700hp Roush Mustang, Twerkstallion & Stone Cold Steve Austin //DTT248

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https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Daily Transmission Tangents, Larry Chen recaps his Canon car photography clinic at the Thermal Club, and we learn that Stone Cold Steve Austin was turned away from the donut garage. Heads will roll.
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In and out day one . i can have you seen larry i'm sorry . so anyway a little while back i went to . thermal club larry chin invited me out . he was doing a photo clinic for canon . usa but we want to go a little more in . depth with it because larry did a lot of . cool shit that day now i just need to . find him . larry what what are you doing are you in . my car what are you doing my car yeah . you need to do . that would be awesome every where else . people are filming it's like quiet on . sedona i just needed a quiet place to . review photo that's funny the rotary car . is the quiet place ya wanna step in to . my office yeah sure . lots of shit like here dead falcons . fresh pumpkins. i can't even oh yeah you like my floor . mats oh my gosh what is it feel like to . sit in your passenger seat . ah shitty this is that big boyfriend oh . alright welcome to my office . this is kind of nice it's my bed now i . can look like i just crimp up this is . like an active arrow only if i leave it . in while i'm drifting it always flies on . [music]. so canon came up to me and they wanted . to do like a workshop slash clinic you . know i've never done one before . i just don't teach that's just not my. thing you know like want to shoot myself . you only i want to shoot myself yeah i . want to shoot all the time but there's . all these car enthusiasts that want to . learn how to do what we do specifically . shooting hearts right so i figured you . know what it would be so awesome to get . you involved hoonigan canon thermal club . which is just an awesome super exclusive . posh club where you you know you you buy . a house to become a member and these . houses are like easy they're so nice . yeah they're like 20 car garages like . it's crazy . yes real crazy we're here at one of the . villas because they're not houses. they're villas. getting a private tour place thing he . has 5ww collection don't touch anything . all right . don't even breathe on it okay drivers . [music]. inside everything . oh it's like this . [music]. she actually thought i was having an . affair williams run . [music]. [music]. [music]. sounds crazy. had a chance to shoot there a couple. times so i figured this would be the . perfect place to teach these students . how to shoot cars and honestly that's . the hardest part is getting the cool . location getting the cars and getting. the cool action this guy with this heavy . right foot that's how you make these . nice photos you know like you need all . the pieces to the puzzle yeah to do what . larry does you have to get it in front . of you you have to be in front of the . cool action the cool car the good . lighting and i did all that for these . guys you know i did all of that i did . the hard work all they had to do was . show up you know i'll teach them some . camera settings i'll teach em some i did. all that stuff and it allowed the . students to really shine so we're out . here at the thermal club doing a clinic . for canon usa and hurt i can't believe . it. actually brought his car for a sunrise . shoot as you can see right now there's . so many people shooting the car you can . see the car plan is to shoot the car . he's gonna do some donees in a rush . mustang so i'll thank you to rush for . that later on he's actually gonna do . actual drifting on the thermal club . course we'll have all these a nice . gesture machine gunning it yeah looking . forward to that oh what look at that . they're so fresh that's his driving . shoes i got a whole new life look now . i'm not worthy all right right here . all right so we're here cars running . gabri just for me yeah cute . it's a firing range now look at this oh . this is awesome . just on this . [music]. that's guide you get all the way back to . the trailer and then larry says hey can . you turn the car around . i don't know why they want to shoot my . car but he got mclaren's . larry's car all kinds of other cool . slope here when we shot those yesterday . if it bored . [music]. [music]. if you guys want to start getting closer . to get details to get that greeting . instant as you can see this cars driven . not a show car i can't even see the car . the solution is done it's awesome i love . so many guys came out with amazing . prints and some people they've never . shot a car in their life so check it out . like these are some of my favorite . photos from the event for example like i . had a lot i really wanted to like shoot . that whole behind the scenes shooting . people shooting cars you don't like so i . spent a lot of time doing that because . most of the time i was teaching but when . i did get a chance to shoot like i will . shoot this kind of stuff like we used my . land cruiser to do rolling shots we're . at mclaren 570s which they're very. generous