350Z Make Over – PART 2

Transformation continues on our nugget 350Z but as time runs out, not everything goes according to plan...
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Support for this video comes from Need for Speed Payback who awesomely agreed to sponsor this build. The game is out November 10th 2017!
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.
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Caption: Previously on mighty car mods we picked . up a shared tunis and 350 zed nugget and . we're not just getting it running again . we're giving it a complete makeover in . just a couple of days our plan is to try . and make it capable of doing some of the . driving that you can do in need for . speed payback. [music]. our long tube headers are now finished. we've also installed new seats a . steering wheel brakes roll bar wheels . tires coil overs and test fitted our . carbon-fibre bonnet next up we're going . to install our mad nvidia exhaust which . is a full stainless system twin system . for most of the way we don't know for . sure whether it's gonna fit our headers . and if it doesn't we're gonna be making . stuff so from this point here where the . cuts are all the way down is meant to . just replace what was on the factory . system already but the ppe performance . headers that we've got come out or what . it looks like at a slightly different . spot to where the factory ones do so . we're just gonna start at the back work . our way forward and it'll either match . up which will be awesome or it won't . which means we'll have to see what that . difference is and then make some pipes . that's it so let's get to it . one of the good things about 350s is . that many owners modify them which. creates a huge demand for mad . aftermarket bits its worlds away from . obscure japanese mirrors or engine . swapped minis that then require custom . everything the exhaust fits directly . onto the factory rubbers considering how . low this car is gonna be we're gonna try . and get it up as close to the floor pin . as we possibly can all right so the . exhaust is on up to here the headers are. on up till there now yeah now we find . out if this fits or whether our day just . got nasty night let me i got a crazy . idea yeah let me check the reference . picture we spend a lot of time modifying . unique cars that we've worked on like. our turbo ez 30 liberty ls1 silvia barek . resta or honda powered mini so a lot of . custom work and fabrication is required. in a case like this though it's a real . treat to be able to bolt on parts that . actually fit so incredibly i don't know . what should be incredibly but the . exhaust does fit it's quite often things . don't fit when they say they're they're . gonna fit and now we put our mad and it . eyes tips on. so fun when stuff just works like that . isn't it for maximum street much fun the . good news is that our exhaust fits and . was easier than expected but the same . thing can't be said for our headlights . no it's a different car at 350 zed and . then our 34 is a different car yeah no . they're not the same thing they are two . totally different cars they are not the . same car so as you can see our headlight . fitment is perfect oh apparently a 34 . and a 350 zed's exactly the same car all . right you can see that is the same car . as both listen because they're both . missing do you want some more good news . i need some good news martin what do you . got i just got a refund for our itb . thought i ordered weeks ago that we're . supposed to be here two days ago that is . refunded in my accountant said sorry i. can't like can't do it. no individual and they take weeks to. make as well from like any other company . that makes them oh so no itv's but i . have an idea is your idea to go to ebay . and buy the cheapest headlights that you . can buy so that your car has headlights . because that's what i'm doing right now . and don't hate on me when they like get . here and they're all whatever they're . gonna be because i'm just gonna get . whatever fixes the problem before . tomorrow as long as they headlight but . my idea is to go and buy a hundred shot . of nos yes just wake it up just spray in . the intake hit a button bob pinked . perfect name that sucks . that sucks so bad same car oh my god . look we're just doing our 34 front . that'll be easy we'll take no time that . would actually look really here you go . this cable time right there that would. actually look better than it looks right . now you should keep these after buying . some headlights online we're opening . another package that we bought sight . unseen this is a carbon fiber wing and . is it a performance modification or is . it just for looks we'll let you decide . this is that way oh the other one i . don't know man does anyone know and by . the time you tell us it'll be too late i . think it's a good thing that we're not . experts in these one of us wants the . wing and the other one doesn't so we'll. have to argue about that later but one . thing that we can agree on is that the . small factory spoiler needs to go . with the factory spoiler gone we can . clean up the boot lid and now we're at . the exciting part of