CarMax Goes All In for ’96 Honda Accord
At CarMax, we buy all the cars. Weโ€™re really good at it. So when we see someone thatโ€™s got a car ad as sweet as this one โ€ฆoh yeah, weโ€™re making an offer.
So the guy who posted the video for the . 1996 honda accord and his girlfriend now . fiance i've been authorized by carmex to . make a legal and binding offer for . greenie . the aforementioned the cord now carmex . doesn't play games haggle or pull the . wool over anyone's eyes and with our. same price for every one policy we can't . nay won't get into a bidding war for the . car but believe me when i tell you that . your commercial has made a 1996 honda. accord sized hole in our heart and we . will not rest until we filled it so . here's what we're prepared to offer . we'll buy the accord obviously we'd also . like to buy the cat for $5,000 for cat . people that old passenger seat coffeepot . we want it let's say thirty five hundo. mexico mug needed to brand also your . fiance's fuzzy sweatshirt jacket thing. looks comfy so let's call that another . couple of coats geez and at the end when . she's eating the sandwich on the clip . it's sunset there's any leftover we want . that too we'll give you five hundred . four hundred if it has mayonnaise that's . right we want it all our offer let's . round up and call it twenty thousand . dollars this offer is redeemable in any . of our 188 carmack's locations for the . next seven days like all our written . offers the mexico mug is non-negotiable. the cats optional at carmack's we buy . all the cars and sometimes the jackets . and sandwiches too. [music]. .
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