2017 Niro Hybrid – Advanced Hybrid Technology

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The all-new Niro has technology that goes beyond expectations. Enjoy the benefits of owning a hybrid car without compromising on the quality of your drive.
Find out more at http://www.kiabeyond.sg/niro.
The new kia niro is so much more than . just a car it's an investment in the . future the kia niro delivers advanced . hybrid technology and drives just like a . regular car. as a hybrid the narrow is powered by . both an electric motor and a combustion. engine using much less fuel and emitting . fewer emissions than traditional fuel . cars . but like a regular car the kia niro is . simple to use and maintain its powerful. smooth silent and comfortable . it has all the same benefits of any . other car except it's much better for . the environment and your wallet the . narrow comes with a six-speed . dual-clutch transmission for a fast. smooth ride and when it comes to the . battery you don't need any plug the . smart system simply we generate energy . to recharge the battery finally with a . generous seven-year warranty on the. battery will have all peace of mind for. all your journeys the new kia niro the . hybrid cross over . .
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