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Join me for a tour of the Geneva Motor Show 2018. I'll take a look at the bold beautiful and the most exciting cars I'm most looking forward to driving in 2018.
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Welcome to the 2018 geneva motor show . and in this video i'm gonna give you the . a to z of all the new cars at the show . yeah it can be a long day for me but a . good video for you while singing there's . some on the alfre most and let's kick . off by talking about some of the it's . wholly owned firms okay so alpha it's . got a couple of limited editions limited . edition version of the stealth yo and . the junior if you want to a bart you can . get the wanted for spider with their . common fiber hard roof and on fiat the . some of the special edition so yeah . that's about unit alpena showing off . this race car behind me and a couple of . limited edition versions of the a 110 i . mean i don't know how limited edition . they are because i've even driven the . normal a 110 so helping please send me a . car to test or and drive it big news on. the idea standard is of course the new . a6 which is behind me and it's kind of . good in this unusual blue paint scheme. there's another car they're showing here. today and it's the e-tron howdy's first . ever all-electric car . unfortunately it's under covers they did. with the covers off earlier but i missed . that so i'm going to just have to . imagine what it looks like because i'm . kind of spiteful i'm gonna imagine it's . been ugly if you want to be more . eco-friendly with your bentley ben tiger . then there's this new hybrid version . which you can plug in to charge up its . batteries and then it can do . kilometers on an extra parallel or so . it's more efficient in the way that it . can curry champagne silver service and . whatever else you want to near the . compartment maybe gold frankincense oh . ma there's two things you need to know . about bmw or the geneva motor show this . year and the first one is behind me . it's the m8 grand coupe a is a concept . but you know how these things play out . in the past like with the only before . concept and all of that it's gonna be a . road car i need to do there probably . have a 4. 4 liter twin-turbo v8 with over . 600 horsepower up now also on the bindle . beast and they've got the new x4 small . coupe a suv thingy . mmm-hmm they're quite popular oddly this . is the new bugatti chiron sport and it's . basically a more truck focused version . of the chiron so it's got stiffer. suspension and it's 18 kilos lighter . thanks to various weight saving measures . including carbon fiber windscreen . now do you know which is the second . best-selling citroen worldwide well it's . this it's the berlin go and this is the . new one here so it shares many of its . parts with the c4 picasso mpv and here . in two versions this is the normal five . city version but you can get a longer . version with seven seats and it'll go on . sale the end of the year i don't know . why i'm walking around on this turntable . i don't need to walk any further at this . show so i'm just gonna bugger off . getting into fort knox is actually . easier than getting on a ferrari stance . so i'm just going to cover off the new . four eight eight pistol by saying that . it's lighter harder more powerful faster . more expensive and rarer than the normal . four eight eight if you're more . information on the car then yeah just go . watch someone else's video so normally . don't have done anyone shoots ferraris . don't they it's a cliche i might show . please shape okay so i'm on the forward . stand but really it may be huge but. there's there's not much to talk about . there is a european debut of the bullitt . mustang there's a world debut of some . active version of the car plus and then . just beyond these guys i think i've seen . something else that's maybe a bit new . yes it's a slightly revised ford edge 2 . the st line version mm-hmm this all . seems like a bit of a waste of space . hande showing but one car here at geneva . and it's this the new crv now if you're . american probably thinking wait a minute . that's not year we've had that for about . a year well as europeans are finally . catching up and i don't want that to . stop a debate about breaks it ok there's . not a political show so the crv it's got . a new look it's on a new platform and it . gets new engines and you can also get it . as this new hybrid so what's new in the . world of high and die well it's this the . santa fe all new model and looks rather . stunning they've got loads of creases . going on on the bodywork i like the old . center phase a good car and i think this . one you know they're moving the game on . aren't they they really are jaguar has . really moved into the future here the . geneva motor show by unveiling this . wonderful xj6 i mean it's so cutting . edge the technology's unbelievable it's. just so more advanced than anything else. at the show. got a couple of other cars here there's . an eye paced race car and just the . normal production ipace not sure what . they are but this wow so modern and what . 1 j is for jeep and they've modernized . the wrangler mm yeah it still looks very . similar also there's a facelifted . version of the cherokee so it's not . quite so ugly anymore now i want to show . you something really really beautiful . excuse me please by the way all right . it's that a 6. 2 liter v8 with 700 . horsepower the grand cherokee truck or . this is the world's most powerful suv. kate's got a couple of new cars to shop . here at the geneva motor show . one is the facelifted optima the other . is the new seed i've already seen the. hatchback version which is just behind . me but this one is the estate however . there is one thing i want to check and . that is the quality inside the car so . mmm soft touch materials on the dash but . i've gotta do this and you'll know what . i'm doing this if you see my kids sting . a video review i want to see how sturdy . this said to console is so it's okay but . can you hear it creaking . hmm okay now i know that the lamborghini . oris isn't a world premiere here today . but i couldn't come to geneva not check . it out cuz i mean look at it it's all . brash and angular and shouty what's it . like inside well i guess i'll just have . to wait for them to let me want to find . out now there is one car that i can look . inside even if it is locked because it's . convertible. it's the oricon performant a spider so a . more extreme version but there are . conspired up you know how these things . work . l is for lecture so behind me is the new . ux and it's real production car set to . rival the bmw x1 it's built on ecstasy's . new small car platform this also has . their latest hybrid system and it is . four-wheel drive if you don't a hybrid . you will be able to get a petrol version . cares on sale at the end of the year . lexus is also showing a facelifted . version of the nx here at geneva now you . have the old nx and i really like the. way it looks . i just wasn't keen on the way drive . everything this is about here on the . mazda stand i'm filming a film crew . which appears to be filming another film . crew which is filming the new master six . estates now say new it's actually a . facelifted car but it's got a new look . it's got some fresh engines including a . 