2018 Kia Stinger v NEW 2018 Holden Commodore VXR (Opel Insignia) comparison

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You've seen us pit the new Kia Stinger against the now-retired VF Commodore, so how does the new European-imported Commodore VXR go against the turbocharged V6 Stinger? Paul Maric finds out.
FULL STORY: https://www.caradvice.com.au/625019/2018-kia-stinger-330si-v-holden-commodore-vxr-comparison
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https://www.caradvice.com.au/625019/2018-kia-stinger-330si-v-holden-commodore-vxr-comparison/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=YT_DESC - Read the article here.
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Caption: The last time we were here we watch the . chaos stinger deliver a surprising blow . to the ozzy muscle-car we call our own . but if you fast forward a few months . things have changed for the commodore . it's lost two cylinders gained or wheel . drive and been showered in features but . is it the performance car that its . predecessor was well a lot of you don't . think so . [music]. so this is the commodore vxr the ss . commodore replacement a lot of you . aren't sold on the styling but i can . tell you that in person it actually . looks pretty good under the bonnet here . is a 3. 6 liter naturally aspirated v6 . engine 235 kilowatts of power 381 newton . meters of torque 9 speed automatic . well down on the figures that we had . from the last generation ls3 v8 but . let's look at some of the styling . highlights led matrix headlights these . things are awesome at night time we . round the side here 20 inch alloy wheels . that fill that wheel guard nicely plus . giant brembo brakes if you come around . to the back you've got this extended . boot lip spoiler that sits out in the . vxr plus these fantastic led lights on . the back to make this thing stand out at . night. now terms of the dimensions this is . smaller than the last commodore you've . got five liters less boot space and also . less leg and headroom in the back but. overall in terms of dimensions it is . still a really big car so what about the . stinger it also divides opinion but i . reckon it looks fantastic in this color . and we also bought this car this is a . car that care advice ions we've done . over 10,000 kilometers in it and it is a . certified missile under that bonnet is a . 3. 3 litre twin-turbocharged v6 272 . kilowatts of power but we've had it on a . dyno and it makes 240 at the wheels that . is insane little over 320 horsepower . just like last time we're going to put . these cars through a grueling set of . tests to figure out which is the best . performance car so these are going to . kick off with 0 to 100 kilometers an . hour 100 to 0 and quorum are those tests . are designed to determine which car goes . fastest in a straight line and which car . stops quickest in a straight line next . up is our slalom it's a challenging . course that requires horsepower handling. and also some prowess behind the wheel. we'll figure out their which car is . quickest through some bends and also . around a set of hair pins . final test i've come up with is the big . circle now this is a 25 meter radius . circle and it's designed to upset these . cars will tip it in keep applying . throttle and figure out which car starts . losing traction first the car with the . most lateral g's wins the test . [music]. right time to performance test the . stinger now this is different to our . last test because we own this sting up . this hasn't been a press car some of . your a bit dubious about press car . having a special tooth and just to make . sure there's nothing funny going on all . of these gopros are recording at the . same time we've got a v box there so . we're set up and ready to go and pop . that into sport switch off stability . control because that's how you engage. launch control so you can see there it's . coming up saying it's disabled pop that . into drive that is all good to go so . hard on the brake hard on the throttle . launch control ready sidestep that . little wheel slip there . we are away. it's absolutely moving . absolutely moving . there is a quarter-mile it's not a look . at that 4. 8 seconds there you go that is . the exact same time that we got last . time quarter-mile i'm gonna have to . extract the numbers to see how we went . there but that is looking promising okay . it is time to give this a crack in the . commodore so same story again i have the . gopro on all of these are running at the . same time so no trickery there we're . gonna pop this into vxr mode which is . its quickest mode and then i'm gonna . press traction control once because it . allows us to build the revs up a bit pop . that into drive i'm gonna build up the . revs as high as it'll go and just . sidestep the brake so let's give this a . shot it's sluggish . okay . we are moving . all right doesn't feel as quick as the . stinger to look at that 6. 