1,300 Miles in the “Disgustang” Junkyard Mach 1! – Roadkill Ep. 73

One of the most popular Roadkill shows of 2017 was Episode 66, where David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan pulled a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 out of Colorado Auto & Parts, a junkyard where the iconic muscle car had been sitting unused since 1980. Getting it running and driving for some big action was fun, but there was one thing lacking: the road trip. It’s time to fix that! The Mustang now known as the Disgustang sat ignored for many more months until the start of this episode where the guys planned to head north from California to the DirtFish Rally School nearly 1,300 miles away. This is Roadkill, so you can guess how far they made it before catastrophic failureβ€”but you also know that Roadkill is virtually unstoppable, so eventually the trip becomes an epic drive with visits to gearhead destinations, including junkyards and an abandoned dragstrip. See it all in this episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge.
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[applause]. [music]. yeah the disgusting is back. remember this 1969 mustang mach 1 we . dragged it out of colorado auto and . parts a junkyard where i'd have been . sitting for 37 years that was episode 66 . of roadkill man it was tough getting . this thing running and driving and it . was worse cleaning it out the reason why . it's called the disgusting is it was . truly gross loaded with raccoon poop and . worse when we finally got it running all . we really did is some donuts there at . the junkyard which was a riot but it . didn't fulfill the need for a road trip . in this garbage and so this time that's . exactly what we're gonna do we're . heading a thousand plus miles north to. dirtfish rally school but first we gotta . get it out of dulcich --iz backyard . where it's been sitting for a year so . the disgusting has become the cliche of. the car that rolls into dulcich his . backyard and sits here forever . nothing has changed about the car since . we pulled it out of the junkyard except . it got a new exhaust system yesterday . that's it so it may still smoke and . barely do a burnout . yeah we're gonna drive to washington . right now okay yeah okay guys storage . what are the wires taped to the turn. signal that's the starter because he . lost the key oh sorry so the cars gotten . better since last time i rode in it wow . the wires brand-new right . one this is the only mustang i've ever . owned we're gonna die but at least we'll . look good while we're dying junkyard. fresh let's go no idea what to expect . here we have no cages in the air so i . have no bad news more people should just . get into a car with no gauges and no . plan and see america no history no . nothing live life having ages . how many road trips is that interrupted. unnecessarily four people how many . layers of dog and raccoon have stopped . people from plucking and otherwise good . car fixing it up and driving it i think . we have the market on rat poop covered . yeah but are you ready to get really . dirty it wouldn't be the first time . breaker and popper . i don't wanna labs get dirty my mouth i . can't tell where we are . [applause]. this is how every great roadtrip should . start out a beat-up car no plan and a . parking lot with which to do donuts in . that's kind of what we wanted to do is . shake it down a little bit this thing . feels just a little bit fragile and the . engine is making more noise than it ever . was. sounds very sewing machine like now yeah . it did not like that rpm that's for sure . hear no evil see no evil speak no evil . i'm having fury flashbacks right now . meaning what i don't think it's gonna . last very long i bet it goes all the way . yeah that's getting loud by . numbers-matching 351 it's going away . dude are you accelerating or is it just . getting louder. so it's getting louder oh my god we . might make it to a gas station i was . really hoping to go on a road trip not . signal his farm now we're going on a . road trip all right back to villages far . that's better just come all the way. there . as a rock . done what are we gone five miles . that's probably oil starvation doing. donuts . i'm a retract my prior stick maybe they . have oh no way it's done it's done it . just locked up don't want to crank do . see guess it's all over smoke we can . change the engine in one day if we had . one we do someone just has to drive to . west tech and get it there's people . behind us before five donuts five miles . five minutes done we went out to the . field to see if we could break the . mustang and it had a little bit of a . delayed reaction but sure enough we've . blown up the engine so what are we gonna . do. new engine make it better all right that . 410 that we use on engine masters that's . on its way here now wow waste any time . no so this engines pretty much wrecked . however dulcich and i do this other show. called engine masters where we dino cut . stuff all the time and we just did 410 . cubic inch small block ford that will be. a direct replacement for this it's all . the way down at west tech performance . which is like three hours from here but . we've got somebody running down there to . pick it up and they're gonna bring the . long block up here and so it's just . gonna be our in our rusty old junk out . gleaming new you know 480 horsepower . engine in and then the transmission will . blow up later . [music]. engine locked up solid we're trying to . figure out how we're gonna get it . rotated to get the torque converter. bolts off it does not move look at that . and how impressive is the engine then . what do you think about this we were . driving along it was fine and the moment . you've lifted off the gas it just . stopped and now it will not move with a . two-foot-long breaker bar on it. so we've threaded to creates diameter . bolts into a damper that's i don't know . 