Do Cold Air Intakes REALLY Work? Before and After Dyno Test…

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Well this is how it all begins what's . the bad news like i'm not gonna make it . why i'm just . i just tried to leave my house and the . truck broke down so i had to go back to . bed. get you every five minutes to fuck out . numb and bed and i'll see you in like 15 . minutes 15 minutes we could all turn . around alike are you serious now . probably i'm god as fast as i can . realistically i'll be there in . minutes . all right i'm seaman guy here sandy hi . bye . well he sounds real cherry this morning . now of course we are in mexico right now . but this is the first time i've had the . truck out on the open highway where i . can really kind of cruise and i am . thoroughly impressed at how well this . truck handles 100 i mean it's quiet in . here it's driving nice this is fucking . great it up pickup truck . all right boys here we are at keith's . pit stop i got a mustang on this side . and on that one i've never felt more . unsafe we have a cts-v wagon in the shop . there's keith. sup buddy busy . that's son of a bitch and there is andy . look at that andy michael alright . all right there mike what i'm surprising . you showed up at a decent amount of time . this time hey i got here pretty quick . you would not believe this thing at a . hundred is nice . fifty-five it kurt yeah fifty-five is . nice like it cruises how many miles are . on it at this point in time 433 and i . don't know if they can see that i can . see that yep 433 freakin miles we're . gonna stick this thing on the we're . gonna put her on the dyno and then we're . going to put a cold air intake on it . we're going to let them bald eagles fly . i can't wait to see what it puts down . i'm actually very very excited to see . what it puts down what i'm more excited . about is what it's going to do with the . intake on like how much more words i . know before and after that's going to be . and the considering the fact that we're. going right on the dyno that's going to . be an awesome video you know keith how . you doing this morning all right . you look good never look better for the . week hahahaha . no acc i have a c seat on the first ever . video of me destroying my clutch he took . it the tire smoke . [music]. andy i need a new watch beastman when i . saw her out of club we're talking about . the beats of overtime . i can't wait there we go there there go . bumper . you're gonna scrape i mean that valence. is pretty low but he's not going . straight what i ever did that with the . gia aerodynamics just be a truck not a . freaking little rock aerodynamics all . that power yes be careful how hard . you're prepping gases i know why right . off oh darren dalton this is like . culinary inductions now this is the. company that supplied the intake for . nick's car and they reached out and said . hey you know we make an intake for that. truck and i was like well say no more . actually andy i said stay no more yeah . and he said i was like unsure but andy . just said like they're like so yeah i . really only am here because of you oh we . know that but they do make a great . product so i'm excited to see how it . does so we got a nice t-shirt for you . nice shirt sure that's where step one is . complete we have circ complete now are . you going to need the instructions on . how to install this i don't know if . we're going to need instructions on how . to install the feature it might be a . cover for to the foetus look at that . that's a big builder big builder that'll . be very very big so that's a big one . there we got made in usa out there look . at that . once we got here we have like we help me . out here a little bit no i'm filming i'm . filming to hold air inductions this is . the instruction you're gonna need that i . know you don't know what you do and i . don't need what is this a box and there . bear box oh let me get this here let me . get the care fuck there goes that mic . you put this on your head that doesn't . look like a nice hat and you look wow . now stay right there it's the beard it's . the beard now i came all it's like a . mohawk no that's how it's supposed to go. it's not i'm like an indian no it's a . fricking it's a viking horn back no no . it goes this way because that it . definitely goes this way all right . but it has off looks like we're in . alright let this all fit in the box in . the box so if you haven't already . figured this out andy is going to be . doing the install here colonel medina . we're not going to traffic from alton i . know this is literally so operating the . very first videos i've ever done that we . actually show other than the zl1 which . i'll link right here guys where we did. the little five-halves valve on the dl . one to see though respired change but . this will be like trotting second video . that we actually didn't remove the truck . or the carl to dine amazing at that put . this on and do another run with newton . which will be a great test because . israel's axe same conditions exact same . conditions will be three runs we can . take off and do three more runs very . scientific a large very controlled you . didn't know andy with diablo formula. racing he is scientific as fuck look at . the stock intake. oh my god that what are you that that's . all like silencer stuff no well we don't . want that still have pink and yeah so . about right rihanna's law and he said . he's hooking up the why band so we can . see a change in the air fuel . again a big thank you to some look great . deal on the truck i was just there i was . back there the other day looking at sir . max's elf eye peas . oh yeah and you should see their . inventory 150 trucks and saw i can't . stop going back there it's a problem you . have a darumaka a new one you have a new . one i thought you mind i want that old . slow thing but he wants that old slow . thing that's every plus done half a . million miles i'm involved you know you. can hear your i know it's reliable yes . i'm a frickin mom that's the first year . and everything for that motor truck at . all that's a testament i'm sorry that's . a custom of jesus me i know you know . what they should give me a brand new . truck some corporate people a gm watch . this give andy a new truck like i . definitely use the nice piece like that . right there . i think it denali 82 cermak for obvious . oh it is. this is a rock of my shoe . you okay i'm trying to get it out oh and . if you can't it alright poor andy's . getting so old he can't balance anymore . yeah i'm old i'm ivan low center of . gravity. whoo wow . needs an exhaust faulty bad whoa anyway. this truck makes 355 horsepower from the . factory i think like 385 convey to . torque so we'll see what it puts down . stock . [applause]. how much where we got that's . damn good for a truck dude so it's . putting down almost 300 horsepower to . the wheels and 340 pounds beat that's . really good when you think it's a truck . so that driveline is going to zap a lot . of power. what do we got 300 right 297 one . [applause]. put 300 solid run right there what do . you say sounds like 300 that sounds like . 