2 seconds that . it's actually much slower than the . stinger but it's better than the seven . seconds that we got when we tried this . at the proving ground to start with so . that method of building up there seemed . to work well . [music]. okay time for our braking test same . story you're gonna have a gopros running . they're all in sync got a v box on we're . going to break from a little over a . hundred kilometers an hour and it will . measure how long it takes to stop from a . hundred kilometers an hour to zero and . it'll measure in seconds and meters so . obviously less seconds less meters is a. better braking time and a throttle up to . a hundred so let's give this a shot . i get to our breaking marker it was . gonna slam the brakes on and we'll see . how well it pulls up. felt good alright two point seven . seconds thirty seven point eight meters . can the commodore beat it this car is . lighter it's got an eighty set of . brembos on it and a decent set of rubber . as well so same story again i'm going to . dial this up to a little over 100 k's an . hour and we're going to slam down the . anchors and see how we go . [music]. okay . [music]. let that settle and jump on the anchors . felt good 2. 6 seconds and 36 meters that . is seriously impressive stuff so as we . expected the stinger murdered the . commodore and the straight-line run but . the commodore clawed back with. impressive breaking numbers in fact we . even clocked a 33 meter stop from 100 . kilometers an hour in later testing but . straight-line speed isn't much use if . you can't use it let's see how they . perform around our slalom . so it's time for the slalom this is a . very technical course because you're. gonna have some talk to get to that . first cone and then the car has to be . agile with a couple of hair pins as well . so you need the full package here we . know from last time where this was . quicker than the commodore the quickest. way around is with stability control and . traction control turned off makes it a. bit of a handful but it's all the more . fun i'll manually be shifting gears and . let's see how we go so load it up a bit . there drop the hammer and it's so nice . and direct alright let's pick you gotta . slow down full tuck it in nicely give it . a bit of throttle here to bring it . around. would. damn straight he doesn't understand back . onto the throttle that and that is a . time that felt really nice and tidy . [music]. [applause]. [music]. so it's time to give this a shot in the . commodore now this has a couple of . advantages so first up michelin pilot . sport tires they're super sticky . all-wheel drive that's another good . benefit as well what we're going to do . is put it into vxr mode i'm going to . switch stability control entirely off. that she gives a bit of an edge to keep . that throttle in without the system . intervening there it is i'm going to . manually shift gears so there's first . gear there and i go first to second and. just kick the throttle in and see what. happens here we go load it up a bit . [music]. brakes tip it in . i've got no gear what's going on there . [music]. it's really my gear again what's going . on here . that is so strange it's it's just . flaring it's not actually giving me any . any go there at all. yeah that's that's not good at all . while the numbers show the commodore was . quicker a fault with the gearbox held it . up from gaining another potential second . on the stinger disappointingly it . appears this gearbox isn't built for . this type of dynamic driving . [music]. [music]. can the commodore clawback crib in the . big circle test . so this test is going to set these two . cars part because your drive system is . going to do better but it also comes . down to traction and how well the car is . actually built for this thing so let's . start here by increasing throttle . gradually and we'll see what starts. happening with that front end this is . actually holding on really nicely and as . i put a bit more throttle when i can . feel it starting to understeer there so . achieved a maximum there of 0. 9 0 which . is pretty good now what we'll do is . switch off our stability control system . just to see whether we can extract any . more out of this so let's give this . another shot . more throttle a bit more throttle okay . so point nine five there he goes so you. can get a bit more out of it if you take . control of the car yourself so we're in . the commodore now or we'll drive tick . michelin pilot super sport tick i'm . tipping this is going to murder the. stinger so we've got a v box set up . let's see how this performs everything . is in normal mode except vxr so that's . going to give us a little bit more . torque to the rear let's see how it goes . as we gradually load up the throttle in . it's holding on beautifully there . and it's seriously impressive that's . nice 1. 01 that is already much higher . there than the stinger now let's try it . with stability control switched off i . just sort of see whether there's any . more control here whether i can take . advantage of the system and a little . over to you. i go to manually select second gear here . as well is that'll give me a bit more . control over the throttle will start . piling on that speed. - is really cool you can feel that . torque vectoring system working now what . happened if i've just come i want to . stack a throttle just done the steering . okay so yes it's confirmed you're not . coming to get oversteer in the new. commodore certainly not the level that . you're going to get in the stinger 1. 0 . 3g is a pretty impressive figure from . the commodore and shows the all-wheel . drive

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