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https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Justin Pawlak stops by with his 2018 Roush Performance Falken Tires Ford Mustang. For our first Build Biology, a very detailed in depth look at his Formula Drift car.
Special thanks: @justinpawlak13

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To normal people this looks broken they . don't understand why this is gonna . happen . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. so we're starting something new here . we're gonna do a build biology instead . of a build breakdown basically we're . gonna go a little bit more in death get . it on the lift because we got some . really cool cars to show off and you . want to see the cool stuff the real good . stuff the i've done this myself stuff . and our first guest he's a he's a good . one to have he's already he's working . justin what are you making so we got . some new welders you wanted to try it . out - i didn't get to play with you guys . turn it on and go well what's up man how . are you how are you how do you like the . new livery this thing is amazing . it looks so good. [music]. what's up with a man well first off we . did a 20-18 front end on it this is my . hold competition car but we updated the . front end super easy . change out the core support everything . else bolts on so so this is a brand new . front end brand new front end it looks . slick man has all the roush features on . it the thigh pockets the front lip it's . so aggressive lower grilles definitely . adds a little flavor to the factory ford . one oh yeah definitely . what else are we rocking that's new on . the outside here well underneath the . wrap is actually all carbon fiber so . some fiber hood fenders doors quarters . trim so what l miss is metal anything . the roof is still metal alright alright . how much does it weigh this thing is . actually three thousand pounds so three . thirty eight hundred pound three and . fifty about is what a factory mustang . weighs this is down to three thousand . pounds with the cage it's everything . else and now you get the rear radiator . and everything like that we'll talk . about that later yeah so what wheels we . rocking right now these are the forged . star f-14 we switched from well to four . star actually weld acquired four stars . so they thought this would be a better . fit for the formula drift series i'm . pretty stoked on super concave i . definitely did big though yeah okay look . i really like the lip wheels but i think . with this livery it needs white wheels . yeah i agree with you man you nailed it . it looks amazing so what size tire we . run it plus in the back - fifty five . forty eighteen in the front so some . monster grip this season all right let's . uh let's talk about the inside of it now . [music]. what you do here with the cage so this . is a fully tig welded cage. well gussets who did this cage that i'm . talking about yeah might work not only . can he wheel he's a great driver he does . all his own fabrication built his own . car that's one of the reasons i really . love jt pease he is the man i enjoy the . full range of hot rodding yeah you know . build your own stuff maybe your own . style and then i'm just fortunate enough . to wheel it to show it off to me man . let's see your wig you know for for me . eddie specht cage got a little crazy . with like one-piece gussets oh wow so . all the way from here look at that . well that is crazy gusseted it's pretty . time-consuming but it definitely. stiffens up the chassis if you don't do . any type of gusseting or anything you're . going to get flex between the cage and . the chassis yeah if you've ever driven a . car that has a cage like on the street . and you go into like a driveway or . something that has like major like . articulation you can feel the chassis. flex in between engage i've actually . done it before we put my finger in . between it you know just like kind of . riding along with somebody they pinch . your hand yeah yeah i just noticed that. takes away all the chassis parts so you . basically a whole thing stitch welded . now yeah front to back front to back . everywhere that is well i think is . necessary like all the frame rails strut . towers will see a little bit more when . we look in the engine bay everything . around the strut towers and anything . that ties that chassis or like the four . pankiw the suspension components i . stitch welded is this a factory - yeah i . really kind of gut it out it yeah it's . completely gut is it's actually just all . plastic so instead of getting a. composite i thought it would be cool it . looks cool because it's like a stock - . it looks so clean flavor but then again . it all so these were air vents before . correct yeah roush actually makes those . gage potholes wow there's a really cool . that's a serious hand brake you got . there but so you like it close there you . keep it real close to the wheel yeah . it's a driving prevalence i mean i . never get a pullback handbrake i always . did a pull-up cousin more like street . stop i actually changed to a pullback in . 