300 freaking ponies roaring through a . chevy 297 there you go get that down we . are very consistent 97 the last two runs . are very close the torques on then last . two months 331 goes off we go to 297 3 . yeah i think that's i think . that's a good i don't have a double tank . what's that look within a couple times . yeah there you go . chevy knows how to build a man the. thumbs up all right let's see here pull . this thing over here so here's our diner . sheet as you guys can see air fuel . literally just drops completely the red . run at our last run this is our first . run here's our third run but air fuel . just jumps worried about 3700 rpm . straight into the dirt that's freakin. nuts but as you can see the last two . runs are 297 45 and 78 331 67 and 61 so . awesome extremely consistent your torque . to use some work flight going to pass . people this trucks pretty quick i'll . lower try on a wide it's put together . 300-plus pounds before i mean yes lose . at the tire it ain't bad a maintenance . yeah so with the numbers that they're . calling for at the crank that's actually . part on party allah akbar to do three . back-to-back run face paint have . basically the same horsepower import you . can't go wrong there well there you go . if you wanted to know what a 5. 3 . silverado makes silverado that's it . silverado and andy now you are going to . install the cold air intake we're going . to put that cold air intake on we're. going to see what the difference is man . i'm more i'm actually more concerned . about what the air fuel is going to do . compared to 100 horsepower now i want to . keep that their fuel kind of leans out . there believe that you're going to not . only gain power from the intake for . you're getting power from the leaning . out. their fuel as well all right let's get . to work we'll see so true that's it in . take it out it's awesome take is that . how hot is take it out guys that was . about 30 seconds sounds literally 30 . seconds yet . [music]. the last little window i do like that . look at the amount of shit i installed. myself just now . sure so what am i hired a bar i would . say i just have like a bar and . certification this is all that max had . to do to prove he could work with you . put an intake on you can see the intake . is completely installed mainly by mike . yep he pretty much did he pretty much . did all the work as you can plainly see . in the video um as you guys can see and . take as done very fast now will touch . definitely fucking a lot more air and . definitely all right cold air induction . this is real let's let's hope you made a. good product. [applause]. what do we got i got to go up there and . see it 12:43 whoa hey look at that holy . love that 15 we're up about 15 . horsepower weΓ­ll do that stream and 10 . torque truck. there you go man to do 2 or 3 more pools . here but the nice thing is the air fuel . stayed the same so anybody can literally . take one of these intakes that slack on . the truck and don't even have to worry i . was going to say that's pretty that's . pretty impressive . there you go 15 horsepower and 15 more . on the dyno we are confirming on a dyno . real games that not bad that is pretty . nifty 16 words man i think it's gonna . say about 15 horse on i think so i think . it's really going to change that's about . all you could hope for without tuning if. i be 20 with food . same thing you're doing on the path yes . teacher . let's run. no that sounds good that's how good yeah . that felt strong same thing 311 yeah . there you go . why don't you wait a little bit i don't . have problem i'm going to go back inside . for my spot . let it cool down if you want . [music]. [applause]. what do we got . what 321 oh . what'd i tell ya 321 three horsepower . yeah . i'm 351 yep 351 for ya font>. minutes cool down and that was it yeah . holy shit niklas 31 yeah we didn't do . anything else i just want to show you . guys we did not do anything else to this . truck no tricks no ice we just let it . sit for like ten minutes if i can get . around it everything still exactly as it . comes you know in the kid that's fuckin . awesome. check out the torque curve and how much . smoother the full curve is oh yeah okay . and then stay our fuel there if you . actually did lean out a little bit on. that lap pass it did they got up to . eleven eleven seven eleven five but . still fat but it leaned out a little bit. i think cold air induction makes a. pretty good product i think so too i . think that's . that's not like a good forward 3:19 same . thing about the 319 okay there you go . forth 319 348 the final word is you can . say that this intake will net you about . 15 to 20 horsepower and same thing . torque i tell you what i was impressed . yeah i wasn't expected i honestly was . expecting 10 to 15 at the wheel . especially we got 20 and next 25 torque . especially through a truck because not . only you know unlike a car it's running . through a transfer case which is down in . the power it has a much longer . driveshaft bigger wheels bigger tires . bigger differential yep so to make that. much horsepower to a truck compared to. like a camaro ss is amazing i'm glad . you're happy i'm pretty happy i think . cold air induction is going to be i . think cold air induction is going to be . they're going to be extremely happy when . they see the results that we got out of . there they're brand new intake for these . uh each truck look everybody well thanks . for the hook-up no problems or . everything you don't already subscribe . to andy on youtube diablo formula racing . follow him on facebook and instagram. it's all diablo formula 320 album . everything so i hope you enjoy hope i . hope the engine i hope that you enjoyed. the video if you did give it a big . thumbs up if you are stopping in for the . first time please subscribe take care . have a great day this is guys by the way . here we have the official dyno chart we . have two runs before with the stock . intake two nine seven 331 to 97 331 and . then after the intake . .

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