COLLECTING My AMG GT R with Nico Rosberg!

My AMG GT R has arrived! Not only that, to make the most special collection day imaginable I am joined by none other than F1 World Champion, Nico Rosberg! Then again on top of that, some friends with another GT R and an E63 S to convoy over to MB World where Nico proceeds to show us how to drive this car in anger. This was a complete dream day out, thank you to everyone who made it possible!
Since ordering the AMG GT R approximately 18 months ago it has been a long wait through the order process, spec and now delivery but I am extremely excited for the adventures ahead. My car is painted Black which has taken me by surprise in how it looks; having originally intended to wrap it from the start I have now taken it to Topaz for detailing and Paint Protection Film to keep it black in the mean time. It is optioned on the outside with the exterior carbon pack (mirrors and rear wing), the lightweight forged wheels and yellow calipers. On the interior we have the Dynamica alcantara with yellow stitch, yellow seatbelts, yellow embroideries, and the satin carbon fibre inlays. It's a Premium spec car and also has the Distronic Plus package and just to my mind looks epic in black, super stealthy and aggressive - as is the nature of the car. In traditional fashion it wears an SH MEE number plate, this time with 67 representing both the current registration period in the UK but also 1967, the year AMG was founded.
I'd like to say a special thank you again to everyone involved in making this collection day possible. To Nico and his team for coming down to be part of it, to Raz from Remove Before Race for bringing his cars to join the convoy and play around at MB World, to GT and the team at Mercedes-Benz Brentford, to Topaz Detailing for getting the car prepared, to the guys with me for producing the video and photos, and to Daffyd and his team at MB World for their work to make it all fit together and put the icing on the cake.
Be sure to head over and follow Nico on his channels:
And of course also Raz from Remove Before Race:
Fancy some tuning to my AMG GT R? Why not join the discussion to talk about the options over on Qutee:
Thanks for watching, Tim
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Song 2: TheFatRat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie
Song 3: Floppy Circus - I Was
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Caption: Hi guys i'm shmi and good morning to you . on a very exciting day today because i . am finally going to be collecting my new . mercedes amg gt r and not only that i'm . gonna be joined by a very special guest. today none other than formula one world . champion nico rosberg he's coming down . he's recently started a youtube channel . we've also got raised from remove before . race with his gtr and e63 s to go for a . convoy so i'm going to be picking up my . car going for an epic amg convoy and . then with nico we're gonna go and play . on a track as well naturally i'm really . quite excited for the day that is in . store today. i think so is it will have to be . corporate so no no no how are you very . good. oke out the way out the way so this is . the one no no that's not my one my one . is indoors but we're gonna be driving . for that one later on today okay which . is from brass who's just yeah that's . pretty cool doesn't arrive . you never drive in a job no so the . awesome there you go first time first . time my kid wicked oh welcome i'm . looking forward you have you given it a . good review so far on that yeah it was . that true thanks . everybody's gonna disagree with that . i'll pop back out okay you think you . finish off your video . [music]. i'm pretty excited so are you excited . that a little bit you know adrenaline . adrenaline is going it's a long way it's . an epic car it's gonna do a lot of miles . i'm going to drive this car literally . like big-time road trip . car at the moment right now we'll unveil . the car to the camera for middle general . once there okay . [music]. [music]. [music]. oh yes. so there we have it guys you caught me . and then one day i'm trying to meet the . one man one engine you know that amg . also there's a car around the world . somewhere but it's your neighbor my name . within that way amazing . i did the whole whole night the whole . line with it. i can't went from one phalanx of that so . officially you first jump in and start . on collection day . the gtr let's have a little listen to . this this feels like here we go . pretty good. the fish'll collection is done . everything sign thank you very very much . pleasure it's been while just an amazing . even up to this point i've driven it yes . say congratulations and file first gto . and it's such a nice thing that you . could drive another ctl 3. 0 long . thank you brother always needed in the . uk a model car as well for the . collection let me show you around the . car talk a little bit about the . specification that i've gone for so is . finished in it the black the best colour . to wrap but even looking like this it is . super stealthy and when i saw it i just . decided it had to be kept like this so . the cars been to topaz for a detail . paint protection film at the front end . to obviously look after it on the road . trips you can see it's got the optional . lightweight forged wheel regular brakes . because i'm gonna be using it mostly out . on the road but it's the premium package . so you get extra finisher parts around . the outside i've got the carbon fibre . exterior packs of the mirrors and the . carbon fibre rear wing on the outside . though it's more or less what you see . you've got the amazing exhaust pipes . back here a titanium exhaust system and . then sh 67 m ee because 67 is the . current registration period in the uk . but also mercedes amg was founded in . 