2WISTD – We Fixed It!! (FIRST START)

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After years of neglect, we're bringing this forgotten show car back to life! We fixed a strange fuelling issue so now we can finally start it and hear the EVO roar back into life!
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.
In this episode of mighty car mods we . are getting twisted running at last . [music]. in this episode of mighty car mods i . have my good friend dave here from. haltech because the tuning fork couldn't . make it because he's on some some highly . heightened wizardry duties of a . phantasmagorical nature so he couldn't . get here today but the good news is we . finally worked out why twisted doesn't . work and that was that the fuel pump . that we put in on day one for some . reason it only has two wires going into . it and there were backwards even though . the plug just plugs straight in for . whatever reason one company not talking . to another company they're like let's do . this stuff backwards so now we have . actually taken the fuel tank back out . we've switched the wiring around and now . when we prime it there is fuel coming . out so we actually do have high-pressure . fuel but while we're at this stage we . thought we may as well do the injectors . hence enter my good friend dave and what . is the plan with you my friend today . we're simply going to change the . injector plugs over from the square . bosch that comes on this car factory . we're just going to change into the . sneaky side clip ones yeah i called it . like a us clip so we're just going to . change those over as neatly as you can . without scratching your beautiful . paintwork we'll try and reassemble . everything as nicely as you can and put . the laptop in it yeah go online and . we'll see if we can make it start with . what we have setup yeah cool i mean . there are still a few other little . things that we need to do the next step . now is to actually make sure it runs . because we still don't know that's right . the engine is untested cool we could . have issues with compression all sorts. of different things definitely um but . what we'll do is we'll get those . injectors in we'll get the fuel rail . back on i will fix our burst leak . because this year wasn't attached we'll . get that sorted out and then we will be . turning the key and they'll be all wheel . drive skids in the shed imminently from . this almighty evo so let's just get . right to it . our first job is to replug our . aftermarket injectors they've got a high. flow rate to cater for the e85 that i'll . be running on twisted so it will be. chopping on ethanol power dave is an . absolute wiring boss and it's awesome . getting some hints and tips from people . who are at the top of their game it . makes me feel like dancing . [music]. with all four pipes done we can lube up . the injectors and plug them into the . fuel rail once this is done we can . reattach the rail fix up our intake pipe . leak and attach our high-pressure fuel . feed. all right so we have replaced the . injectors the fuel rails back on we've . fixed up this intake hose here we . haven't put all the plugs and stuff on . there yet but we just want to see if we . prime the fuel pump now whether that . works and whether it stays dry up here . now these injectors they do seem like . they fit hmm they also seem like they . didn't fit all this is the 50-50 . conundrum that we're in at the moment so . they're either will or will not work . very confused with the non spacing . required spacing that they require yes . exactly so i'm just gonna i'm just gonna . prime it and see either it'll say dry . and that means make up we're all good . and we keep going or fuels that's going . to go everywhere and that's the end of . this video until next time all right or . give it a go see see what we get yeah . okay here we go . hopefully we're here a nice priming. sound this time mm okay we got a leak . but not from the injectors so that's . good ah where are we leaking from the . supply into the rail so the old ring . here is completely buggered shagged . fornicated completely routed just . absolutely rhonda and cotuit so i've got . a couple of new ones here that we just . found in muddy stash thanks mate thank . you very much and now we're actually . getting a proper interference fee before . it really did feel like throwing a . gherkin into a basketball court and now . it's feeling quite good so on we can put . that back in and try again okay so we . hopefully fixed up that now we're going . to prime the pump 13 times for good luck . and then hopefully nothing will come out . of it yeah here we go let's do this yeah . so far so good. one more time okay well the rig's got . pressure in the house we can go one more . time . it might be a fuel filter . yeah go again i think we're dry man you . win twice put it all back together and . we'll all wheel drive skids yes i was . saying before i already i did the oil in . the rear diff and we've done the oil on . your front yeah yeah scotty was awesome . helped with all sorts of bits and pieces . so with all of that stuff done new . battery we're good to go man with it . drift into a kfc carpark by tonight this . is the moment i've been waiting for the . laptops connected to the haltech ecu . which has got scotty's basic map on it. already we've got time for a final check . and then we're turning the key and . fingers crossed that twisted is going to . start okay everybody this is the moment . you've been waiting for the first time . these cars run in this configuration for. a decade or six years or however long . it's been a very long time but it's . about to just blow your wormhole a few . galaxies away that's good timing martin . so here it is everybody twisted