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Today i'm look from drifter and we're . here and a new drift to hq campsite. which we've called drifter r&d campsite . 1 jd come up with that name say that's . for this here is my jd from america he's . basically living here in about his truck . and we've set this camp up using the . kitchen the fridge and just work an . ideal for a bit of r&d some videos and. things like that as well so we've been . mucking around here all day dad john see . with us as well so we're gonna cook a . roast. it'll be good dad yeah x i'm looking . forward to it what we're gonna do is . cover things we've got this uni flame . 600 guerrilla box and we're going to . basically cook a roast inside here this . is a folding this just falls flat and . this awesome little gorilla box have . been using a lot over christmas so we . thought we'll see how we go using this . as a as an oven really so first thing. what we'll do is i'll just put this . charcoal going and we've got this gizzy . charcoal from queensland which is . awesome now the other thing we're going . to do is show you some of the new led . lights we've got so a couple of heat . feeds there i got a couple of foil . artists here and the gizzy charcoal now . the whole bag i kill i bag will fit . inside this zip top shopping bag . perfectly that's a whole bag of gg . charcoal so that's pretty good . yeah pull back there this is a third . densest wood in the world yugi how they . reckon and that's all you gotta do 20 . minutes and that'll be okay sorry yeah . you can say you haven't used this one . before we've been using the the 900 a . bit longer one yeah we thought we'd just . try the smaller one so these legs you . screw on a couple of nice stainless . steel grill plates there and get the hot . plate you know this like that falls flat . that's a bit of a hood so you can use as . a hood warmer and also you can see how. we go with the roast in that tonight . it's also got a little shelf on the end . here which is quite handy for things so . we'll just let that cook away and a . little bit later on will do once i guess . limit more dark is show you these led . lights and i've got a few of they set up . so we'll do a video on some of the . lighting you can use including the . hazuki's and we've got the now some . rechargeable batteries for those so yeah. i just wanted to show you this kit here . we're pulling our barbecue kit and . something me and jd come up with over . christmas now that's a bag as you can . see that's the medium gear bag okay if . you're going away anyway like in the in . the you know in your truck you babe . picnic down the park anywhere at all and . you want to basically go and have a . little cook up with you know anywhere . between two and a dozen people and we've . set a little kid up that you'll help . everything in there is what you need . except for the food because there's lots . of little bits and pieces and be nice to . get it all in a kit yeah you don't have . to buy it as a kit most you probably. won't but you can slowly get this gear . together over time but it's really nice . to have it all together so you just grab . that and you don't forget there's a lot . of little bits and piece . susan you know it's a pain if you sort . of forget things so we're using this now . and it's great because just a little kid . that's ready to go if i go late in the . weekend or d on the trailer. go out in the truck i just grab that now . jd do specifically remember things . getting done in the blue kazoo . yes this is medium equipment bag and . these bags in itself they're 12 ounce . canvas a little bit thicker and just a . great all-purpose bag it's got one . pocket in there yeah it's there's a . brilliant i love these gear bags so in . this year i'll show you i'll pull the . way up and then we'll get some charcoal . going a charcoal bag get you charcoal . i've chucked in a little kettle as well . actually now and have to have this . because they've got a kettle in the you . know in the truck as well but that's one . of the new snow-peak stainless kills . we've got. single barbeque box from snow-peak all . right now we've got some tongs on place. you pull it all out so you can see and . the little fire table these are really . important to have one of those set it up . as a go of it these things that. brilliant surprised how many people have . got these and for a kid's table the . grade as well okay so we just set this . over here oh the wind a little bit . all right now also in here is a . windshield . [music]. you know this barbecue bar and any small . but a couple of legs on it this barbecue . box also fits in the home girl table but . don't lose those legs because you need . them if you're setting up something like . that with those legs or that you could . also just use a bamboo table at any . table you get warm but not too hot . okay yeah we're gonna probably need a . little bit more charcoal or cook up over . here so i'm gonna get a little bit more . going a little barbecue swill cup you . know in here is the important bit so . what we've got in there is paper towel . oh yeah very important to take that . camping something we've learned over . christmas - we've had gloves but it's so. important to have a pair of gloves when . you're mucking around with you know . charcoal cooking it's really important . of gloves so they're in there all right . then . tp - fire lighters pretty much you need . three three cubes we'll start one of. those honey is - i've only got half you . just hit that just by that and that's . ready to go now also in here what's . important is we've got some small time . so if your food on top of the barbecue . these are really good . these long tongs a really good same . thing but also for muck around the . charcoal so she looks at the tongs . leave the uni flame mostly stuff so . eunuch flames yeah very important to . have your olive oil or just spray oil . it's really good for barbecuing matches . fire starters and this little thing is . great little you know the little butane. torch the good thing about this is it's . not it doesn't get put a lot of heat out . but it's got the piezo started on it so . you know if you have got a matches . haven't got lighters whatever you've. always got this you can start your bbq . with that so it's great to sort of carry . that with you all right . so all these here are in that pocket and . you know if you go camping or a barbecue . and you forget the paper towel if you . get the oil forget any matches forget . the fire starters then it's just not . going to work so it's great to have it . all in this one kit and you know you're . not going to forget anything . everything's there quickly show this . little kettle. it's a ripper this is from snow peak and . it's a stainless steel kettle and we've . obviously had on the fire so that's it . really. yeah if you're gonna sit in here with . some people a dozen people the more . people you have the more you just right . take the food around so you have a . little table here and put food on fill . it up cook the food lift it off and. chuck moron straight away that's how you . sort of do it yeah but let's see it and . you can easily feed heap of people . you've got a nice windshield here and . once that's done for the little grill on . top and where you go now this the level . of that grill of this base here is also . adjustable so you got three three levels . and yeah i mean if you're going out in . the truck for a day out or morning out . or get on the beach or anybody like this . and the beach is great you know because . it's got the windshield just put this in . the sand and it's just a great little . kid so you could sort of build up that . collection of gear you might have this . already slowly get the say the barbecue . box or the windshield and then just get . a bag and just slowly add to it till you . get up in the air a lot of the other . stuff of course paper towel you just get . that yourself right so that's the . barbecue kit or the charcoal barbecue. kid. and one thing we'll quickly mention is. with the charcoal you know we used to . always have a fire pit and we would . stack the fire pit right up you know . full and then let that burn down over 40 . minutes to coals but the coals from from . wood is just not very reliable and it . would often burn out before you finish . cooking dinner so we sort of started . using heat beads and in australia we . haven't really cooked a lot with heat . beads generally mostly done you know hot . plates of gas really so you know heat. beads bit of a new thing certainly for . me and it was great because it just . prolongs the cooking time you a lot more . reliable and you've got a lot more time . cooking your meals so you're not going . to have that situation when you run out . of heat halfway through your meal . and the other good thing you'd have a . fire over here if it's if it's winter . time you really need a fire for for for . warmth and then also a cooking area as . well so he paid to rotate with their . brown coal all right and you can buy . them everywhere pretty good they're good . but they're nowhere near as good as . charcoal and the best charcoal he's the . gidget charcoal look at that. so our ski g comes from connor muller . and queensland's the great australian . products one of the best charcoal woods . in the world and we were able to buy . that from queensland and that's the . brilliant charcoal you can get an eight . kilo bags it's not expensive about . twenty-five bucks from a kilo bag and . you know it's just the best stuff for . cooking with so you know we're doing a . lot of that now get the fire going for . the atmosphere in the warmth but the the . cooking is done with with the charcoal . they can use a single barbecue box you . can use a double barbecue box a lot of . the fire pits you can still use like a. snow peak fire pit you can use charcoal . but really if you haven't tried took.
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