1967 and underneath in traditional . fashion a quotes the best or nothing . from godly daimler mr. damon let himself . and coming around to show you on the . inside premium package means upgraded . audio but i had to have the car with the . alcantara dynamic ax inside with the . yellow stitching yellow embroidery . yellow seatbelts option carbon fiber . sill plaque absolute must then on the . inside the carbon fiber package in here . too which gives you that carbon fiber . strut brace across the back super super . cool so i think i was set on my spec . pretty early on to be honest it's got . some of the technology functions like . adaptive cruise control and pre safe to . brake if anything's required and then. the mg gtr 9 stage traction control. which i'm going to show you a lot more . of very soon and how that works as well . but this thing is just going to be mega . 4 litre 585 horsepower bi turbo v . just look at it i can't wait for the . adventures to come with this car. [music]. least the black hell thanks to the base . of the greenhouse . ah so here we are first drive time thank . you for joining me i'm quite excited . about this yes cool naturally although i . know the car like this being driven in . the very gentle way we're gonna be. driving it right now because it's being . running it's not quite performing the . devote cars lose appeal no because it's . totally different you know this is this . is an experience it's the interior it's . the sound it's yeah yeah different you . know and i can enjoy this as well very . much . i guess it's slightly more relaxing as. well it's not so fun and a little bit . yeah okay first thing we have to do is . take off the traction control first . thing right now . first thing so this is more exhaust. sound yeah yeah we definitely yeah. that's awesome that's what we need an f1 . button to turn on more engine sound or . something for the ac on is it so what is . it like a flap on the exhaust that opens . up or what yeah i guess so this car has . a lighter theology audi's they actually . have speakers yeah and they fake lots of . our state's crazy i send the guys out . cool cool . i always like driving with another one . at the same car you're in yeah because . you realized what it learns to other . people it's true can you tell me a bit . about your beginnings when i started on . youtube it was eight years ago it was . competing different things what it is . now know that we see as youtube now this . much more commercialize platform much . much bigger audience but back then you . just threw on videos you keep your home . videos you just throw them online so i . had videos of my friends and school. going on skiing holidays early videos of. cars it was just this was a random . personal stuff but then some people . think that were chicks was that they're . making me . so uh bleeding into videos was very much . on the side it was not not possible . during the viking week very lures and he . has spreadsheets but it was against . macgregor andrew it's been a crazy . journey which really changed you know . it's painful . and when did you quit your job three . years ago three or four years ago . at the time i tell you when i quit my . job to be a youtuber my parents are like . well that's all i'm doing . okay thanks to no sense especially . especially then now it makes more sense . now it would be understandable are you . mad. it's been a fun adventure it's it's . turned out pretty well so far so quite . happy okay . it's a new year i guess a new journey . for you but it must be a lot to learn . very quickly and to be for me is just . exploring and i enjoy it you know it's a . period of exploration my life and i . really do believe that youtube is the . future so for me it's just exploring and . it's fun and are your parents okay with . you being a youtuber no yeah i think . they get it . my dad's very happy . this bird unites social media world has . changed so far so quickly and so . dramatically and it's something none of . us really knew about a couple yes . companies are nodding right everybody's . exploring in discovery the perfect . for you this year quiet a little less . busy . so it's different because i took some . time off but at the same time it's an . important period now because. i'll always be a need of challenges you . know gonna change and anyways now i need . to build my second eco 2. 0 and so is . nitrogen that's another i could become . one thing let's see i mean this is more . and asherah fun but let's see it that's . why so it has been quite busy and it's . really finding the balance you know . fighting about it's family time so i . have to you have to get down a little . but it's like six weeks old graduations . see slip i just got a call from my wife . she slept through the night for the . first time which is like mercedes car . for a family to get to the back get . everywhere is he going . lately i've actually discovered electric . car ride sharing even in monaco . there's a car everywhere around town so . if i'm very mobile closes car click the. button jump it go . leave it wherever i want like that . but then i'm big into classic cars for . classic cars so i drive a i drive a . pagoda mainly 1970s roof down you know . south of france with my wife see along . the c line that's a wonderful . amazingly needs it exactly copy the . mountains straight up the amazing rose . up there or along the coastline or you . can write to us . [music]. with information and sincerely. disabilities. i'm sure you know more about it tonight . what do you want to go i can do anything . about project forward seeing how it goes . i mean from a pure car road car . technology what if you obviously it's . the lincoln head of the previous . generation of hybrids we have hyper cars . ago science a new also and porsche by . reuters probably chose to a ferry trip . but in terms of how its weight for . example it's another is a fair bit . lighter than the previous battery . technology and internal but i think the . concept that makes about convenience of . exciting is when there is racing. connection when there have been a . pedigree banana technology know that. this car for example is a bit at the . cape ggt 3d it is . i seem to be back close to number one . because you drive which feels crazy for . me because it has my gamble of one world . championship winning engine yet inside . of it which is really quite all right . it's gonna be it's gonna be incredible i . mean four-wheel drive also because one. of

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