Dodge Boat Launch Disaster

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Dodge backed onto the boat ramp set his brakes and proceeded to bring his boat up to the trailer . They got the boat tied and safety chained up but before they could get the truck moving the tide came in enough to float the boat enough to lift the rear of the truck off the ramp . With the rear dually off the ground there was nothing to keep the truck from rolling back into the basin .
Luckily the friend that was helping jumped into the back of the truck and broke the rear window out to save the his dog . That is the his Boxer that is walking around on the dock . Boat came through without a scratch but the truck is a total loss . Salt water destroys all the electronics .
Boat just got a call for a truck that . was at the boat ramp in a wacko and the . gentleman said that his truck is now up . to the hood and water i don't know if . the tide coming in or going out . he's got lined on easily hooked to that . well we're just about three minutes out . down here portulaca . okay. [applause]. oh wow i got one of these no walk off . your and chinook a few years back - got . it . mo i'm right . [applause]. if you guys tell me just go like that to . make me stop okay . where's the trailer. we're gonna point this way you guys . going to write off heat that dock over . there i'm just one hey guys . you guys swing this turn around . the trailer sideways now. i'm bob we could can we just cut the . boat loose right there . now i'm afraid of it's gonna it's gonna . try and shove the truck into the dock . and their stuff sticking up so if you . pole sitters cut that cable or get the . boat off. i got nothing oh you see this trailer . pointing right that way the boat floated . off while we're trying to get it on the . hip problem is the balls can end up it's . going to end up on top of the wheels or . the. fender wells yeah but the problem is . that shoved me over here and their stuff . they'll hang up on on this side . hell we end up with a boat on top of the . truck and we don't want to do that cuz . i'll just tear the bottom of the boat up. yeah when i got that tongue is kind of . hung up on yeah but i think dumb . question for you yeah did you pull down . here forget under the cable in the back . end got picked up no i had to get back . in the boat to do adjust it and it . jumped out of gear oh yeah i had one . deed for the guy didn't take the cable . off yeah and he had to emergency brake . on and part and it picked the back of . the truck up and away right yeah go get. some right now i'm will cut the cable i . just don't want it on the wheel well . that's what we're gonna end up where . we're right now and it's right down here . we've got a whole bunch of stuff . sticking out and i don't want the back . end to go against this of caleb gave it . all in you just waiting for them to get . over here we got some bolt cutters he's . gonna bring his a little raft around and . then we're gonna cut the line off and . swing the boat away from otherwise the. boat went up on top of the fender well . from the trailer and that's another . whole problem we got to deal with so . we're trying to get the boat away from . it . and i gotta tell you when you cut it . loose it's not like i've come banging up . it'll come up it just it just go poop . like that it looks like it's gonna come . up fast but they come up slow . watch that wood it's slippery . [music]. we're gonna see if we can't put your . trailer back onto the onto the or the . boat back on the trailer we're hoping. maybe. [applause]. what are you doing down here huh . i got my driver tim's up and poked in . with a dump truck wreck lost that front . axle and don't drop walking state . highway . this is funnest job in the world man it . is oh it's a blast . oh yeah i had car no sir i don't rental . car bmw almost a search yesterday kid . from chicago never been the beach before. it took him out there a high tide boy he . was he was sweating buckets almost had . these guys . ricci break oh doesn't work at all huh . pause the manual oh sure . [music]. i'll put it reversed we'll see if that . hold . i'm gonna go ahead and go up there on . the white spot up there i'm heading come . back and stir it just down the running . board and we'll get it up there so i can . hook it. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. oh no he's gonna drop . yeah he's got another truck so he's. feeling good shape . i just bought right around the corner . frank . [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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