test fitting our . body kit we're not actually putting it . on for good yet because it'll get . painted separately at the body shop but . this is just a chance for us to make . sure it's just actually gonna fit this . is a custom-made fiberglass bumper . rotten rear bumpers and we got starts . good as world made by jsi aero parts . which will do from sydney . your makes all this stuff which is . pretty cool young dude we got this we . got a rear bar plus side skirts it's . good it's a successful test fit so now . we can move on to the next job which is . installing some aftermarket injectors so . we have some 750 cc injectors work with . petrol or ethanol if we ever want to go . down that route so these can get smashed . into there then we have heaps more fuel . injectors are an easy swap that. future-proof our setup and men will have . great control over mixtures when it . comes time to upgrade our ecu and tune . the car next it's time to throw in some . adjustable camber arms up front this is . a simple bolton mod that allows you to . pull the top of the tire inwards towards . the car to help with fitment and with . grid. [music]. we're also going to install some . adjustable rear arms while the effect . isn't as dramatic as the front these . will help keep the car drivable but . getting the wheel allen back to . acceptable specs once the cars been . lowered with the adjustable camber arms. installed on all four corners of the car . it's time to pick up some supplies and . give this dirty listen a full service so. some headlights have arrived i've got to . be honest i don't know exactly what . these are going to look like but the car . has to be finished to nice like we are . done and this is all i could find that . would actually arrive here today that . may be unlike the other lights we've got . will actually fit our car but i don't . know what we're gonna find in as long as . it fits though as long as its feet long . as they're not from a gtr i think we're . all right. renu huh . there's a lot going on this heaps going . on. i like the black though that's cool yeah . the black might work and it fits i think . on a stock car maybe not but i think on . something that's a bit more while i . reckon it might work it's gonna work . because it's all we have . and we have no time good . that was easy all right done you know . it's next martin what i don't know it's . big and it's heavy it might be the most . exciting box in the entire universe my . friend. what package is what's in this box is . gonna make us laugh martin oh mate you . need more than that dude down north kid . that's awesome . all right that's so good and what are we . having here this is exciting . oh yeah giving everything that we need . to install it not know everything we . need to install it in that box oh what's . in that box in this box is our second . bottle are we going nuts in stereo a . double bottle man that's awesome how . cool is that so there it is everybody . bring your it bees don't arrive the . quickest way of getting the most amount . of power possible other than i don't . know why is nice . i love turbos and stuff but like there's . just something about that isn't it well . martin daddy's as it's known as a. chemical supercharging chemical super . chugging let's work ahead of install it . maybe should go watch a mighty car mods . video when you inject nitrous oxide into. your intake your car goes faster because . it allows a denser charge of oxygen. creating a more powerful combustion oh . this is gonna be so mad i'll be able to . see it through the back we know as well . which is kind of cool . double boss bubble bottle setup . the thing is in need for speed like . nitrous is like a signature thing it is . it's like what you've got to do to chop . every fall i wonder what is with car . games and nos i love it don't know . there's always a button for it like the . boost button so we got to do that as . well man we got to have a button in . there and you press that and then that . just lets you chop the cops so these . have to go on the real road no these . have to be on an angle like this has to . be the highest part so in the game one . of the ideas is you've got to try and . get away from the cops while you're . doing your crazy missions and stuff so . realistically you'd probably want to be . able to reach the top of those bottles . from when you're sitting in the seats so . marty has had a pretty rad idea which is . actually mounting the bottles here onto . the roll bar there's lots of roll bar . kits you can get that can attach the . bottles to the robot and that means that . when you're sitting here at the front . you can actually turn around turn the . bottles on and then you've got your . madness there's some consideration to . this as well we can't be in the way of . the harnesses which we're not for this . right centered we'll put them next to . each other you can buy actual brackets . that attach these for getting them in. and out the other thing is because the . nos bottle is in the same compartment as . us because it's not a sedan you need . vent down tubes yeah and it regardless . of where we put t

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