BJ Baldwin’s Full Tilt K5 Blazer //DT237

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Popular videos: On today's episode of Daily Transmission, BJ shows up, guns blazing, in his full custom k5 Blazer pre runner and reminds us all that he is in fact, king of the yard.
Special thanks: @bjbaldwin

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[music]. so today is daily transmissions one-year . anniversary or birthday whatever you. want to call it so we've been working . long and hard trying to figure out what . to gift you guys for our one-year . anniversary i think we got the perfect . gift for you . bj baldwin came here with zero notice . [music]. she lifts her wheels . man i love that truck . it's big what's up bj i just want to let . you know that you are all of these . peoples birthday gift today nice they . made one not only did you come for the . hundredth episode which was though you . kind of push it up . well we decided that was such a good . episode to have you back for the . one-year anniversary of daily . transmission awesome so all you people . say thank you to bj for being your gift. you're welcome. he makes it look so easy . he just whipped it around jump it's just . like that. god that's amazing . it's so beautiful that truck is so good . nice work man we're gonna send you a . bill for that it's a nice big it's a . pretty big divot right well let's park . this thing do a bill breakdown and thank . you for coming always a pleasure when . you grace grace us with your presence . we've wanted you to bring low-key for . quite some time i've wanted to bring . low-key for quite some time why are we . going down here okay i'm down here with . you bud who needs a jack or a lift now . that this is how you know you love the. vehicle that you built right here this . this is how. [music]. so this this particular vehicle has been . around for quite some time it's . originally built by john bedding by a . blitzkrieg motorsports kind of invisible . another guy added for a prerunner i . bought her off of him for 60,000 this . people probably cost you to rebuild it . that same vehicle probably about 350 . i'm fortunate if i don't have that much . the best night probably put another . hundred into it fixing everything that . was broken crapping out a little bit . bigger prerunner engine and it's about . 600 horsepower 600-foot pounds . i wanted it to move really good look at . that was this particular body style is . my favorite body stuff . lazer's threat it's a 78 it's kind of . blended together parts of of different . trucks it's got a 2003 front-end this . hood mold was originally our hood mold . from my first prerunner that we had . built in 2002 when the bedsides from a . 91 silver tailgates from the 78 so you . kind of just mashed a bunch of things . together yeah i didn't do all the . bodywork on it when i got it add a bunch . of holes in the bedside some stuff you . know i wanted to change to make it a . little bit sexier right it wasn't quite . what it is today i can't take credit for . building it but i can take credit for . making it work yeah we changed a lot of . stuff in the interior to make it more . ergonomic we put much bigger shocks on . it we did a lot of suspension tuning . because i'm so passionate about having . this vehicle right it's a really what . good in the big bumps so this truck is . as smooth as my trophy truck in the big . box it's not as fast as it doesn't have . a 900 or. motor good so about 300 day . as which is a big difference when you're . running those it's a big . when the 48 tires on it so it's a really . good run truck especially for you know i . could use it for pre running and i use . it to like play around you know around . town yeah i hit medians at like 80 miles . an hour vegas for bj's like the wild . wild west. he's been there long enough he's been . driving these things long enough to . where this is a hundred and ten percent . my fun vehicle this is actually my dream . car some kids growing up you know st. hammond lamborghini i wanted a blazer . with a big motor and really good . suspension so that's about five years . now and you know we've had a lot of fun . taking it for what it was to what it is . today and changing the suspension love a . change in the interior great deal and . cleaning up the body and making it just . a little bit sense right the lights . really make it to the new rigid lights . they're adjustable they're the adapt . light bars these are actually the . prototypes because i i got the first . ones these these janitor yeah these are . the rigid adapt lights they have . switches it so so it's pretty cool to . have that adjustability can we see under . under this old girl let me help you with . weight more hood pins than i need. [music]. you uh you call this the elephant yeah. elephant intake there's limited room up . here. when blitzkrieg built the chassis . obviously they had to integrate the cab . they did a good job we have a little bit . different design principles files to . build it from scratch you know obviously . it cost me a lot more money but i would . i would have made it a little bit lower . i wouldn't have to use a stock frame . rails when they built this originally . when this thing was constructed it was . made to be driven in california so you . have to have like three feet or 4 feet . of frame rails stock frame rails in . order to get registered we're added we . don't have to do that so we do a . complete tube chassis for prerunners and . data and what it does is that the . vehicles are able to sit about four or . five inches lower which helps it in . handling and coring so i mean if you . were to enter this truck into or some . kind of race series right now what would . that be or is that not even though i . think it'd be a 1450 truck pilot if i . was to enter it into a class is a badass . 