is about . to burst into life it's going to burst . into all your hearts is going to be . bursting all over your face are we good . to go give it a go still happens . oh joe again . tristan lives everybody tristan lives - . he's got this is a monumental moment for . twisted a car i bought completely sight . unseen for 4 grand that had been laid up . for years and arrived to me on a tow . truck i still don't know if it's . actually going to drive but at least i . know that it starts and this is gonna . get me one step closer to dominating - . sexy maddy's fake front-wheel-drive evo . so the next thing we've got to do on the . front end is change the coolant now i . just pick these up from the shop i've . never used these before but these are . cool and test strips and i thought that . this would be pretty funny because this . colin has been sitting i imagine for a . number of years i mean there is colin in . there basically the way these work is . they're these little strips and you are . meant to put this end in here for one . second so that's about a second i would . say and then you shake off the excess . liquid and then depending on what color . this goes if you hold this up next to . the chart on the side here and it will . tell you what your coolant is like now . as you can see from here . green means okay and good and we've gone. yellow and that is unsatisfactory which . is probably not much of a surprise so . we're gonna dump all this colin out . we're gonna flush it put some new . coolant in there i've also just got to . put in the new haltech wideband and then . it's actually ready for skids actually . then it's going to be ready to get the . stereo going so of course when we do the . stereo sound off with - sexy verse . twisted this will absolutely dominate . like it's going to dominate in every . other category but call it gone get that . plugged in then the bonnet can be closed. then it's about getting the stereo . working and then it is under the dyno . making some bulk power and then - sexy . i'll be seeing you at the finish line . because you are going to get chopped . hard and then crushed or set on fire or . sold or something we don't know what's . going to happen - too sexy yet but . whatever loses something disastrous and . catastrophic will be done to that car . because that's that's the way it should . be. so let's get rid of this rusty rusty. cord . what a mess because all the pipes and . stuff there it's just going all over the . place you know what that is just kind of . rusty water i'm pretty sure it was like . empty and someone has just put water in . it to sell it so that there's like . something in there because i expected . the water to be way dirtier than that . it's actually kind of clean and the . other thing is that that water was also . up near the top when i put that little . test strip in like there was like a . liquid of some kind right up near the . top so we'll give it a flash get some . proper cooling in there and then all . wheel drive skids will be imminent yep . so basically what we've got here is just . rusty water that oil is just because. this is an oil drain pan usually but you . can see the water that's kind of . dripping out is just it just looks like . clean tap water now to do a full flush . obviously you want to kind of fill this . up with water then start the car give it . up to operating temperature and make . sure your heat is turned on and full . because that means the heater matrix and . all of that plumbing up there will open. and release any of its old feste . whatever is in there and then you can . replace that with the right amount of . corn for your car you can also flush the . whole system by removing the thermostat . i'm running water through the radiator . until it comes out clean put the drain . plug in or your bottom hose and then . make sure you've got the ratio of . coolant to water right and then pour it . in until it's full i'm using one of . these handy radiator fill buckets to . keep it all neat and tidy . we'll start that up twisted can roar . into life again . [music]. here at raw just likes to keep you . waiting. [music]. [applause]. [music]. once all the airs bled out it should be . good to go . don't forget to fill your call an . overflow bottle while you're at it . alright so i'm just going to dip in . another one of these and hopefully now . we get a much more successful result . [music]. look at that we're now in the ok range . everybody okay for coolant and okay for . chopping twisted is well and truly back . out of retirement and ready to battle . we've done the oil filter and castrol . edge engine oil we've done the fuel pump . fuel filter coolant new spark plugs. upgraded injectors and new century . battery and our haltech ecu the next . step is to get on the dyno and see what . kind of to sexy crushing power we can . make on e85 so that's it everybody . twisted is ready to battle i do have to . do the stereo obviously that's next then . we'll be getting on the dyno we'll be . making some bulk powers and then to sexy . bring it name the street the track the . competition the sound off whatever. whatever challenge it is that you want . to do because i know twisted will . absolutely destroy you so whether it's a . street neat whether it's a track race a . drag race versus a drifting but mine's. an evo so i can drift but he can't . because he's front-wheel drive but no. name the battle man and i'll see you . there thank you very much everyone for . watching thank you scotty from hal tech . for helping out thank you dave thanks to . marty because you are a legend it's just . that your car sucks and i will see you . guys next time for another episode of . mighty twisted mods. [music]. .
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