40 years old and now we have an 8 foot . long solid chunk of steel this . effectively multiplies the torque here. by a factor of 27. 9 dosages that's . taking that's that's taking your hundred. eighty pound feet and making it six or . seven hundred it's turning like butter . now work went past the ugly part let's . make sure you're not turning past the. yeah let's get the ball convertible i . feel like a superhero at my giant bar i . really didn't want to take the . accessories off with my big pole but . seeing you wield that rusty pole yeah i . totally made it all worthwhile we might . have been a little rough there well that . took way too long but we're finally . ready to pluck the engine theoretically . the numbers-matching engine for this car . my level of caring all right there you . go up that's sort of a ritual we have a . green pool of coolant all over the floor . now. we have a mop now though play myself so . on day one drove the car did donuts in . the car broke the engine in the car got . the engine out of the car . think of it this way we broke the car . one one-thousandth of a way into our . journey that's pretty impressive . ready well it was . all right where can we put this where . it'll sit for 6 months well we're super . lucky that i had this sitting around . from our engine masters show and i. intended to put this engine in the . discus tank eventually but not as . quickly as we're gonna do it now because . we're gonna strangle it with like stock . exhaust manifolds and a bunch of greasy . parts and stuff what it is is a 410 . cubic inch stroker which is based on the . 351 windsor just like what came out of . the car and this thing makes about 480 . horsepower and 520 pound feet of torque. juice just enough to blow up the fmx . transmission okay here's the most . hideous thing that's gonna happen . probably during this whole installation . look at the difference in size and the . port on the cylinder head versus the . port in the manifold that is like the . worst performance situation you can get. these are gonna be some power robbing. manifolds but we don't have headers we . don't have time great parts bad cars bad . ideas brilliant execution looks good. fortunately the old flex plate off the. car is gonna be able to work here this . car is an fm x automatic transmission . the thing about these ford's is you have . to make sure that they have the right . external balance the 351 is a 28-ounce . inch offset and so is this blueprint . crate engine so it's gonna go right . together what was that lucky drop it in . this is exciting yeah i mean i'm not . saying we're getting out of here today . but the engine might go in the car i . don't know if it'll stay in the car but . the engine will go in the car i can . assure you guys that you'll be out of . here by noon noon yeah now three three . okay i'll give you till three to get . this thing in the f out of here shut the . door. installed itself. no i junks us but this is going really . well engines in the car transmission is . almost perfectly aligned and right now . we're just gonna throw a couple bolts in . it and make sure the torque converter . lines up with the flex plate and if it . does we'll continue to bolt things. together. you may leave today maybe . [music]. got the ignition on . pretty good. we get to go on a road trip yeah forgot . about that . [music]. all right dosage we're out of here . thanks man no test-drive we're just . leaving talk to you in five minutes he's . turning his cell phone off this time i . would if i was him he's too smart not to . ready . don't break it. you're brave didn't even warm it up a . little bit of smoke it's gotta be . residual stuff oh yeah it's got no . brakes at all yeah we can't drive that's . no brakes and what's going on okay hey . doll fetch ah look all right we made it . 50 feet and all of a sudden there's no . brakes whatsoever no front brakes like . something went wrong with something so i . will be much more carefully driving it . back to steve's house who could have . possibly seen that coming . why would it have no fluid in the front . brakes at all that means like a line . broke somewhere technically i'm still on . a road trip even if it's on foot that's . the way i'm looking at it we need brake . fluid we have absolutely no brakes but . the master cylinder is empty so back to . delicious we'll get some brake fluid i'm . sure that's the only issue we're having . tonight . what's cool though only on roadkill and . you've changed the motor and lose the . brakes. you got like mutant bunnies here that . eat extension cords and brake lines . something strange must be happening for . sure though all the bunnies i hang with . they would have done this they would. have eaten that brake line really . you get the good bunnies and i get treat . him right man oh easy turbo never can . just fire it up and drive away always . the little stuff i never would have . expected it . [music]. in 70 miles to fresno it's dark and we . have no seatbelts ready to rock yeah . headlights. how the headlights and taillig
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