1450 truck i've seen a couple of really . well so fast . it's really really crazy fast it handles . really good it's really comfortable it's . really forgiving anytime you come up on . something that you forgot was there like . a big ditch it just goes like this boom . i mean we just watched you stop multiple . times on a dime right over there this . thing stops like that and also oddly . flips around with the quickness - i . still don't understand how you're able . to drive this things like that we . changed when we got it first thing we . did we had a really small motor and we . pulled the motor out of it put a big . motor in it it had like 350 horsepower . we put a six on a horsepower engine we . put different radiators and neat . exchanges in it you know to help cool . the transmission cool or cool the . radiator and then we put bigger shocks . on it and we tuned the shocks for quite . a long time king how much travel is him . they think it has that's a big old it . has about 23 inches of travel on the . front and about 29 yeah my trophy truck . got about 25 and 33 so this thing could . pretty much do a record then we we also. put bigger alcon brakes on elysium heat . away so it's stopped that was big free . can't just put like an engine that makes . over 200 more horsepower than what was . originally put in it and then just leave . the brakes on so we had to put big . brakes on when we put the big motor . right that's basically how you should do . it any time . put a for la de transmission in it so . it's what we use them all our premiere . owners that has overdrive so you can . drive it down the highways in baja and . get going like 100 105 without really . put a lot of stress in mode you know for . a long long hauls friend you know the . south of baja how often do you actually . pre run with this thing it's kind of a . backup for your honor so i use my i . tundra i have a deal with toyota and i . represents them with us my ability if i . have some kind of issue with my tundra . you know if they arm cracks or breaks or . something happens 100 to 0 real quick we . had a really bad accident i had a rock . the size of a car but we're glad to be . ok then this is this is my backup you . obviously don't see this on social media . quite as much as it used to because of . my relationship with toyota this isn't . really like manufacturers vehicle . obviously it's kind of pieced together . different parts of different trucks . everything on this truck is customer the . only thing that's not a windshield in . the doors what's your favorite part . about this job my favorite part about . this truck i like driving on the street . is the looks that you get on the street . you know driving . in traffic and i don't just cruise with . your traffic i don't think you can say . that you drive spiritedly i drive spears . spiritedly through traffic it stops . because it's really like driving a tank . without any travels well this thing is . fancy i'm glad you brought it it's got . all kinds of crazy scoops and sweet . things like that anything fancy in here . um i got these shaved you know that's . another thing i did you know about smile . sexiest ya know door handles no no . handles anywhere on on the frogs i even . like the color match to alexi set up . everything we did these naca ducts in . there it had these big ugly scoops of. the side that were non-functional naca . ducts are proven to work in the wind . tunnel so we did these these go to the . oil coolers the other side goes the. transmission ice it's a lot sexier with . these in the wind yeah that's fancy yeah . that's all the tweety let's see we . changed the interior great deal we built . all this stuff into it we run dual gps . and set it in case one fails we have a . big one on my side that i can program . and then another one for my navigator . the he can program . and obviously there's a certainty that . somebody else and then we rewired the . whole thing and we put with the motek . dash in it it had a a bunch of you know . instrumentation that was not that cool . that consultant i wanted to put all the . best stuff right i'm gonna spice it up i . mean i love i love the vehicle a lot in . spaceship right there . yeah then we got all the all the . controls for all the rigid a dap light . bars so i can control you wanna show us . one or let's just hit me with a little . light ooh man oh whoa whoa buddy and as . a significant amount of light i gotta . say the lighting right now oh nice yeah . you're my wife or your wife or i'm sorry . i think we pretty much got everything . covered you got i mean it's a badass . truck bj we put everything we do at the . shop any time i have a little bit of . space to do something new to it you know . i'm doing it i'm constantly trying to . improve this thing yeah i think probably . the next step because i do less pre . running with this vehicle now i'm . probably gonna put a really big . supercharger because it makes about 600 . horsepower right now if it made nine . hundred or a thousand i think of you . you don't got to explain to me why . you're putting more power i'm always . down for more power if i had it my way . i'd have a motor that made 3,000 . horsepower you know so you can never . have enough horsepower torque well let's . see what let's see what i mean we got a . little taste of what's a sunder . horsepower is like now that you're . warmed up your brakes are warmed up. you're driving arms warmed up i think . let's give the people a birthday present . all right let's do it all right . i told you guys in the buick episode . that he wanted to the first person to do . some two-wheel stuff so looks like he's . practicing for that . so good he's out of his mind man . [music]. was that only get to see like this . on the internet or paid $25 that's my . boy. that's my boy . [music]. yawn danger kyoto is insane right now . the ramp is uh on borrowed time heavy . truck yeah that's a big old truck you . already break something that's how i do . it for making funny noises or something . what this right there always pops off . throttle cable yeah that's kind of . sketchy but i need an off-road wrap . [music]. .
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