CRAZY Old Guy Tries to Sell Me His “CUSTOM” Corvette for $200,000…

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Caption: Good morning once again and welcome back . to the channel this is day three and the . final day of corvettes . at carlile it's not actually the final . day but it is the final day for me and i . hope that you guys are enjoying these . videos it is definitely hard to film the . event pretty well and interact with . people and like walk around and have fun . and i do want to find some parts for the . sea for today so it is kind of difficult . to juggle those two things but i think . that everyone's having a good time and . i'm definitely enjoying it so with that . being said let's take that number two . i'm gonna do it even if it means i die . and that is starting both of my . corvettes in the garage at the same time . [music]. now for the new vet . [music]. very good. oh my god. jesus cried . you want to talk about a lot first of . all i'm surprised you can even hear this . one over that one but you can you can . it's definitely not quiet either right . folks enough messing around let's go . [music]. all right troy we are here for the final . day our final day like i said of . corvettes carlisle . troy's here with his mcdonald's . somewhere it's two rows over it's parked . next to matt it's over it more more . chevrolet like matt i needa i wanna . party the parking space i parked my . mom's mini over corsa oh yes sir thank . you the courser for allowing me to park . my mom's mini big john to them and we . are terrible people dude fire here look . at that this is a vin number zero zero 1 . carbon 65 by the way my favorite the c7 . are i want a wide-body my car so bad . dude that is a good example of how widen . hell . i should side pipe mine and maybe this . is a good indication of what the new rap . is gonna look like on my car could that . be a hint what's up guys how you doing . man what's your name anthony nice to . meet you mike mike that's easy to . remember how you guys don't agree i . think so too i think we did pretty good . maybe you longer oh yeah you're the . block joey your cord is piece of junk . wow . roasted him and nick your truck is slow . jesus christ i got to get out of here . yeah of course aw man . shane and i are over here looking for . wheels and i think we're lost this is . like a flea market of some kind. those are like gardening tools i guess. is there a forgeline area of the event . told you were lost that stuff is down . along the midway i got a map that's over . had everything else is pretty much just . parking oh ninety-four zr1 i believe i . think so see the sign says yeah 94 in . that blue that is clean man that is a. nice lookin see for cars that i never . liked until i had one now i can see it . christ oh look at that . oh my yeah that thing is fucking wild . gold plating is 24k that's something . yeah it's uh it's something we're trying . to find wheels to fit this stingray that . shane is building people are walking . because the virata wheel fitment is not . they gave us two 19's nineteen front and . back where we needed nineteen front . twenty back so we're hoping that . somebody can hook us up interesting . little story for you guys i went over to . cooks to see about getting some headers . right here at the show just to kind of . finish off the finish off the tier zo6 . just go with a two inch header straight . pipe just like the last car except it . would be way louder with those coarse . extremes as opposed to the stock exhaust . and apparently the epa and all their . greatness was walking around and they . shut down cooks they shut down everybody . who is doing anything with getting rid . of the cats which i think is so stupid i . mean you know the disclaimer used to be . for off-road use only which is fine for . off reduce only whatever you can't drive . it on the street but apparently that's . not good enough now they have to say not . legal for use on any road that follows . california emission standards and they. would not allow literally the epa came . here and said that you are not allowed . to do any installs that delete . and i was very lucky because two days . ago when i got on thursday when i got my . corsa x-pipe installed which does delete . the secondary cats on the co6 i was very . lucky because i got literally one of the . last ones that were allowed to be . installed here at the show so i think . that's really lame epa thank you very . much now i can't get the catalyst. mid-pipe you can still do it you just . can't do it here at the show and that . definitely would have been a cool video . for you guys that is a pretty badass c3 . i love those side pipes that thing's . real interesting it's like a $200,000 . car let's go look at it real quick . them side pipes i wish i could have done . those for my c4 . [music]. very cool you know pretty pissed about . the header situation i mean it would . have been it would have been cool but . fucking always something got to come up . anyway this is the callaway package on . the car and that is the package cost 170 . grand then the car cost about 60 grand . so somebody bought this for knew back in . the day which i think it's like what . 2006 not even sure where it says 2008 . somebody paid two hundred and thirty . thousand dollars ish 240 ish thousand . dollars for this car . and it looks i mean it's kind of neat i . don't know it seems kind of gimmicky to . me i don't really like it that much . he's flying buttresses are kind of cool . though the only thing i really hated . these vents this wire mesh looks so . cheap to me other than that it doesn't . look too bad kind of uh kind of like . aston martin in the front ferrari in the . back i don't know interesting but it's. something different . acs composite getting ready to put on. the wide-body the zo6 fenders were . already wrapped and they're doing the . wide-body down here and on the back . bumper it's gonna be awesome i don't . know where joe is there's joe joe you're . ready for this install body yes we are . ready man here we go wider is better . wider really yeah so we're doing a . wide-body z51 spoiler with whicker's . dual diffuser we're not scared to draw . bolero packs these three yep that's the . rockers front splitter and the large . deflectors. well and again a huge thank you to . whitmore for allowing this