it's pretty funny watching it now . because i can directly see how both like . my dad as an influencer and that video . and just everything from that period . kind of lined up with who i am today so . i'm not gonna say anything more just . watch the video okay folks today is . march 19th 2006 and i believe mr. adam . lozad ziya is going to have his first . driving lesson here we're at sandy hook . elementary school what is that a mazda . racing team chuck in there i can't see . it move your arms i still can't see it i . wouldn't think so because i see what . looks like a honda prelude 2001 set up . for racing are you gonna give us a demo. here how your driving skills have . improved since you haven't really taken . off in the car yeah just here on the . parking lot okay this is your first time . make it a good one buckle up buckle up . typical ten-year-old driving experience . first lesson you natick are a little . cocky yes . okay just get a little gas make sure . she's warmed up okay get your hand on . that shift shift and get ready to get . going okay and just take it easy now all . right now all right . just tell me when you're ready to go let . me let me get out of the way i don't . want to be in front of this car i'm . getting out of the way adam are you . ready to go are you ready to go shut . your door shut your door okay he's gonna . be going this is it i'm gonna stand away . and be quiet here we go . [music]. [music]. whoa he's back he's back let's go see . how he's doing all right shut it off . [applause]. shut her off okay how was it yeah back . here never there so was it good look . pretty good out there you know i was . just quiet watching i didn't even really . video you know his video and and . everything and i was just like i was . speechless to tell you the truth all . right good job well go for a second . lesson a little later okay great all . right so i don't know how good our video . skills were and if you could tell but. that was my dad driving and the whole . idea was we were trying to do some film . the magic tricks and make it look like i . was driving i mean we fooled some of his . friends into thinking that i was driving . and i got really mad thinking that he . was like a bad father for letting me . drive but i think it would be cool if he . let me drive but either way it's pretty . funny there's a bunch of different takes. the first ones were absolutely terrible . and you can see how we like kind of . learn from our mistakes and got better . with each one so i'm just gonna put . those into i'm gonna go ahead and bring . this up too because i'm sure some people . are gonna notice it and maybe mention . something in the comments section about . it that parking lot was to indy hook . elementary . still is sandy hook elementary i did . grow up in the town where that tragedy . happened and it's extremely unfortunate. that shooting had a very negative impact . on this town of sandy hook of newtown . and of pretty much towns in schools all . over the country it's as always thoughts . and prayers go out to any families who . had children or knew someone that was . affected by that but on a less serious . note here's the rest of our failed. attempts of march we're gonna have adam . on his first lesson here with the honda . prelude he's into cars quite a bit and . we are going to let him drive around the . parking lot and he promised to take it . easy. but first adams gonna do an inspection . of the vehicle so enjoy the video folks . okay now we have adam doing a pre . inspection we wanna check that or adam . makes make sure always . okay the orange dipstick over there . orange handle and you're gonna drive the . car you can't find the oil dipstick auto . boy we're in trouble. how's it look cutter on it watch it . don't just what i knew yep okay put it . back. [music]. and i better check the tires to walk . them to the exam okay adam anything you . want to say before your first lesson yes . okay you want to study up oh my god oh . my god don't touch the shift until . you're ready to go get to feel the gas a . little bit get the feel step on the gas . a little bit okay you're don't do . anything with the shift now almost ready . to let you go on your own we'll wait it . wait a couple more seconds we'll shut . the door here okay we're gonna be . letting you go now okay just hold it . right there . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. oh he's back he's back forget the rims . shoot in the rims they're so cool i . gotta see how he did how was it oh we . got i got video the whole thing adam i . couldn't believe for the first time . wow wow that was awesome what did you . think you actually shifted there once . didn't you. it's cool cool that was awesome well . today march 5th is adams first driving . lesson we're at sandy hook school where . there's no cars around he's gonna do a . little pre inspection of the engine . right now anything you want to say about . the engine you know where the engine is . adam good it's good start i think we're . even knows where the oil is i think . we're in good shape . don't you don't have to taste it . it looks like he knows what he's doing . so far doesn't see you really want to . drive it if you could think you can . handle that's fine get your helmet on . make sure it's in neutral when you get. in there yep we got four of them on . there. oh no he's actually gonna get in there . and start that sucker and go i can't . believe it. i always sleep or not how to start this . i think we're in trouble folks okay just . wait a second are you ready to go okay . then this is going to be it roll up the . window let me get back further in video . this right here okay this is it folks . