2017 ZL1 Camaro vs Z06 Corvette Roll-on Drag Race

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John Hennessey and the Hennessey Performance team match race 2 bone stock factory vehicles: 2017 Camaro ZL1 vs 2017 Corvette Z06 from a 40 mph roll. Check out who wins! For more information please contact us: 979-885-1300 | http://www.HennesseyPerformance.com
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Hey guys john hennessy here and we were at the back of our lone star motorsports park quarter-mile drag strips that we've got a nice sweep return that comes onto the back of the racetrack and we're testing our cars when the tracks on open and prep we run in the reverse direction so really it's kind of neat deal with stimulates like being on the street so it's just just asphalt 44 feet wide and we got this nice sweep return and so you might have seen some of our streetfighter videos where we take stock cars modified cars rolling against each other races put them against each other let them take off from a roll and see which car could pull on the other car kind of any deal and so when we got the new 01 a couple days ago i thought let's match that up with a dash of healthcare and against the stock cat will got a bunch of hellcats and shop right now but they're all being modified or they're all modified so currently we don't have a stockpile can run against if you're houston guide you guys stock hellcat you want to run against r01 hurry on over because it's not be stored for long but we do have a also a 20-17 corvette zo6 the most 6-speed manual is actually that's a six-speed manual that's a seven-speed i don't like the seventh year but it will use probably today 30 second through fourth gear as we do a little role on so we're going to do a roll through the corner here we're probably coming off the corner second gear 35 40 miles an hour i've got a cone over here when we hit the come we're both gonna try to take off at the same time and gopro set up so we can see which one is this is quicker i would assume that the 06 would be faster because it weighs less and this engine is got some breaking mouth so maybe making a few more power more but the but the new zeal one we have put on the dyno we have one another down the drag strip but it's pretty good car feels really good the getting's good its torquay get a little bit heavier than the corvette but we're going to want to see what happens and so check it out let us know what you think and i'll talk to you after we get a chance to see which one is the winter and give you a little feedback thanks [music] alright guys we just saw what happened it was a bit of a surprise for all of us i was driving the 201 and patrick my operations manager was driving the 206 and we both thought that you know the 06 would clearly pull away from the 01 i was guessing that at least a car length or two and again morning or maybe running a little bit over a quarter mile so maybe thirteen fourteen hundred feet from a roll or maybe running matter no in the mid and so initially on the intimacy of what i said hey let me let me take the head me that pass that onto co6 and mystics it was pulling on it towards the end of the run but ok well let's just just do a dead up even race and so we ran another three or four times and we would get to become we were both nailed from 2nd gear both cars once heated up we're hooking up well i think maybe the 06 was maybe spinning a little bit on hard second the third shift but surprisingly that the seal one was right with it and it was like either maybe jumping out a little bit ahead of the 06 from from the initial hit or it was you know 220 miles an hour it was pretty darn close race and there's the zoo six just right at the end i mean if we were going if we had more room to run if you're on a longer track somewhere if we had the ability to run the 150 it would probably take going 250 miles an hour for that for the 406 to be able to pull a car length may be ahead of the zl1 so a lot closer race than we were expecting and no knock against the 206 for the record i think it's a great car the best cars in the world but kudos to the guys at the camaro program at chevrolet because the 01 again we haven't running down the drag strip we don't know what the numbers are yet we haven't even run on dino so we don't know what is making the tires i've got a pretty good guess based upon the other hundred lt4 that we modified the last couple years but just recarpet streetcar street harbor street our manual transmission vs manual transmission both cars have pump gas the 01 is no slouch and gave the the 06 pretty darn good run for its money so anyway that's what happened and give us your comments let us know what you think about that and maybe we'll be back soon with another street fighter video with the stock 01 vs stock hellcat and maybe a few other interesting matchup so thanks for tuning in and talk to you later [music] [music] ok [music]
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