project to . happen yes even though madison project . we're doing this together since the . original wheels and tires and that plan . didn't work out we got my forge lines . from the old zero six that troy just got . done cleaning and coding we brought them . in and my car is going to well i'm going . to donate them for the project once acs . is done with the wide-body so they will . be going on the stingray the fronts are . going to stick out a little bit because . they're 4:06 the back with the wide-body . should be fine don't talk to make the . same person that's not the same guy . after the eclipse he has ptsd what the . fuck is wrong with you a lot of curtis . so how are you doing why are you gonna . lift these up curtis curtis has the. strength of an ox i know dude he picked . me up yesterday and carried me away like . it was nothing yeah pat you did a good . job dude pat you did do a good job i . can't believe we're donating my forged . lines oh they're gonna look savage . honestly troy i was coming over here you . try look at this i don't even have any . friends troy if you bump into me one . more time we're not gonna crack up we're . done being frightened i need room to do . this my way nobody put this on . you know . [music]. he put the camera any closer my good . how's it look oh no that's nasty yeah i . like it i like it that looks really nice . what do you think shane yeah man what do . you think man told you would look good . literally obviously let's touch that . mike feels he's like no that's too much. word i can't help it hurt us you are so . needy wow nice so great to see my old . wheels and tires living on in this thing . right and the pope isn't even bad i . thought it was gonna stick out really . far because of course it is spect for a . zo6 but it really doesn't and thank god . i had troy clean these wheels and tires . before this event just by chance . and it worked out really fucking nice . right pat i want to get enough i forget . about the detailing products which are . great i want to get an atom shirt on the . captain america shirt i'm sure we can . arrange alone i do use that when i'm . actually clean my car i do use atoms . once a week once a month once a year so . we're gonna get what we're do you get . like a month every clips i clean my 24 . years yes this is brand-new hugger does . it smell yes what you need for the . duramax dude it smells like great yes oh . my god see the thing about atoms is if . you smell all their stuff smells like a . food so you get hungry when you use it . yeah we got a shirt there we go just . like that oh yeah we got the shirt the . captain america shirt . it's already on i now work at adams i'm . an employee the only bad part is if . somebody asked me about cleaning i'm not . gonna know what the same point to him . okay which to our guards i'm on a wrap . care stuff all thanks david. detail i want this the math detail i . don't have that oh and i need all . purpose cleaner yes they have a good i . need that eco there we go i'm good to go . detail spray no i got well i got two . bottles you got two but it is my . favorite so they are good all right . okay joy you ended up getting more stuff . in me right i need wreaths they don't . even need stuff i need got the gallon a . wheel cleaner that's what you need here. we go beauty wheel cleaner another day . at korvettes a carlisle if troy would . stop screwing me up coming to a close we . got mike auto vlog here too if you . haven't seen his channel check it out as. well last time he was in the area he . drove through a puddle with his mercedes . amg yeah i think everyone on youtube but . um it was wild if you haven't followed . that story check out again check out his . channel and subscribe for more info on . that and seeing his new car choice . channel as always mcdonald's and that's . about it yeah he will have shirts . available shortly but um yeah i'll see . you at the garage . oh my god . that feels really fucking quick for a. stock car clearly on the way home i . could not wait to give her the beans so . i gave her a little bit of the enchilada . i would say about 80% of the enchilada . not the full an shilada because i was . gone about 80 to 90% throttle and gone . up to like 5,500 rpms which is not . redline and i have 435 miles on the car . currently i feel like that's enough now . we all know the braking period is a 500 . and then a thousand sorry for everything . else i think 500 is to go to redline and . then a thousand is for actually tracking . and racing the car but i did watch . engineering explained in his video on . engine break ins last night to do my . research and i learned some things but i . still felt like i know best because . clearly i am an expert and i decided i . would give her you know just a fun . couple of runs i want to thank all of . you very much for joining me on these . corvettes of carlile vlogs i know it's . not kind of my normal thing but i had a . ton of fun making the videos and the . views are great everybody seems to be . enjoying them and everything that we've . done with the car like the wing and the . exhaust and i didn't actually do the . front i was gonna do that today and i . was gonna do headers today like i said . but how about that getting banned by the . epa rest assured if you're having fun . the government doesn't like that they . gotta put a stop to it because you know . it's not like there's a million other . really important things going on in the . world right now so we definitely should . focus on regulating cars be totally . insignificant and minut percentage of . people who actually want to modify their . cars that's where we have to focus our . energy and attention my phone is right . that was actually my realtor and we may . very well be getting in new street speed . seven-one-seven home base here in a . couple of months if everything works out . and it's a this garage is about on a . scale of one to ten i would say about a . five or six it's not that bad the garage . i'm looking at getting in the house that . goes with it definitely a 10 out of 10 . so hopefully it works anyway that is . going to do it for this upload but i . hope that you enjoyed if you did give it . a big thumbs up if you are stopping in . for the first time please subscribe take . care have a great day . .

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