2. 5 liter petrol engine in the uk for . the first time now i'm gonna run because . master she doesn't like me won't even . let me cause if you've wondered why i've . never driven or reviewed any mazdas on . car wow that's why so i've got to flee . otherwise i took off the stand so bite . okay so let's say that the mclaren . centre is just a little bit too . mainstream for you you want something . that you can't drive on the road you . want something that only you and 74 . other people can own well how about this . it's the gtr version of the centre so . it's got a bit more power so . 825 horsepower more aero as you can see. and some crazy slick tires like i said . that you can't use on the road and it's . gonna be very very expensive i think . this has to be the busiest stand here . and the geneva motor show 2018 the . mercedes stand is just well there's . people filming over there over here it's . just crazy . and it's no surprise i mean behind me is . the new amg gt four-door . we've also got the facelifted c-class. over there there's the c 43 amg there's . the new a cast want to get inside and . have a look at it . the interiors amazing that looks in the . pictures beyond that is the new g-wagen . yeah we probably after we cut the ways . of all the cars because everything's . taken by other film crews it's madness . nissan hasn't tried particularly hard . here at the geneva motor show so what. they're showing is a restyled version of . a concept they've already shown it's . called the i'd mix and the new livery . for their formula e race car thanks for . coming guys now i would be lying if i . didn't say just how much i love the look . of this new 500 this new prototype i . mean look at it . it's beautiful this is just a normal . hatchback man finally heads back and it . looks like a sports car i am blown away . honestly what persia has done recently . with its design you know the 3008 in . this now it's incredible check out the . inside as well it looks beautiful . never knew so much about a family car . now there's another car here that . they're showing as a world premiere as . well it's called the rift and it's . basically the new partner whoo yeah oh . and as that as well see that big lion . apparently that is going to be on per . show show stunts that every show in the . foreseeable future under this cover here . is the porsche mission across turismo so . it's a jacked up version plug-in hybrid . and the panamera sport turismo yeah i'd . like to show you but i asked this man . whether he wouldn't cover it barn . too late apparently they told me no . uncertain terms to go away so i'm gonna . have to show you some stock footage of . it instead so i'm very very showing off . this the three-door version of the range . rover which is called the sv coupe a. it's behind this kind of barricade and . i'm not allowed in there because i'm not . important enough so over there move on . we're gonna move on to tata which . interestingly is just over there right . next to the land rover stand then it's . gotta come to contact cars over there . and one of them is an suv . i wonder who may have helped them with . that yeah renault is showing off a . concept car which could spell the end of . the ebu driver it's called the easy go . and it's essentially a driverless taxi. or anyone's actually put some lies into . production by . we'll see. what we have here is the world's most. powerful electric car it's got 1914 . horsepower from its four electric motors. and 120 kilowatt hour battery in all 16 . that'll take one point eight five . seconds son inquire that'll take nine . seconds top speed 258 miles an hour . what oh yeah the price it's 1. 7 million . euros ok so what's new on the rolls . royce stand well there is the new . phantom but that's not brand new it's . not a world premiere however there's a . new bespoke program which makes rolls . always even more bespoke than before. though i did that you could ever get . more bespoke than bespoke because that's . a whole point of bespoke anyway you can . now get the door with some special humps . which go over the rear seats to make it . look sporty with the roof down and here . we have the first-ever rose gold spirit . of ecstasy and that's your lot right . then what do you need to know about . sayit's well let's start with the least . interesting and move to the more . interesting so the least interesting is . the fact that you can get amazon alexa . and shazam versions a certain models of . its cars there's also an electric racing . car concept but big news is it's using . this event to launch its new cupra . sporting sub-brand . with this the attacker cupra so it's got . two litre turbocharged petrol engine . with 300 horsepower and the new cooper . badge on the grille which looks like . some pointy forceps the adult heart this . is the scale division x and it's . essentially the check firm's version of . the sayit aronia and if it looks . anything like this concept it's gonna be . better-looking than the say art this is . a smart vision eq concept car and it's . effectively itself driving for two from . the future and it's a liver grill it's . actually got a digital display at the . front and look what they've done for me . that nice horse on the stand is the . electric version of every other car in . smarts range it's their new eq range yes . they're on a charge . subaru's world premiere here today is . this concept carp so it's called the . look at leeds window near busy concept . dora what is it well essentially it . hints at what the next wrx estate will . look like that isn't due till about 2020 . t is for toyota now the car born is . talking about isn't the facelifted i go . although it's still very nice . it's this the gr supra racing concert so . this will spawn the broken supra which a . man from japan tells me is going to be . available very soon oh look almost . forgot . toyota's also showing off the new eris . hybrid it's all a lot more daring . looking in the old car it's kind of gone. all mirai volkswagen has quite a lot . cause here at the geneva motor show but . there's only one world debut and that's . it the i d vision what is it it's a . contact car pointing to an autonomous . all-electric family saloon i have . nothing more to say i'm starting their . new volvo v60 and it feels quite a lot . like the xc60 suv i used to have so yeah . lovely just a bit lower down obviously . what my car didn't have was this though . look this one's got the aura four's . crystal gear selector mmm swish also on . the volvo i stand . there's the pole star never seen it . before in the metal but my gosh it looks . good well that's the end of the show i . hope you enjoyed the video i'm . absolutely knackered so now i'm going to . seek refuge and this stretched armored . range rover sighs excuse me sir i don't . think you could afford that oh i think . this is more appropriate for you . great hey dude you like completely in . shock from it's for electric motors and . 120 kilowatt hour earth battery and that . guy just couldn't wait obviously needs . to go to the toilet set to room across . the frame hello . .
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