to let me borrow for the . weekend one of our my favorite moments . was the the front desk got like a call . there like hey did anybody order a . mclaren i'm like that's me . i've always loved ladies photos going to . for me and dean working side-by-side . with them getting to see his work it . always feels good when i'm a subject of . his work because this guy she's amazing . stuff it felt like an honor all the . students were so happy to be a in his . class and so that was a cool thing to . see and they all got great photos so uh . just a little bit of run-up show of what . happened you know i got the students . familiarize with the equipment with the . canon gear and the craziest thing about . this kind of workshop is they get to use . any piece of counting gear they could . possibly dream up anything . yeah any lens it could be long telephoto . huge lenses that i use and a lot of the . people that shoot the olympics use it . could be the most professional bodies or . it could be whatever your your everyday. prosumer body they could use anything. because canon brought i couldn't even . imagine i don't know it must have been . like $100 i saw one of the clips where . all of you guys had your big oh no . attached to their camera she's shooting . the race clothes actually well here's a . picture of all of the guys shooting . everyone had huge lenses look at this is . the big guy look at me i had three just . to myself anyways the point was everyone . got to use the green gear and then we . took tours of the facility i brought out . six cars to shoot and then we did like a . nice car feature shoot and this is what. i call the firing range when everyone is . shooting at the same time yeah i just . like to take a step back and just i'm . like in such a happy moment right here . this is like ground zero of people into . cars into car photography and into the. culture like that they love it so much . that they're willing to come out take . this class or whatever and kind of let . me guide them in terms of like look at . this this is so cool it's like everyone . shooting and everyone shooting in a . different way different everyone's a . different style even though they all . have the same subject all these same . cars they're all coming out with . different photos right every single one . of it i saw the range of photos when. you took me around the editing room or . whatever you wanna come yeah yeah yeah . yeah and everyone shot my card but . everyone had a different angle different . perspective yeah why big everything they . all saw something different and that . that's one of the things that i pointed . out in your video i wanted them to tell . that whole story about this car like the . stuff that's falling apart stuff that's . gritty. um you know that the the texture of it . is so good like you can't character . character you can't make that you can't . create that the patina you can't do that . forcefully you know like you actually . have to let it wear over time you know . which is super cool by anyways the cars . that we had to shoot the rouse mustang . which you got to do some donuts in which. is a sage 3 just super awesome alright . so we're gonna have donuts for breakfast . and the her is the chef i'm filling in . for justin pollock just as good as jtv . hay for donuts yeah yeah but anything . else no i don't know if i've ever done 6 . a. m. donuts that words like arbor elated . okay i respect that . is this a spicy what's a big donut huh . oh it's the traction control right . minute now is day one . traction control came back on apparently. look at this look at this fire . thanks rash how does it been gripped . yeah thing ripped . i brought my 240z out all orange bang . which is always beautiful yeah i brought . my 9/11 out which you had a chance to . ride in before that bang is also sick . hey hey we all have a fleet of cars and . we all have a different style you know . and you like things that shitty like . shitty things likes things that don't . run that's very true right so he gets. things that run don't run . so like peter brock let us use his . daytona prototype two which is just so . crazy this car is so beautiful look at . this thing wow amazing you know i can't . believe that these people let us use . their legendary cars it's one man the . kicker was of course after the car . features stuff the next day for sunrise . we shot your car we shot the roush. mustang you're doing donuts and then the . kicker is that we actually got to shoot . a real race that they had at the thermal . club with the members which you could . see look it's like actual gt3 gt for . cars and they were actually pushing it . which is super cool for the students to . be able to shoot a real race like at a . racetrack catching real moments yes real . moments and i think that was super fun . for them . here we go students in town check it out . so some of the students are moving just . to get a different angle which is key . with such a short race you know you just . want to try to get it . [music]. [music]. they off the curb here pretty good . sometimes though i'll let the wheel fell . a little bit dif
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