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Hi guys it's jesse from all 4 adventure now behind me is in all 4 adventure swag now i've had a check to the guys that run iraq and we built these swags on all the experience that i've learned from using a swag in the bush now the swag shape and design hasn't been reinvented these are a popular shape and they are effective in the bush especially when you camping you got nothing to tie on got my record simon what are you good swag might now we've used a good quality ripstop canvas which is highly waterproof and durable the screen on here we've used immediately proof screen so it's really fine halls and it's a a good quality screen as well that's not gonna rip apart or anything like that now we use some good zips zips on both entrance points there's also this morning setup here you don't have to have the ordnung setup but you can i've got it set up here with a warning now we got these aluminium poops they come into the three-piece now the one thing i've noticed about other swags that i'm used those loose all those hoops they break over time their two highly strung all these ones here i can honestly tell you that i have not broken one in the whole 70 dies that always slipping the swag with the bottle by tonight when your chocolate then with ryan and your water flowing on his way yeah right i look montebello allah i mean you're wet i think you're wet either got 450 grams gsm final bottom in it it's got this little thing here see this thing here that's where you put your thumbs at night so young's it that tacky songs in there now on steals your phones now the other thing too is a lot of people a lot of people you know generally just spend a weekend or a small camping trip in this way i spent so much time in the swag that i realized that you've got to have a good quality matters so what i've done is i've put a hundred mil self-inflating king single mattress into this way no lol swag does it because it's not cheap but you get what you pay for you'll find plenty of cheap swags at there but none that i would put my name to overall it's a really good quality swag tried and tested by myself and simon on some of the most harshest conditions down south western australia and the top end when i tell you what mike you don't want to be wet when it comes to android the end of the day you want a good nights what i was it horrible the real beauty of the self inflating mattress is that you get comfort without sacrificing convenience when you roll it up you push all the air it rolls up nice and tight and this is one of the lightest and most compact swags on the market now comes with a full carry bag and i recognize the best quality swag available there guys easy to pack up easy to set up and guaranteed good night sleep even in the pouring rain you should check one out today your place to special order of the signature series swags and we've only got a very limited number arriving if you want to grab one this summer you'll need to be super-quick had to offer adventure calm and secure yours to die
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