24 2015 and i haven't gone back it's . just really convenient cuz your hands . are on the steering wheel in between the . shifter and it's right there instead of . having the the weight to go and grab it . here it's just convenient what else on . the interior is your flair i want to . walk over the driver's side i want to . see where the yeah where the office is . where where the work is done so again . it's just really simple i mean the . gauges are the the main things that i . need to keep tabs on so you have nothing . here for display no it's just the gauges . that are in the center this is kind of . open just to get to the brakes like for . bleeding the brakes and refilling this . quick access yes that's that's awesome . actually that's yeah see all the masters . up in there that's really cool so that's . a full like weight assembly do you like . that pedal box i do yeah yeah it works . really well and the steering looks . amazing too is just that whole assembly . i'm actually like using the bottom . portion of the factory steering column . okay um the top portion has like all the . controls and it's like really bulky and . heavy so i basically machine an adapter . joint that goes into the factory lower. column and then just adapted it to i . think that's 3/4 or 5/8 i can't remember . offhand and just machined like machine . this down and made a little slip joint . and well done just kind of built at all . another thing this is kind of like fun . about this car as it uses a factory . electronic rack really fully electric . like no like electric hydro to hydro . rack it's flint electric so we can do . like a little fun thing . we're just looking mission on obviously. the cars not on . it just oh leave the lock on this thing . we're gonna talk about that later but . well it's on the ground go full lock . right i want to see that ridiculous . what else you got sleek on the interior . anything we need to know about or . anything you want to keep secret like . the wiring i know like a lot of people . using motorsports wiring but we're not . racing 24 hours in these cars granted if . you can afford a $10,000 wiring harness . good for you i just use a simple . painless harness i use like their . circuit breakers their switches i build . all my own stuff i don't use like a free . cd see over here oh really . so yeah so it's it's up on the firewall . there mm-hmm that's just a factory 11 to . 14 ecu wow this is so light carbon door . but it's still cut out just to take more . weight out of it . morley even still look this is not glass . it's lexan but it looks so clean but it . still is like you're saving weight in . every single place you can everything . amazing though you've done a really good . job with the rear radiator setup is . really cool yeah let's let's take a look . at see what you got here if you don't . know this guy watch some videos of them . i've seen you put this rear end on the . wall quite a few times i want to see . what's keeping you keeping you alive i . mean you're pretty much guaranteed to be . like rubbing taillights against walls . that's especially a long piece like . that's what we do so cut off the back . end of the car terminated the frame. rails double walled it so it's extremely . strong obviously it's it's dirty this . cars being battled out for the last . couple years but you know it gets used . so it's cool these these are removable . here and i'm assuming you have multiple . yeah so we got a jig where we can just . like build or build tons of these and . they're kind of like throwaway yeah so . yes you break them you bring in extra . ones to the track this this is actually . a lot stronger. save the radiator and that sort of thing . it these are this isn't really . engineered the center section isn't . really engineered to fail but the the . sides are definitely engineered yeah . because that's probably what it's gonna . happen so but there's lots of room for a . bunch of flex and it just pops first . that's what looks cool that cuts us some . footage of jtp sent it on a wall he does . it all the time and the rear radiators . looking sick i so i teamed up with cnr . this year they actually took the . radiator set up that i'd built put it . all in cab and they came back with this . which is an updated version of what i . designed and it is amazing it looks . really cool. they maximize on the front side they. actually put a full face heat exchanger . so the front is a heat exchanger for the . supercharger the rear is the radio the . engine that's awesome eyes they do yeah . you can you can kind of see through . there there is it looks like one piece . if you're just looking at it here i . didn't even notice that that's really . cool so yeah i think most people put the . radio in the rear for weight . distribution we're trying to get the car . 5050 as close as possible the other . thing is is if you get into a front . crash and you have the radiator up there. there's more of a chance that you aren't . going to get the car back on track . know did you notice a difference in the . heat like yeah i mean my car runs super . cool i can kill a whole set of tires and . not ev
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