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. that was awesome i can't believe the way . you drifted around there on those turns . and everything unbelievable for the . first time now for our first commercial . ladies and gentlemen for any of you who . have not tried polar cream soda i want . to tell you it is the very best . i drink cream soda in the morning for . breakfast i drank it even in the evening . i drank it at night sometimes i'll wake . up at midnight and i'll have polar cream . soda remember when you're in the . supermarket and you're with your mom or . dad look for polar cream soda. the soda you can have from the time you . wake up so not only the time you go to . sleep but while you're sleeping you can. have polar cream soda . that's it and i'll see you tomorrow . folks oh . hi folks today is march 19th and it is . sunday and we're here for adams first . lesson and the vehicle that he's going . to learn on today is a 9th excuse me . 2001 honda prelude that has been souped . up actually all set up for racing . did you want to say anything about your. first your first lesson for driving the . other one wants to be the racecar driver . you got the you got the racecar now . that's it can't lost your tongue there . young man. ok so let's go over to the car and check . it out yeah it's a good idea put that . helmet on and get in and start her up . we've gone through a few of the things . where the gears are and everything . earlier ok i want you to be careful . starting that up. [music]. okay you can check that out and just . with the gas and rev it up a little make . sure she's warmed up okay that's . probably enough now you're all set with . that gearshift handle there all right . there anything you want to say before . you take off adam yeah good idea let's . go buckle up and shut that door huh adam . just concentrate on your driving put . your jacket in before your jackets. hanging out pardon just not yet wait a . second adam why are you i can't see you . okay there you are okay shut that door . and get ready to go . [music]. oh my god he's back finally . oh was it really oh i thought you did . great adam that was done i can't believe . it for the first time that was amazing . wow okay maybe i'll go for another . lesson what do you think . are you ready for it adam yes you your . name is adam what is that a mazda emblem . there do you race for mazda yeah i would . think so cuz it looks like you got a . honda over there looked like it's . actually set up for racing you're gonna . show us your first lesson yeah let's go. for it . i see you got your helmet up there and . everything in good idea put that on and . don't forget to use that seatbelt okay . make sure she's in neutral before you . started what are you asking me for you . the driver. [music]. okay . far and the other to breathe okay folks . hi today is march 19 2006 and today is . mr. adam was at zeisler his first . driving lesson he's had plenty of . practice in the car who was that a . racing jacket i guess it is there in . smith but my mazdas at home i have a um . rx a and um yeah to me it looks more . like a honda prelude you're gonna you're . gonna drive that baby you're just gonna . sit there and talk about your driving . skills looks like that baby set up for . racing okay be careful make sure that . baby is in neutral they're on if that . seat belt on you can't reach the seat . belt maybe you shouldn't be driving . reach the pedals there baby . yes you can all right just be careful. adam it's your first time there's nobody . around unfortunately okay. let's get a little gas make sure she's. warmed up okay okay all right check that . shift out make sure you're ready to go . are you ready to go all right . okay i'm jet not a little i'll say that . i am getting out of that way here . he's almost ready to go it looks like . he's ready to go are you ready to go you . ready to go are you ready to go . [music]. billy took off i could believe that we . took off for the first time okay turning . around finally . okay adam shut her off shut it off shut . her off daddy's back safe wow . well what'd you think i don't know how . did you do with the fun i thought you . did pretty good you know i was yelling . and everything and everything i was . talking this time i started narrating a . little boy out there wasn't as afraid . videoing do you mean all right we'll . have to take another less a little bit . later okay all right say goodbye the . folks my folks i hope you guys enjoyed . this little video it's something that . i've been looking forward to uploading . for a very long time we had a hard time . finding the tape we had a hard time . figuring out how that we could get the . tape converted to digital so we can get . it on a computer i could upload it to . youtube but um i don't know it's just . something i was really excited to share . with you guys i don't know if it was as . funny as i thought it was to you guys. cuz you're obviously not me and you . weren't me as a child so you don't have . the nostalgia whatever but i just want . to thank you for watching thank you for . commenting if you did and i also want to . apologize because i know the uploads . have been all over the place between the . sr creating a lot of stress extra work . and headache that wasn't really . anticipated plus this trip things . haven't really been lining up the best . for videos we are just focusing on . spending time with family and friends . here but i am still filming a little bit . here and there so i probably will have a . vlog or two up just combining footage . from different days and stuff but i . appreciate all the support for you guys . i thank you so much for understanding i . always try to keep you updated on . twitter so if you wanna give me a follow . i adam underscore lz i always try to . keep you guys in the loop i appreciate . you guys want anything and i never want . to let you down so thank you and . hopefully i'll see you tomorrow or . possibly the next day i will tell you on . twitter later guys . the blonde hair i got a ham sandwich i . got one here a ham sandwich ham sandwich . ooh a ham sandwich got one right here . and i know how to use it without that . must me. .
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